No Drill Blinds

What are no drill blinds?

Recognising the rise of DIY homeowners in the UK, no drill blinds are one of the most exciting and practical options on the market. With no need to drill or screw into the wall, these innovative window dressings use a unique, tension method to secure them within the window recess. Simply clip the stylish frame into position before adjusting the window blind and using it to manage light and privacy. A clean and simple finish when fitted, they are perfect for temporary accommodation, bustling family homes and those seeking minimalistic style too.

No drill blinds are ideal for any room in the house. Blackout fabrics effectively block out unwanted light, helping to dim any room and supporting restorative sleep. For bathrooms, our waterproof no drill roller blinds have a wipe-clean surface and child-safe design to suit the busiest families. Those looking for luxury will find exactly that with our velvet blinds or various textured blinds. Plus, with colours and patterns to suit all ages, they are one of the most practical options on the market.

Easy to install, it’s little wonder why these made-to-measure blinds are such a popular choice. The Louvolite Grip Fit™ uses a unique compound and clever bracket to push into your window recess. With no tools required, they can be fitted in seconds and motorised, if needed too. There’s no mess created or damage to window recesses or walls. Instead, you get an innovative and stylish addition to compliment every space.

Our electric no drill roller blinds are another contemporary option. The tension-based blind features a rechargeable battery with up to six months of seamless functionality. Charge them fully before installation and you can effortlessly control both light and privacy with the tap of a button - ideal for out-of-reach windows and modern spaces.

Why Buy No Drill Roller Blinds from Lifestyle Blinds?

As a leading industry specialist in made to measure blinds, our team has the knowledge and experience to guarantee you a long-lasting and stylish no drill blind for your home. Our online store and service means you aren’t just dealing with an e-Commerce team - you’re dealing with passionate blind specialists. Shopping with Lifestyle Blinds means you get:

  • Three decades of experience selling window blinds
  • Informative buying guides to help in your purchase
  • Safe and secure payment systems
  • Peace of mind with guarantees on all our blinds
  • Exceptional quality from UK based manufacturers
  • Diverse palette of colours
  • A large range of fabrics to cater for every requirement
  • Personalise your blind with upgrades options
  • Every no drill roller blind comes with an electric upgrade version

Our Most Popular No Drill Roller Blinds Colours and Features

Whether you’re a firm minimalist at heart or have found your tribe with the industrial or colour-drench trends, the variety of colours and styles available on no drill blinds means you never have to compromise. Our Interiors and Trends Director, Naomi Showman, is Lifestyle Blind's resident style expert, with a keen eye on upcoming trends and seasonal details. Are motorised blinds the next big thing? Should you choose waterproof fabric or opt for blackout designs for light control? Here are her top picks from our most popular designs:.

Bathroom no drill roller blinds:

Our bathroom no drill roller blinds offer a perfect blend of privacy and style. Designed to withstand humid environments, these blinds are moisture-resistant and easy to clean. The no-drill installation means you can enhance your bathroom's look without any permanent changes. Available in a variety of colours and patterns, they effortlessly add a touch of elegance while providing the privacy you need. Enjoy a sophisticated, functional upgrade to your bathroom with these versatile blinds.

Electric no drill roller blinds:

Fitted with a rechargeable lithium battery, motorised roller blinds are perfect for the elderly or infirm who find it difficult to get to the blinds to open them. With no pull cords, they are also child-safe - perfect for bustling family households - and offer a sleek solution for minimalist homes. All it takes is a few clicks of the supplied remote control to adjust light, privacy and temperature to suit your needs.

Blackout no drill roller blinds:

It doesn’t matter what aesthetics you prefer, blackout no drill blinds will always be on-trend. Fall for plain fabrics that bring pops of colour to your windows. Delve into textured blackout blinds that eliminate unwanted light and add tactile style. Or better manage temperature and beauty alike with thermal blackout blinds, made-to-measure to fit seamlessly.

Colours no drill roller blinds:

Neutrals remain ever popular. With a made to measure design and colours ranging from soft grey to deep brown, installing these window dressings will instantly upgrade the style of your home. Vertical striped neutral blinds create the illusion of taller ceilings and translucent fabrics to better manage room useability throughout the day.

Thermal no drill roller blinds:

Everyone deserves luxury in their home and velvet no drill roller blinds offer that and more. The soft, textured fabric feels tactile, shimmers in the sun and makes light management effortless. Perfect for crafting that cosy, comforting feel in bedrooms and living rooms alike, never dismiss the power of opulent fabrics.

Kitchen no drill roller blinds:

Choose cottage-core with linen textured blinds or opulence with shimmer fabrics, textured no drill blinds have their place on any window. Add them to any space around the home and discover the perfect blend of functionality and unrivalled beauty.

