Sustainable Recycled Blinds

Sustainability, Eco-Friendly, Recycled and Recyclable have become buzzwords of the century. More homeowners than ever are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint through everything they do, from the food they eat, and the cars they drive right through to the accessories in their homes.

At Lifestyle Blinds, we truly believe that there are practical and stylish solutions that prioritise your personal preferences, beliefs and decor choices. The right blind will accentuate the look of any room, helping to add personality to a space whilst also managing temperature effectively.

By choosing sustainable blinds you’re choosing blinds that last as long as possible. This reduces the need for excessive consumption and minimises the amount of waste added to the landfill.

How we are committed to help

ğŸŒŽWe are trying to use recycled PET fabrics (fabrics derived from recycled Polyethylene ie single-use drinks bottles) as much as we can.

ğŸŒŽSustainable wood blinds eg Bamboo

ğŸŒŽAluminium Venetian blinds

ğŸŒŽUse of a "Five Zero Production"

ğŸŒŽChampioning of thermal blinds which reduce your dependency on mechanical means to cool and warm your home.


In order to help you understand the credentials of our sustainable range we have come up with the following classifications

1.  Eco-Friendly blinds 
2. Made from Recycled Materials
3. Recyclable
4. Thermal (Energy Saving)

      1. Eco-Friendly

      The terms sustainable/sustainability and "Eco-friendly" are interchangeable words often used to refer to environmental sustainability.  But sustainability actually encompasses a much wider range of issues. Put simply, "..sustainability is the ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs". In order to achieve sustainability, we need to find ways to live within the limits of our planet while still providing for our own needs and those of future generations.

      Sustainable eco blinds are a practical and ethical option for your home and where we feel that our blinds meet the above definition we will stamp the blind with our "Sustainable-Eco" logo which will give you the peace of mind that your blind meets the definition above. 

      The textile industry is responsible for approximately 20% of the world's water waste and 10% of carbon emissions.  It won't surprise you that the blinds industry is intertwined with the textile industry so we as a company are making huge efforts to do our bit for the future of the planet. Many of our blinds are manufactured from fabric which is woven in a "Five Zero Production Facility"

      This means that:-

      1. Energy- The production process of CO2 is neutral
      2. Water-Leaves the factory as drinkable
      3. Air- Biofuels are used in a circulated closed heating system creating hot water for production processes
      4. Ingredients-Materials used with the least possible impact on our health and the environment
      5. Waste-Minimised using regulated manufacturing processes.

      2. Made From Recycled Materials 

      The idea behind recycled blinds is to reduce the impact that plastics and the manufacturing of blinds have on the environment.  Recycled blinds can be made from a variety of different sustainable materials, including recycled PET (plastic bottles), bamboo, wool, linen, aluminium and cotton.  

      Recycled PET (recycled Polyethylene) is a plastic resin used in millions of products and packaging and is defined as a polyester thread derived from plastic drinks bottles.  The bottles are washed, ground, melted, re-polymerised and then spun into useable and stable new yarns.  

      In a world where millions of single-use plastic bottles are ending up in landfill or the oceans, we are trying to help by introducing a huge range of fabrics which are woven from PET derived from these single-use plastics.  Our "Recycled"  range of soft materials are woven from 100% recycled PET and are of the highest quality so you can do your bit for the environment whilst not compromising on style.

      Recycled blinds are a practical and ethical option for your home and where we feel that our blinds meet the above definition we will stamp the blind with our "RecycledMaterials" logo which will give you the peace of mind that your blind meets the definition above.

      The benefits of manufacturing blinds from recycled PET are

      • Repurposes waste that was meant for the landfill
      • Reduces energy and water consumption
      • Reduces carbon footprint

      3. Recyclable 

      Aluminium is cited as being one of the most environmentally-friendly metals available on the planet. It is incredibly strong, lightweight and waterproof - the perfect solution for window blinds. It is also infinitely recyclable, meaning it can be recycled again and again without degrading its value. In fact, some 75% of aluminium ever produced is still in use today - isn’t that amazing? Because of this, you eliminate the harmful emissions and energy needed to produce the material in the first place, thereby minimising your carbon footprint too.

      4. Thermal Blinds

      Look out for our Thermal blinds as they are the perfect energy saver. Our thermal blinds keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. In turn, they help you use less energy and therefore shrink your environmental footprint. And on top of this, you have lower energy bills and save money every single month! We call this the vicious cycle, see what we mean below.