Blinds For Axis 90 Windows

Benefit from a deep night's sleep with our Blackout Skylight Roof Blinds for Axis 90 Loft Windows. Designed to your individual measurements for the perfect fit, they use light-blocking materials to prevent stray sun rays from creeping in. Our Blackout Skylight Roof Blinds for Axis 90 Loft Windows capsule collection features a stunning range of stylish blinds that help you to optimise light control in your home. Whether fitted in a loft, extension, or other sloped ceilings, these bespoke window dressings fit in with your household requirements. They are custom-made to order, using your unique Axis 90 window code, and provided with full-fitting instructions as standard. Completing your interior decor has never been so straightforward and easy. How to identify your Axis 90 window code

Axis 90