Step into the world of effortless window dressing with our innovative No Drill Blinds, designed for those who value both convenience and style. Perfect for renters, DIY un-enthusiasts, or anyone looking to avoid the hassle of drilling, these blinds offer a sleek and secure fit without compromising the integrity of your window frames. Sometimes a new product come into the market where we think, why hasn’t this been done before? Perfect for the nervous and inexperienced DIYers, landlords and renters , no drill blinds provide the complete solution for an easy fit blind. They are a hassle-free solution that comes in the same wide range of fabric and colour options that normal roller blinds do. There’s no drilling required. The Grip Fit® Roller Blind by the leading UK manufacturer Louvolite is a new system to install your blind without the need of a drill. It works by using a specially developed bracket system that applies tension when pushed out onto the recess, fitted within a pelmet that covers all the brackets. 

Electric No Drill Roller Blinds

Our Electric No Drill Roller Blinds combine the ease of no-drill installation with the modern luxury of remote-controlled operation. Whether you're looking to adjust the light in your living space with the touch of a button or seeking a simple, drill-free solution, our range of blinds brings together the best of functionality and sophistication to your UK home.

Where can you fit no drill blinds?

The crucial aspect of choosing where to fit them is that there must be a recess for the brackets to press against as you can see from the image on the right.  While amateur DIYers would benefit from being able to fit these into any window recess, even those more experienced with a drill would be brought out in a sweat at the thought of drilling into tiles in bathrooms and kitchens. This is where our no drill blinds are the ultimate solution. Any fabric option for a standard roller blind can be ordered with this system too. Soft PVC fabric which are ideal for these often-damp environments are now simple to fit. To put it simply, it kills two birds with one stone.

Recess Fitting No Drill Roller Blind

Discover the ease and convenience of our Grip Fit® No Drill Blinds, the perfect solution for those seeking a hassle-free installation. Ideal for recesses with UPVC windows, bathrooms, and any space where you'd prefer not to drill into frames or the recess. No drill roller blinds offer a seamless fit within the recess, ensuring privacy and light control without compromising on style. Whether you're in need of no drill blackout blinds for a restful night's sleep or simply want to enhance your decor, our collection has you covered. Experience the simplicity of updating your UK home with our innovative window blinds no drill design, making installation a breeze in just minutes. Say goodbye to the drill and hello to effortless style with our no drill blinds for UPVC windows and beyond. Watch the measuring and fitting videos below to see howe easy they are.

What Fabric Options Are Available for Roller Blinds?

Fabric options for no drill roller blinds are designed to meet various tastes and needs. Whether you seek the soft atmosphere offered by light-filtering fabrics or the advanced performance of solar-reflective materials, there's a suitable choice for every purpose. Thermal translucent and thermal blackout fabrics ensure maximum comfort and energy efficiency, maintaining a cosy and efficient environment year-round. This overview will introduce you to some of the available options.

Blackout no drill roller blinds - The ultimate in light management, blackout fabrics often use a coated reverse of the fabric to prevent a large percentage of light from passing into the room. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t just have to be dark in colour. Modern technology means that you could have a white blackout blind that works just as effectively as a black one. Blackout no drill blinds are perfect for bedrooms, nurseries and offices - any space where excessive light would cause disruption.

Thermal blackout no drill roller blinds - Light isn’t the only variable factor that needs managing in a home. Often, temperature causes problems - whether that be too much heat or uncomfortable chills. Thermal blackout fabrics block unwanted light coming into the room as well as minimising heat hitting the cold window and coming back into the room as cold air. This makes it easier to maintain comfortable conditions and can even minimise household energy bills.

Thermal translucent no drill roller blinds - Light management is rarely black or white. In offices, playrooms and even nurseries, fully blocking out the light may not also be the best option. Thermal translucent fabrics filter excessive light but still provide enough for daily activities - all while keeping the temperature at a balanced level too.

Sheer & voile no drill roller blinds - Think those 1980’s net curtains but re-imagined for the 21st century. Sheer and voile blinds allow in just the right amount of light without evading your right to privacy. During the day, you’ll be able to do anything from eating, working and relaxing without nosy passers-by looking in. At night, with the lights on, there will be a filtered view from the outside but, in every scenario, you’ll never need to compromise on style.

Patterned No Drill Roller Blinds - A versatile alternative to traditional roller blinds, our patterned no drill roller blinds add a touch of elegance combined with easy fitting to any room. They allow varying degrees of light to flood into any space, depending on the fabric’s thickness and pattern, while still providing the privacy required. The patterns range from subtle textures to bold designs, ensuring there’s an option to complement any dĂ©cor.

