Discover the Gentle Elegance of Our Cream Blinds in a Variety of Styles

If you’re looking for the perfect neutral, with a dash of contemporary style, there are few finer choices than cream blinds. Exuding warmth and an inviting ambiance, these timeless window dressings effortlessly co-ordinate with any room in your home. 

Vertical Blinds

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Elevate your living space with our stunning range of cream vertical blinds. Expertly designed to maximise the natural light in your room, thanks to their vertical slats that seamlessly attach to a head rail and rotate in perfect unison. This unique feature grants you precise control over light optimisation and privacy, ensuring a comfortable ambiance at any time of the day. Choose from our diverse selection of plain, textured, and patterned styles, allowing you to find the perfect match.

Wooden Blinds

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Explore the timeless elegance of our cream wooden blinds collection. Whether you prefer the authenticity of real wood or the versatility of faux wood, these blinds beautifully combine a soft cream tone with the natural allure of wood grain. Choose from 25mm, 35mm and 50mm slats with and without decorative tapes. Designed with precision, our dual-operation system effortlessly allows you to control the incoming light, while ensuring the utmost durability for years to come.

Venetian Blinds

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Aluminium Venetian blinds are one of the best options for kitchens and bathrooms, due to their hardwearing components. They are lightweight, easy to install and wipe clean, with a water-resistant coating that won’t encourage the growth of mould or mildew. Choose a cream aluminium Venetian blind in either 25mm, 35mm and 50mm slat sizes.  Then decide whether you want a plain, patterned or textured Venetian blind- ordering free samples may be the best way to decide this.

Pelmet Blinds

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Pelmet roller blinds feature a pelmet at the top which hides the roll and creates a seamless and polished aesthetic.  Our cassettes come in two options: exposed metal or fabric-covered. Opt for the exposed metal cassette for a modern vibe, or opt for a fabric-covered cassette for a softer and more inviting feel. 

Cream Roller Blinds

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Traditional in their style, there isn’t a cream roller blind we haven’t fallen in love with yet. With their simple design, easy-to-use construction and versatile style, they slip easily into any home. We only work with the very best suppliers and use a traditional pull cord operation to make light management a breeze. Plus, with both plain and patterned designs available, you’ll find it easy to bring the perfect cream tone into your home.

Cream Cordless Blinds

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A child-safe solution that can be used in the busiest of homes, our cream cordless roller blinds are ideal for nurseries, play rooms and living rooms alike. Available in a range of cream tones, they feature a spring-loaded internal mechanism that eliminates the need for pull cords. Simply pull gently on the bottom bar, adjust to the desired position and effortlessly take control over light and privacy - all at once.

Cream Electric Blinds

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Fitted with a rechargeable lithium battery, our cream electric blinds are available in lots of styles including electric roller blinds, day-night blinds and total blackout blinds. They are perfect for out-of-reach windows and can be controlled using the supplied remote control. With just a touch of a button, you’ll be able to keep any room comfortable while bringing milky cream and warm neutrals into every corner of your home.

Day Night Blinds

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Cream Day and Night Blinds are the ultimate solution for precise light management in your home. Designed with elegance in mind, their creamy hue effortlessly harmonizes with any decor style, creating a seamless and tasteful ambience. These blinds boast a neutral tone, ensuring they effortlessly complement other decor elements in your space, while their sleek design adds a touch of sophistication to every room. With their unique dual-layered construction, you have full control over light filtration.

Cream Skylight Blinds

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Discover the perfect solution for your roof windows and loft conversions with our range of cream skylight blinds. Specially designed for branded skylight windows such as VELUX and Keylite Windows.  Our own brand roof blinds feature brushed aluminium channels that seamlessly blend with any interior. Crafted with blackout thermal fabric, they offer unparalleled light management capabilities whilst providing excellent thermal insulation. Did we mention that they are so easy to fit too?

Cream Blackout Blinds

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Embrace the understated  elegance of cream blackout blinds, with a special blackout coating, these blinds provide a formidable physical barrier against unwanted brightness, effortlessly darkening any room and ensuring a peaceful slumber or enhanced privacy within seconds. Versatile and adaptable, cream blackout blinds are a perfect choice for various spaces, from bedrooms and nurseries to offices and even living rooms that host regular family movie nights.

Interior Design 101

Texture: One of the best ways to work with cream is to break up a single colour pallet with texture. So why not consider cream-textured blinds? They come in a wide range of styles, from subtle textures that feel tactile under the finger to bolder styles to bring depth into a space. From textured roller blinds to textured Venetian blinds, there are options here to suit everyone. Firm favourites include Linen cream vertical blinds (for a natural modern look). Or add texture with soft furnishings such as furry throws and textured stonework.

Pattern: Choosing a neutral tone doesn’t mean giving up statement style. You can opt for a multilayered cream-on-cream pattern or even for a bolder statement check out our cream and black roller blinds.

Colour Combo's

Black and Cream are a lovely neutral colour combination that creates a bold statement or a subtle accent depending on the overall design aesthetic of the space. Perfect examples of blinds with a black and cream colour combination are cream wooden blinds with black tape and black wooden blinds with cream tape.

