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A Guide to Buying Kitchen Blinds

A Guide to Buying Kitchen Blinds

The kitchen is often referred to as the hub of the house. The place where family and guests alike commune throughout the year to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or everyday meals. And, when it comes to styling it to your preference, there are a whole host of considerations to make. Among these, you must find the right set of kitchen blinds. They should work from both a practical and stylish point of view, fitting in with your kitchen design and allowing you to love this communal place more and more every day. At Lifestyle Blinds, finding the right window dressing is just one of the things we take pride in. This guide will look into some of the considerations you’ll need to make when choosing blinds for your kitchen windows.

What do kitchen blinds need to do?

It sounds like a ridiculous question - what do kitchen blinds need to do? But, as with any room in the house, every window blind should be both practical and stylish. When you choose to invest in kitchen blinds, you want to know that they’ll work just as well today as they do in many years to come. There are several functions that your blinds should afford the family:

  • It allows you to control light to reduce uncomfortable glare.
  • Give you privacy when cooking romantic meals or enjoying time solely with your family.
  • Have an easy-to-clean design that can withstand oil and food sprays over time.
  • Fit in with your kitchen design, whether that be contemporary, rustic or classic.
  • Reduce excessive heat build-up caused by strong sunlight in a room that already has the potential to become quite hot.

What considerations do I need to make?

So, what do you need to think about when choosing your kitchen blinds? One of the best ways to look at this is to consider what the most popular questions we get asked are. Let’s have a go at answering some of your queries here today.

My window is located over the sink. What blind should I choose?

With location, it is important to first consider the practical aspects of your window blinds. Are you able to comfortably reach the window? Will it be easy for you to adjust the height of your blinds using a pull cord? The best way to establish this is to think about how easy it is for you to open these windows. If you struggle or have to ask a family member to help out, you’ll want to consider the blind choice you make. Roller blinds are a practical choice for kitchens but avoid cordless designs. These are generally operated with a spring-loaded mechanism built into the blind. If you struggle to reach the window now, chances are it will be near impossible for you to close your blinds if they’re fully rolled up. Classic roller blinds are a practical choice here. If you’re concerned about children's safety, invest in blind cord wraps which can be used to wind free-flowing cords out of hand reach. Another style that works well for awkwardly placed windows is vertical blinds. This is generally for the same reason as roller blinds but also due to their exceeding versatility. With these, you’ll be able to control the degree of light that floods into your home. Make sure that, no matter the style of blind you choose, you provide exact measurements to the blinds company you choose.

Matt Anthracite Venetian Blind

Will my blinds get dirty and wet sitting over the sink?

Many people come to us with maintenance questions and kitchens are one room that raises its own set of concerns. Kitchen blinds, specifically those over sinks or fitted near cookers, have the potential to get covered in water, oil or food splashbacks regularly. The most important thing to consider here is how ‘splashy’ you deem your kitchen to be. If your family loves whipping up curries or you have young children who love helping out with the washing up, you’ll want to invest in more durable blinds. There is a wide range of 100% waterproof blinds available in a selection of different colours. These have an impenetrable water-resistant coating applied to the outer fabric which provides durability and defence against moisture-related damage. Choose from waterproof roller blinds, vertical blinds and even waterproof faux wood blinds so your sense of impeccable style needn’t be compromised. Another benefit of these stylish window dressings is their durability. Because they have been finished with a specialist coating, this protects the fabric underneath from wear and tear. You’ll be able to appreciate the colour or pattern you’ve chosen for your home for much longer while also wiping off everyday marks and drips easily. The one thing we do recommend you take care with is bleach as this can ruin the fabric dye. Check out this past blog post about the new collection of kitchen and bathroom blinds here. 

Should I choose a plain blind or something with more pattern?

Helping people design their kitchens is something we love here at Lifestyle Blinds. And, with our extensive range of colours and patterns to choose from, you’ll be able to find something that fits your unique personality. Whether you opt for a block colour kitchen blind or a patterned one comes down to individual preference. The rule of thumb is a plain blind will offer a more timeless appeal, allowing you to accessorise with different items that can change over time. If you love the colour pink, you could pair them with a pink kettle, pink kitchen towels or pink accented crockery to create your haven. Alternatively, some of our brighter kitchen prints such as the Wave Forest or Spectrum Sky Roller Blinds offer you a wide range of colours to pick out. Perhaps you match your salt and pepper shakers to the wavy or straight lines incorporated into these designs? Or you simply opt for neutral accessories and let our brighter blinds take centre stage. There really is something for everyone and you’ll have fun choosing a design that gets guests talking.

My window faces the garden. Is there anything extra I need to consider?

You’ve hit the jackpot here. Especially if you’re a family that loves to entertain or one with small children, having a viewpoint out into the garden can be a real bonus. While you cook or clean, it gives you the perfect opportunity to look out and appreciate the beauty of nature. In many cases, garden-facing kitchens also benefit from a lot of light, making your space even more useable throughout the day. When dressing kitchen-facing windows, it's important to once again consider practicality. Light flooding in will surely be much appreciated most of the time, but there will come occasions when this needs to be controlled appropriately. Our Sun Screen Roller Blinds combine the usability of a classic blind with unique fabric options. When rolled down, they still allow a degree of light to enter the room, ensuring it can be used fully. The true beauty here is that harsh sun rays are diffused through this fabric and your entire family will benefit from the beauty of a relaxing, calm environment. Another key benefit of our sunscreen roller blinds is the fact that they are also 100% waterproof. So, when it comes to splashes or marks, the durable fabric can be wiped clean and maintained easily. They give you a degree of privacy - especially beneficial during evening meals where internal lights make it easier for outsiders to see in. And, these blinds are easy to adjust, making them the perfect choice for kitchen windows and patio doors alike.

What is solar glare and how do I combat it?

For south-facing gardens, you may find yourself the victim of solar glare. This is when sunrays flood into a home during the height of the day, increasing the internal heat. Although during Winter and colder months, you’ll want to optimise on this as much as possible, it can cause issues during Summer. Many kitchens have found themselves overheated to the point of discomfort. However, this is an easy problem to solve. Our Solar Reflective Roller Blinds reflect hard sunlight away from your home. You can then regulate the room’s heat effectively and ensure everyone feels comfortable during mealtime. In addition, these energy-saving blinds can also trap heat inside during Winter and keep the need for central heating at a minimum.

What are the most durable types of kitchen blinds?

When properly maintained, any blind will last you for many years to come. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more hardwearing, opt for Metal Venetian Blinds. They have a classic design, featuring multiple horizontal slats that can be twisted and adjusted easily. As with vertical blinds, these dressings give you more control over the degree of light you let into your home and can be used by all members of the family. Here at Lifestyle Blinds, we make each set of Venetian blinds to measure, in either 25mm, 35mm or 50mm slat widths. If you’re limited on counter space and need something to sit perfectly within your window recess, these are the blinds for you. They will also free up much-needed windowsill space, allowing you to display your favourite plants or accessories. You won’t be restricted with colour either, as we have everything from white Venetian blinds to suit a neutral palette through to our bright red Venetian blinds that do pop. And, for added peace of mind, they are fully guaranteed for up to 3 years. Perfect for families that spend the majority of their time huddled in the kitchen. If you have any questions or are looking for advice about finding the perfect kitchen blinds, contact the team at Lifestyle Blinds today. Our designers are here to help you make a decision that the entire family will love.