Waterproof no drill roller blinds – Made with soft PVC materials, our waterproof blinds are specifically designed for kitchens, bathrooms and moisture-rich rooms. The wipe-clean surface eliminates mould growth while being impressively easy to clean too. There’s no lack of textured fabrics or patterned designs available too, so embracing your unique personality has never been easier.

What Other No Drill Roller Blinds Do You Sell?

Below are quick links to colour and feature categories for this fabulous range.

What Other Electric No Drill Roller Blinds Do You Sell?

Below are quick links to colour and feature categories for this fabulous range.

How to measure no drill blinds

  • ⬇️Download Measuring Instructions
  • Check you have a recess to fit your blinds into (Grip fit blinds have to fit in a recess)
  • Next, make sure that the recess is solid and not paper thin (as the blind experts 60kg of pressure into the walls)
  • Then measure the width wall to wall at the top of the recess (making no deductions)
  • Then measure the drop of the recess, top of reveal to windowsill (making no deductions)

How to fit no drill blinds

  •  â¬‡ď¸ŹDownload Fitting Instructions
  • Place the casing of the blind into the top of the recess
  • Install one side and rotate the other side into position
  • You can now pull down the bracket lever on either side of the cassette
  • Click the roller blind into place inside the cassette
  • Finally, slide out your trim covers to cover the gaps on the left and right-hand side

How To Clean No Drill Roller Blinds?

Keep it simple is our best advice when cleaning any blind. For no drill roller blinds it depends on the fabric type. Water resistant soft PVC fabrics can simply be wiped clean with kitchen towels or a damp cloth.

To prevent the build-up of dust on polyester or cotton fabrics firstly wind the blind all the way down then starting from the roll at the top gently wipe the fabric with a damp cloth. When finished leave it all the way down and open the window for an hour or so for it to dry.

Roller blind mechanisms are best maintained using a silicone spray to and the control chain wiped down with a damp cloth. If there is more persistent dirt on the chain, then adding some warm soapy water to the cloth will be fine.

FAQ's No Drill Blinds

No drill blinds are Grip Fit™ roller blinds by Louvolite®. A new system that enables you to fir your blind into any recess without drilling ANYTHING! It works by side fixing into your recess with pressure. Watch the video below to see it's simplicity.  Check out the measuring video.

No drill blinds

No drill roller blinds work with most types of windows, including uPVC windows, wooden windows, and metal windows. They hug the walls of the recess so it isn’t the type of window it is the type of wall that they are being mounted into which is the important part. The Grip fit™ blind exerts approximately 60kg of outward pressure into the recess so you need to make sure your walls are not paper thin (or your blind will penetrate the wall).

Grip Fit by Louvolite

No drill roller blinds can be easily removed by reversing the method of installation.

Installation Instructions

  • Install one side and rotate the other side into position
  • You can now pull down the bracket lever on either side of the cassette
  • Click the roller blind into place inside the cassette
  • Finally, slide out your trim covers to cover the gaps on the left and right-hand side

The primary benefit of no drill roller blinds is their easy installation. You don't need to be a DIY expert or have any special tools to install them. All you need is a clean surface to attach the blinds to, and you're good to go. This makes them an excellent choice for renters, people with uPVC window frames, or those who don't want to damage their walls. 

Where are your blinds made?

Our made to measure roller blinds are a testament to the manufacturing heritage here in the UK and Ireland. Each custom made roller blind in our collection is the result of close collaboration with the most experienced BBSA accredited manufacturers across the regions. By choosing local expertise, we ensure that every blind meets our exacting standards. This commitment not only supports our communities but also allows us to offer roller blinds made to fit your unique requirements perfectly. With our made to measure roller blinds UK collection, you're choosing quality, sustainability, and the very best of British and Irish industry.

Customer Reviews

While we strive to be the best, we don’t judge what we deliver ourselves. That’s where our customers get their say. What is our pre-sales advice, product quality and after-sales service like compared to what we think it is? Our online UK collection is backed by real-life testimonials. We can’t filter them, so when we don’t reach our standards, those customers have their say too, and we learn from them. When you buy roller blinds online these reviews are your guide to why customers buy from us.

Buyers Guides

Our Buying Guides at Lifestyle Blinds are written to give you peace of mind by ensuring you're well-equipped to select the perfect roller blinds for windows in your home. We delve into every detail, from the intricacies of materials to the practicalities of installation. Whether you're navigating the vast selection of colours and textures, or deciding whether to upgrade to an electric option our guides stand as a great guide. We're here to empower you with knowledge, so you can confidently make a choice that reflects your personal style.