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Cleaning Your Roller Blinds - Made Simple

Cleaning Your Roller Blinds - Made Simple

Cleaning fabric roller blinds can be a nightmare, especially if you have young ones running around the house. Fabric tends to stain much more than plastic, metallic or wood materials so cleaning can be much more challenging. Natural colour blinds in our home then pose an even bigger problem as no matter what we do, stains seem to pop up from nowhere, standing out like a sore thumb. There are a few different things we can do with our roller blinds to make sure they remain clean and to avoid taking them down to be dry cleaned or have a professional come to the house. Try one of the following methods and see the difference it will make in the long run.

1. Hoover them every week 

If you have patterned blinds or blinds in darker colours where stains are easier to hide, then you can get away with simply hoovering them every week. Try and keep the dust off your roller blinds as this will stop the build-up of grime and dirt that is more difficult to remove after it is built up. Of course, when you find tougher stains you will need to clean the blinds, but hoovering them just once a week will make a huge difference.

2. Take them Down 

Another way for you to clean your roller blinds is to take them down completely and use baking powder to clean them. Of course, if you would prefer this method you will also have to hoover them first to take off any excess dust. This method however is easy and simple, all you need to do is take them down, sprinkle some baking powder on them and rub them with a dry cloth. Then, shake off any excess baking powder and put them back up. This method is more effective for natural colour blinds or blinds that need that extra bit of cleaning.

3. Clean using a damp cloth

If you don't want to take the blinds down completely or feel they might need a bit of an extra clean than mere rubbing down, try using a damp cloth to clean them. Again, you must hoover your blinds first to take off any excess dust. Once you have done this, simply roll down the blind and get to work. It is important to use a clean, cotton cloth, especially if you have light, neutral colour blinds. You do not want to leave any distinctive marks on the fabric. Then, mix a bowl with a little washing-up liquid and baking powder if necessary and wipe down the blinds. You can then leave them to dry whilst they are still rolled down. Do not roll them up until they are dry as you may run the risk of ruining them with mould. Keeping your blinds clean is extremely important. Blinds protect our windows from the sun and therefore build up a lot more dust than we could ever imagine. Hoovering our blinds every week will make sure we keep our blinds and home dust-free, making for a much more pleasant living environment for all.

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