Whether you’re a maximalist or find comfort in rustic beauty, cream blinds have an undeniable versatility. They offer a warmer alternative to stark white and one that is just as easy to style. Gone are the days when ‘cream’ meant boring or brought up memories of yellowed, magnolia walls. Nowadays, the cream is being celebrated with a wide host of shades emerging on the market from ecru and vanilla to jute and rattan. All-cream rooms have become a thing of envy as spaces that evoke feelings of calm, stability and relaxation.

In psychology, the colour cream works to dull the brightness of yellow (known as the happy colour), creating a soothing aura that brings a sense of calm. It is also strongly linked to sophistication and elegance - the perfect way to create a modern, adult home that also appeals to the younger members of your family too. And it doesn’t matter what style you go for. Cream roller blinds, cream vertical blinds, cream wooden blinds etc. All of the options available on our website bring the same visual comfort and flexibility that suits every space.

Cream blinds are wonderfully versatile to suit your decor style. Are you a minimalist? Perhaps you’re drawn to the homely allure of rustic style? Or maybe it’s the sharp lines, strong contrasts and stripped-back charm of industrial decor that draws you in the strongest. One of the biggest charms of cream is that it has the flexibility to fit in with any interior design trend on the market. And, when you choose cream blinds, you give yourself the freedom to play with different elements of home design, bringing in snippets from each trend and creating your own space. Country-chic living rooms come to life with rich wood-grain furniture, fluffy rugs and a made-to-measure white wooden blind. Minimalist bedrooms offer the perfect space for motorised roller blinds which, when linked to your smart home hub, can be scheduled to adjust at certain times or in line with the available sunlight (all without bulky cords too!). And, contemporary kitchens showcase polished surfaces and angular lines to perfection - especially when paired with a cream Venetian blind in durable aluminium too. The options are truly endless and the right cream blind will become the finishing touch that your home needs today.

The perfect colour partner for so many other tones. As one of the most timeless neutrals, there are very few colours out there that don’t go well with cream. One of our favourite things about cream blinds is that they offer a cost-effective way to play with different colours and styles - all without breaking the bank. This warm neutral is an ideal backdrop to hues such as cornflower blue, sapphire and sage. If you’re seeking the ultimate neutral haven, you can introduce snippets of grey alongside cream. And for something bold and statement, consider black - there truly is something beautiful about bringing together warmer tones and stark colours in a seamless blend.

How do you clean cream blinds?

There’s little hiding dust, dirt or unsightly marks on cream blinds and the best way to prevent long-term damage is to have a regular cleaning regime that suits your type of window blind perfectly.

Cream roller blinds have the biggest potential to showcase dirt and grime. Thankfully, they are also one of the easiest window blinds to clean - especially if you do so regularly. We recommend dusting the surface of your roller blind on a weekly basis. You can do this using a microfibre cloth or dusting brush. Either way, pass the dusting tool over the surface of the blind, making sure to work into any small gaps where dust can accumulate. If you’re looking to save time, use the soft upholstery brush on your vacuum cleaner and the lowest suction setting for quick, effective dust removal. If you notice stubborn marks or need to spot clean, only use chemicals approved for your fabric type.

Test these on an inconspicuous area first and wait to check for changes in colour or damage to the fibres. Avoid applying too much pressure to the fabric or rubbing harshly as this can cause irreversible damage too.

Cream vertical blinds are just as easy to clean as cream roller blinds. The long vertical blind slats are difficult for dust to settle on so they are great if you hate dust. When you do need to clean them all it takes is a quick pass with a duster to get them looking their best. You can spot clean in the same way as roller blinds and use the upholster brush too. One of the great things about vertical blinds is that when one of the louvres becomes damaged beyond repair (either due to staining or breakages) you can simply replace the vertical blind slats.

Venetian blinds are the biggest dust culprit out there when it comes to window blinds. This is because they have multiple horizontal slats for dust to settle on. Therefore regular cleaning of cream wooden blinds is a must. If you are looking for a blind for your kitchen or bathroom, you’ll want a faux wood option that has been made from PVC and has a wipe-clean and 100% waterproof surface. They need to be dusted just as regularly - you just need to make sure you get into all of the little gaps and spaces. Close your blind fully in one direction and dust over the surface, using a microfibre cloth or duster. Twist the slats, close them in the other direction and repeat this step. Now open your blinds up fully. Dust and/or wipe in between all of the slats, focusing on the knotted frame sections where dust can settle. For spot cleaning, use a damp cloth and rub gently on the offending area. We always recommend avoiding chemicals where you can as these can damage any protective layers or varnishes. However, if you do need an extra boost during your deep cleaning, only use chemicals designed for your type of wooden blind.

Aluminium Venetian blinds have a tonne of benefits, including their ability to withstand high temperatures and moisture-rich environments. They are 100% waterproof which means you have a wipe-clean surface that isn’t porous and is effortlessly easy to manage. Follow the same instructions as wooden blinds. However, remember that aluminium is a much softer and more flexible material than real wood or rigid PVC. The horizontal slats in Venetian blinds can bend very easily so, while you’re wiping down each one, make sure to provide support underneath with your hand. It really is very easy to keep cream blinds looking their best. So you and your family can appreciate the exceptional style in your home for many more years to come.

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