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10 reasons to love electric blinds

10 reasons to love electric blinds

In the modern world, you'll find remote-controlled appliances all over our homes and offices. Customise everything from dimming the lights using an app on your phone or altering your bedroom heating during the commute home with the click of a button. So, why should your window blinds be any different? Imagine creating a romantic mood in seconds without leaving the dinner table. Or rocking your little one to sleep as the room gets darker and darker. Electric Roller blinds are a fantastic addition to any home and will surely become a luxury the entire family appreciates. As with any important interior decision, it is always important that you understand as much as possible about the item you're buying. So, in this article, we're bringing you an Electric Roller Blinds Buyers guide. Read on to understand how these clever and innovative dressings can improve your family's convenience in seconds.

What are electric roller blinds?

So, let's get down to basics. Electric roller blinds are a premium and luxurious window dressing that is entirely programmed through a motorised unit. Ordinarily, they maintain the same look as traditional roller blinds but have an inbuilt system that allows them to mechanically roll up and down. This gives you the ultimate convenience – being able to control the light and privacy within a room without ever leaving your seat. Once reserved for those with exuberant budgets, they have now become an affordable and attainable option for the everyday homeowner. They easily add a luxurious element to your home that guests are sure to love.

How are they powered?

Contrary to popular belief, electric roller blinds are not complicated or expensive to install. Where you may assume you'll need to wire them into the main electrical system within your home, it is normally considerably easier to benefit from their convenience. The motorised unit which powers them is usually inbuilt into the general construction. This eliminates excess bulk and creates a streamlined finish within your home. They are designed for convenience, with the motorised system usually being powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. This allows you to charge them for the recommended time to achieve full power. For the Louvolite One Touch® Motorised Blinds that we stock here at Lifestyle Blinds, simply charge the blinds overnight to benefit from approximately 6 months of charge.

How are they operated?

With most electric roller blinds, they are operated entirely from a remote control which can be used anywhere in the room. With the Louvolite One Touch® motorised blinds, you have the added benefit of a unique wand operation. This hangs next to the blind and allows you to open or close the dressing at close range.From adjusting light filtration through to privacy, all you need to do is push either the 'Up' or 'Down' button on the remote. The motorised system internally will do everything else – allowing the blind to glide smoothly to your desired location. The simple operation is so easy to understand, even a child can do it! So, lay back and get your little one to create the perfect environment for an afternoon nap!

Louvolite One Touch® Motorised Blinds

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Recognised as one of the leading blind suppliers worldwide, they develop a wide range of resources in-house. This ensures the highest quality components on every single motorised blind in their collection. You can find our large range of motorised window blinds on our website today – all available for affordable and attainable prices

10 Reasons to Love Motorised Roller Blinds

1. Innovative but affordable

Roller blinds are the ultimate sign of luxury when it comes to interior design. One of the best things about the offerings we now see on the market is their affordability. They are designed and crafted to suit the needs of the modern interior stylist. With the same innovative design used to develop original models and indeed those used in large, corporate offices, these blinds, are a brilliant way to bring technological advances into your home at a fraction of the price.

2. Child safe

If you have children in the house, you should look to install child-safe window options. Regardless of whether you're dressing a nursery or your living room, keeping the safety of your little ones at the highest priority is invaluable. Traditional window blinds are operated using long pull cords or metal chains. Although these can be styled to look modern, they present a choking hazard to small children – especially toddlers and those just on their feet. In this case, there are storage devices that you can buy to wrap the cords up away from tiny hands. However, it's always best to eliminate these risks, if you can. Motorised Roller Blinds are a brilliant option. As they are entirely programmed through either a remote control or integrated wand, they do not need cord pulls. The entire operating system sits inbuilt within the unit and is therefore inaccessible to small children. Electric roller blinds are a great option for playrooms, nurseries, and conservatories as well as every room in your home.

3. No need for mains wiring

The electric motor within these motorised roller blinds will ordinarily be built into the overall structure of the unit. A rechargeable battery will operate the unit and can be powered fully to run over several months. While this creates both a streamlined and convenient window dressing, it also eliminates the need for additional wiring. When you purchase an electric roller blind, there is no need to hire an electrician during installation. Without the need to wire it into your home system, you'll be able to get your room looking pristine in no time at all. And, you'll keep the cost reserved to that of the blinds themselves rather than additional labour.

4. Still made-to-measure

Off-the-shelf roller blinds have their problems. If you have unusual-sized or shaped windows, they can be too big or small for the perfect fit. You are also limited to the number of styles and designs you can choose from. In turn, this limits the styles you can choose for your home – something no interior designer ever wants to be faced with. The brilliant thing about our motorised blinds is that they can still be made to measure. When you find the perfect fabric colour or pattern for you, they will be made to your specific measurements. This helps you to create that integrated and modern look you've been searching for. Something to keep in mind when measuring your windows for roller blinds is where you want them to sit. If you have a deep recess, you may choose to have your blind close to the window to maintain heat and restrict maximum light. Alternatively, by fitting your blind outside of the recess, you'll create the illusion of larger and more expansive windows. Here at Lifestyle Blinds, we have several guides for measuring your windows. For normal windows, click here and for bay windows, click here.

5. A practical option for high windows/skylights

Skylights and high-placed windows are brilliant for allowing light to flood a room entirely. However, they can be difficult to cover. You can't very well climb up a ladder every time you want to have more privacy or block out the light. In steps a motorised roller blind – is perfect for operating from a distance and giving you the control you need. Monitor light distribution in any room, day or night once your roller blinds are installed. 

6. Quiet to operate

The last thing you want is an audible 'BUZZ' every single time you open or close your blinds. The internal operating systems found inside motorised roller blinds are notoriously quiet. Making no more noise than a manual system, they won't flood your home with unnecessary noise pollution. This is an incredibly useful function, especially in children's bedrooms. If your little one falls into an impromptu sleep, you'll be able to glide the blinds down to create a darkened haven and all without needing to enter the room.

7. Easy-to-use

A simple-faced remote control programme and operates electric roller blinds. Simply press the up arrow or down arrow as needed – even a child can do it! There's no need for excessive manual analysis before you're able to control the light within your home – perfect for every single busy family.

8. Energy efficient

In general, roller blinds are an energy efficient option for your home. There are thermal fabrics that keep the rooms in your home toasty warm during winter, therefore reducing the need for excessive internal heating. Keep harsh sun glares and heat out of rooms with light blocking fabrics. In turn, you'll reduce the need for all-day-running fans or cooling equipment. Electric roller blinds offer all of these benefits with the convenience of a motorised function – to action your decision much quicker.

9. Longlife charge

Most modern motorised roller blinds only require charging a few times a year to keep up with general use. In our range of Louvolite One Touch® motorised roller blinds, you only need to charge your roller blind overnight. This will give you approximately 6 months of charge for everyday use – plenty for an average family.

10. Large range of attractive styles to impress guests

Finally, we have an extensive range of styles and colours to choose from. Your contemporary style and flair for technology are sure to impress every guest. Shop by colour, fabric or style and find the window dressing that suits every single room in the house. Motorised or electric roller blinds are an exciting advancement in the world of window dressings. They have an innovative design with a versatile appeal and look great in homes of all styles. With their child-safe design and quiet motor, they are perfect for bedrooms, nurseries, and offices. If we've inspired you to re-dress your windows with these modern and contemporary roller blinds, take a browse through ourextensive range here at Lifestyle Blinds. You're sure to find the perfect plain, patterned, or fabric window blind for your home or office – and at the most affordable rate.