Blinds For VELUX® Windows

Blackout Blinds for VELUX® Windows are guaranteed to cut heat loss through your windows by up to 43% and also can block out up to 100% of solar gain in the summer therefore keeping your loft dark and cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Our blinds insulate your windows with their Thermal Blackout Backing, cassetted frame, and brushed seals. Your skylight window should have a unique code on a plate under the handle which you just need to find and choose the correct code from the drop-down menu. Our own brand of roof blinds is the perfect way to cover your loft window and manage light, privacy, and temperature. They are effortlessly stylish with full installation instructions provided as standard. When fitted, each set allows you to sink a room into complete darkness, promoting the best night's sleep and prioritising privacy for you and your family. How to identify your VELUX® window code

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