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The Quick And Easy Way To Install Replacement Blind Slats

The Quick And Easy Way To Install Replacement Blind Slats

Quality window dressings are a necessary addition to your home, allowing you to regulate light, providing you with privacy, and also helping to retain heat. Window treatments can also contribute to the aesthetics of your home, adding the finishing touch to a space while still being highly functional.

Of course, while stylish blinds can make your home look lovely, if they become old or damaged they can really spoil the visuals of a room. What’s more, a tired and broken blind won’t perform as well, and you’re likely to struggle with controlling sunlight, as well as compromising your family’s privacy and energy bills!

When some types of blinds break, you’re left with no other option than to invest in a new one. Particularly nifty homeowners may be able to rescue a damaged roller or Roman blind, but for most of us, the best course of action is to purchase new (or turn to a professional help), both of which can cost a fair amount. Fortunately, with vertical blinds, there’s a much more cost effective solution available.

Bent, broken and tired-looking vertical blind slats can be a real pain, especially when the rest of the blind is in fine condition. Luckily, a couple of minor issues can be easily resolved without having to fork out for a completely new blind. At Lifestyleblinds, we offer a wide range of replacement blind slats, meaning you can select the perfect louvre for your window dressing.

In our huge collection of replacement blind slats you’ll discover hundreds of vertical slats in an array of colours, patterns and textures. Our competitive pricing means you’re unlikely to find a better match for a better price, and as every item is made to measure, you can guarantee the perfect fix for your vertical blinds.

Our replacement vertical blind slats are also ideal for those wanting to completely refresh a window dressing. Rather than investing in a brand new blind, why not select some new louvres to fit into your current track? This option is ideal for those who want to update a space without splashing too much cash. And it’s really very easy to do – here’s how:

The Quick And Easy Way To Install Replacement Blind Slats

  1. Begin by measuring up. Take note of the slat size you will require, along with the fabric drop to best fit your window.
  2. Select your product and place your order at Lifestyleblinds, remembering to enter the specific number of slats you require.
  3. Once your replacement slats have arrived, you can get to work! Unhook your broken louvres and remove the hangers. You’ll need these later.
  4. Now, carefully ease the linking chain to the top of the fabric and unclip.
  5. Once the chain is removed, you can insert the old hangers into the top of your new slats. You can now also swap the weights from the old blinds into the bottom pocket of the new ones.
  6. Check that the hooks of your headrail are pointing towards the side recess of your window. This will mean the blind is in an ‘open’ position.
  7. You can now hang your new slats on the track!
  8. Check that your replacement slats move properly by testing the chain. When you’re happy with the result, clip the linking chain back onto the slats.

Take a look at our full range of replacement vertical blind slats. If you want more advice on replacement vertical blind slats, you can get in touch with a member of the team on 0161 451 0290. Our specialists will also be able to recommend the best style for you and your home.