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Can Roller Blinds Be Attached To The Ceiling

Can Roller Blinds Be Attached To The Ceiling

Roller blinds are, by far, one of the most easily recognisable windows covers on the market. Available in a host of colours and manufactured from a range of practical fabrics, they can be used in all rooms to help manage light and privacy. For many households, roller blinds are a staple feature in every space. And, they offer longevity that allows you to see a return on your investment and enjoy the decor you’ve created for many years to come. The way roller blinds are installed can, on their own, have the potential to make an impact and transform the room you’ve designed. In this blog, we’ll look at one of our most commonly asked questions - Can roller blinds be attached to the ceiling? 

Why choose roller blinds?

Before we dive in, let’s take a deeper look at these stylish and versatile window coverings. Roller blinds remain one of the most popular choices within our online range and it’s no surprise as to why. They are:

  • Designed to offer good window coverage, helping you to optimise both light and privacy control
  • Made using a range of fabrics that can help with temperature control, UV exposure, and more
  • Can be 100% waterproof, preventing mould and other moisture-based organisms from growing
  • Are manufactured bespoke to your measurements, giving you a luxurious and seamless look in every single home
  • Come in a wide variety of colours and patterns that can blend in or make a statement in your room
  • Are easy to operate
  • Can be manufactured without pull cords, making them both animal and child-safe

What are your options? 

No matter the room you’re looking to style or the demands a specific space in your home presents, you’ll likely find the right roller blind to suit. Here at Lifestyle Blinds, we offer the following options:

  • Thermal roller blinds - Made with a unique fabric, these blinds help to lock in heat during the winter and keep the excess cold at bay
  • Solar reflective roller blinds - Ideal for rooms where windows are exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day. They reflect UV rays away from the window, helping to manage heat and preventing soft furnishings from fading
  • Sheer and voile roller blinds - The perfect choice in the kitchen or living rooms, these blinds filter the light, reducing its intensity and the chance of glare. They can also be used in rooms that need light during the day but require a level of privacy too. 
  • 100% waterproof roller blinds - Finished with a protective water-resistant coating, these blinds prevent mould from growing and are perfect in bathrooms and kitchens. Any room where temperature fluctuations and high air moisture content are expected. 
  • Day & Night roller blinds - These unique blinds feature two panels that can be operated independently. A light-blocking blackout layer allows you to manage light while a sheer panel keeps your room usable at the same time. 

How are they installed?

Here at Lifestyle Blinds, we are passionate about bringing the highest quality roller blinds to our customers at prices that work within your budget. While all of our blinds are made-to-measure, they are also supplied with full installation instructions. So, you won’t need to invest in additional labour or professional support to get them up and running. Our roller blinds can be installed either outside of the recess or inside of the recess, depending on the look you’ve chosen. 

Installing roller blinds has never been easier. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

How to install roller blinds outside the window recess:

  1. Fit the universal brackets provided to the wall face recess
  2. Fit the control bracket on the side that the controls sit on the blind
  3. Ensure the control end is fitted first
  4. Make sure all 4 plugs on the end of the control align with those on the bracket
  5. Push the center plug into the vertical part of the cross
  6. Push down to lock into place
  7. For spring-loaded blinds, push the spring-loaded end into the hole found within the installed brackets
  8. Once installed, retrieve the child safety tie-down clip (for corded designs)
  9. Install the tie-down clip on the wall or frame and use it to secure the chain. 

How to install roller blinds inside the window recess:

  1. Fit the universal brackets provided to the lintel (underside of the recess) or to the window frame.
  2. Fit the control bracket on the side the controls sit on the blind
  3. Repeat steps 3-9 as listed above

Can roller blinds be installed on the ceiling? 

Roller blinds placed outside of the window recess will make your windows appear visually larger. Those fitted within the recess will highlight the exact size. Which installation process you choose will come down entirely to personal preference. If you’re looking for something truly dramatic and an interior design choice to help visually elongate the room’s height, you may wish to have your blinds fitted to the ceiling. While this is a less common option, it can be very striking when done correctly. 


Curtains are commonly used in this way. When hung from the ceiling, they give the illusion of more height in a room and can be used for additional coverage over the window. Some homeowners choose to pair ceiling-hung blinds or curtains with another type of window dressing fitted within the recess. The ceiling-hung version becomes a design choice rather than one necessarily used for practical reasons. Other people are forced to use this installation method. Perhaps the space above or around a window isn’t sufficient for the installation needed. And, in this instance, you may need to look upwards for a solution. Or perhaps you have multiple smaller windows that you want to be covered with a single blind. 

So, in short - yes, you can attach roller blinds to the ceiling. You will need to make sure you have adequate support from ceiling joists, studs, or rafter beams. The anchors that you use need to be able to hold the total weight of your roller blind. Working with the right blind expert is the best way to make sure you install safely and with the right support. Here at Lifestyle Blinds, we have a large team of experienced individuals who are always on hand to help. Alongside our extensive range of roller blinds, we can help you hang and enjoy your new blinds for longer. Get in contact with us here today.