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Stylish Blinds For Bifold Doors

#sheer Switch on any home design TV program and you’re likely to see bifold doors being featured. The product of choice for architects and designers, bifolds are the ultimate door solution for those requiring an installation that’s fashionable yet practical.   Bi folding doors are the new buzz word when it comes to open plan living and the amount of enquiries and orders we have for them is unbelievable!   With a new set up bifold doors costing upwards of £1500 it is no surprise that when it comes to installing them our customers are loathed to pay the same price again for swanky all singing all dancing bifolding door blinds. But it’s not only luxury properties that can benefit from bifolds, and thanks to the range of manufacturers that offer these products with accessible price points, they’ve fast become one of the most sought after installations in homes of all shapes and sizes. Maximising on space, welcoming in natural light and providing panoramic views, bifolds are a highly functional and stylish addition to the home. They’re also perfect for renovation projects and new builds alike, available in a choice of colours and finishes to complement any home. Many choose bifold doors because they’re keen to introduce an outdoor living element to their home. By installing bifolds, a smooth indoor-to-outdoor transition is created, ideal for the warmer months and social gatherings. Of course, the current weather means that we’re all spending much less time outside, but that doesn’t mean bifold doors aren’t worthwhile. All quality bifolds are highly thermal efficient, maximising on natural sunlight and preventing heat from escaping. They’re also renowned for adding value to properties, so you can be sure that they’re a great investment. One of the biggest benefits, however, is their safety features. Multipoint locks, superior glazing and sturdy frames provide optimum security, while advanced engineering makes them lightweight and usable, so you needn’t worry about little fingers getting trapped. But one of the biggest concerns for bifold door buyers is finding appropriate blinds. Bifolds are substantial investments, so it would be a shame to hinder them with an unsuitable dressing. Forget about thick, heavy curtains or flimsy shades; when you’ve invested in sleek, stylish bifolds, you want blinds to match! Fortunately, at Lifestyleblinds we’re delighted to offer a fantastic collection of blinds for bifold doors. Each product is available cordless, optimising child safety and ease of use. They are also supplied with all fittings, so you can guarantee a quick and simple installation project. Timeless, simple styles like our Aspect Golden Sand blinds are ideal for homeowners that prefer classic designs and muted tones, while textured blinds like Canvas Celeste are perfect for those that want to add depth. Those that want a little extra sparkle can choose from our range of metallic and glitter bifold blinds, such as Asteroid Silver and Glitterball Black. One of the key benefits of bifolds is the light they welcome inside, so keep this to a maximum with our sheer and voile collection, featuring blinds that have excellent light control while maintaining a stylish silhouette. Our Voove White blinds are the perfect example of this, filtering sunlight gently through their modern translucent panels. And finally, for those that want a little more pizzazz, our range of patterned blinds for bifold doors offers a selection of trendy designs in different colour combinations. Our Enigma Cerise blind packs a serious style punch, while the Fusion Sand design offers a more understated look. Each of our bifold blinds comes complete with cordless, spring action controls, making them easy to operate and extremely safe. Take a look at the video below, which demonstrates how they work. If you don't go for integrated blinds when you are purchasing your doors it can be daunting dressing these large windows with most of our clients finding the new light and therefore heat sometimes a bit unbearable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8YIASka2qs Are you looking for blinds for bifold doors? Take a look at our full collection here, or alternatively call a member of the team on 0161 451 0290 to find out more.