Bifold Door Blinds - Stylish & Functional Window Treatments

Bifolding doors are a fantastic way to bring the outside in and are currently a huge trend in the UK. With their huge panes of glass, bifold doors let in more light than most windows and doors in a property. Because of this, you need a covering that gives your home the perfect balance between light and shade and thermal balance. That is where bifold door blinds come into their own.

With so many blind types to choose from we have created a collection of blinds that we view to be the best blinds for bifold doors. From manual cordless roller blinds to electric blinds for bifold doors.

You'll ❤️ these

Cordless Roller Blinds

Cordless roller blinds are an economical and stylish bifold door blind.  Operated by an unseen spring hidden within the aluminium roller tube, these spring-loaded roller blinds work by tugging them on the bottom bar which gently raises or lowers the blind.   Not only do they put your safety first, they also provide timeless elegance and tradition to any room they're in. 

Electric Roller Blinds

Electric roller blinds for bifold doors are a popular solution with our customers.  Powered by a hidden battery-operated motor which is embedded invisibly within the roller tube. No electrician is needed and for the price tag, you'll be amazed at how smooth-running and reliable these blinds are. Controlled by a remote control or smart hub from the comfort of your seat.

Cassette Roller Blinds

Roller blinds with a top cassette (otherwise known as a pelmet or valance) are a great idea for bifold doors.  Cassette Roller Blinds have a more finished look as the pelmet hides the workings of the blind serving as a discreet housing unit for the blind.  The valance neatly encloses the fabric when it is fully raised ensuring the blind remains hidden when open.

Things To Consider 

Privacy: Are you overlooked? If so go for a privacy blind.  Privacy blinds tilt and allow you to see out without prying eyes seeing in.  Vertical blinds and Day and Night blinds are great examples of privacy blinds.

Heat Gain and Heat Loss: Consider thermal blinds which will reflect heat in the summer and retain heat in the winter

Aesthetics: What look do you want to achieve?  Do you want a crisp modern look? If so roller blinds and day and night blinds are a good option.  Or are you going for a more traditional feel? This is where vertical blinds come into play.

Maintaining Your Blinds

Dust them regularly: Use a dry cloth or a duster with a soft brush head to remove dust from the blinds. The frequency depends on how dusty your environment is, but we recommend doing this once every week or two.

    Clean them gently: with a damp cloth or sponge, using a mild soap if necessary. Do not use harsh chemicals on the fabric as they can damage it over time! This is the go-to method for all blinds.

    Vacuum pet hair: If you have pets in your home, fur can get stuck to the blinds. Luckily, this fur can usually be vacuumed away.