Discover the Serenity of Green Blinds - Styles for Every Taste

Green blinds offer more than just a splash of colour, they can be the cornerstone of a room's atmosphere, functionality and emotional turn. Green is an incredibly versatile colour that can complement any room in the home. Whether you want to bring the feel of nature indoors or add a pop of colour, green window blinds are a great option. From light and bright minty hues to deep forest green blinds, we have a green blind for you.

Green blinds for different rooms in the home

In bathrooms, green blinds can lend an inviting, spa-like atmosphere with their earthy hues. Paired with plants, wooden accents, and natural lighting, they support a tranquil vibe.  In kitchens, organic green blinds complement many styles including contemporary and traditional farmhouse-inspired interiors.  In bedrooms, green can create a relaxing oasis. But the wrong shade could make a small room feel dark and enclosed. Lighter mint greens may avoid this dilemma. As a deeply personal space, bedrooms also require blinds that coordinate with existing furnishings and paint colors. Green may not suit all personal tastes and colour palettes.

Green Patterned Roller Blinds

Plain green roller blinds certainly have their place, but why settle for boring when you can liven up your windows with green-patterned roller blinds? Botanical patterns like leaves, branches, and abstract floral prints allow you to effortlessly bring the outside in. Pair green patterned blinds with complementary hues like rich browns or energetic oranges for a bold, modern look. The permutations are endless.  

Textured green patterns add visual dynamism and dimension compared to flat blocks of color. Organic shapes and earthy tones create a warm, inviting vibe in any room. Perforated or semi-sheer fabrics still allow healthy doses of natural light to filter through while maintaining privacy.

Top 3 Green Shades

Green roller blinds come in a diverse range of lush hues to match any decor style. Here's our top 3 choices:-

Sage green roller blinds

Sage Green Roller Blinds

With its soft grey-green tone, sage green blinds complement both warm and cool colour schemes. Sage green transitions from living rooms to bedrooms in plain and textured fabrics.

Dark green roller blinds

Dark Green Roller Blinds

For a dramatic look, go for rich dark green roller blinds. Forest green blinds make a bold statement in any room and stand out against light walls and infuse rooms with moodiness.

Lime green roller blinds

Lime Green Roller Blinds

If you prefer a punch of vibrancy, fresh lime green roller blinds never fail to brighten up a space. With their vibrant colour and ability to filter natural light, lime green blinds add energy to your home.

Green Blinds FAQ's

Quality and material can affect the longevity of the colour.

The shade of green has less to do with energy efficiency than the material used.  The backing of the fabric needs to be white or silver to give the blind energy efficiency.

Green is versatile but certain combinations can be more harmonious than others.