Total Bloc Out™ Blinds

Discover the ultimate solution for achieving total darkness in your space with our range of cassette blinds. Engineered for perfection, cassette roller blinds are designed with a 4-sided frame that ensures an unparalleled blackout experience. With the blackout blinds fitted inside the side tracks and then being fitted simply to the recess there is no damage to your window frames. It's ideal for bedrooms, home cinemas, or any room where light control is paramount, they offer not just functionality but also sleek design. With an electric option that connects to smart home automation systems like Alexa and Google home they can be fitted in any room and operated remotely. Embrace the blend of style and performance with our UK-crafted Bloc Out™ Blind from Bloc Blinds.

Blackout Features

1. Blackout Thermal Fabric
2. Light Blocking Cassette & Side Rails
3. Light Blocking Bottom Bar

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How To Measure And Fit The Bloc Out™ Blind

There are 2 fitting options for BlocOut blinds.  You can either have them "inside recess" or "edge of the recess".  This depends on the look that you want to achieve.   Whichever option you decide to go for you need to make sure you have measured correctly as you measure in different places for each installation option. 

Inside Recess

Inside recess Bloc Out Blind

Edge of Recess

Edge of recess Bloc Out Blind

Award Winning Design

The Red Dot Award is an internationally recognised emblem of good design. For six decades, companies and design studios have sought this prestigious accolade as a trustworthy validation of their design prowess. This esteemed seal of excellence is widely known and respected within the industry.  The Bloc Out™ blind won this award and was commended for its blackout and thermal capabilities.

The Science of Sleep

Our bodies work on a circadian rhythm - we release hormones and activate certain functions in line with the 24-hour clock. Originally, humans would rise with the sun and return to sleep when it set. And, in order to get the best night's sleep, we still need to do this. Blue lights from screens and long working hours have thrown our ability to sink into restorative sleep with ease, which is why creating the perfect room for sleep is vital.


Light plays a key role in how well our bodies fall asleep. When we relax in a darkened room, our body releases melatonin - the sleep hormone. This signals to the body that it is time for rest and kick starts a chain of reactions that allows your body to restore and repair itself overnight. When this hormonal production is thrown out of synch, that’s when we experience sleep complications. 


Research has shown that a bedroom needs to be around 18 degrees for our bodies to start to cool down and slip into restorative mode. 

BlocOut Blinds control both temperature and light and therefore are the ultimate sleep-inducing blind.

Bloc Out™ Blind

For small windows 

  •  Up to 180cm wide x 150cm high
  • Manual cordless operation
  • Thermal & Blackout

The Bloc Out™ Blind is perfectly sized for smaller windows of up to 180cm wide and 150cm high. This manual, cordless blind offers not only ease of use but also exceptional thermal and blackout properties, making it an ideal choice for enhancing privacy and insulation in your space. 

BlocOut™ XL Blind

For larger windows 

  • Up to 240cm wide x 240cm high
  • Manual chain operation
  • Thermal & Blackout

BlocOut™ XL blinds are designed to cater to the needs of larger windows of up to 240cm wide and 240cm high. This variant comes with a manual chain operation, allowing for smooth and easy adjustments. The BlocOut™ XL doesn't compromise on performance, offering top-notch thermal insulation and blackout capabilities. 

Electric Bloc Out™ XL 

For electric operation

  •  Up to 240cm wide x 240cm high
  • Battery-operated motor 
  • Thermal & Blackout

This blind combines the convenience of electric operation with the impressive size capability of up to 240cm wide and 240cm high. This battery-operated motorised blind offers effortless control over light and privacy, all while maintaining the thermal and blackout efficiency BlocOut™ is known for.