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3 Benefits of Rigid PVC Vertical Blinds

3 Benefits of Rigid PVC Vertical Blinds

When dressing larger windows or doors, rigid PVC vertical blinds are an ideal option. They have been manufactured as a practical alternative to vertical blinds, keeping the same classic look but pairing this with a durable material. As you begin researching for the perfect window blind choice in your home, we want you to have all the information at hand to make the right decision. This blog will look at 3 reasons why we think you should consider rigid PVC vertical blinds in your home. 

What are rigid PVC vertical blinds?

Firstly, let’s establish exactly what we mean when we say rigid PVC vertical blinds. If we think about classic vertical blinds, they feature a number of slats or louvres strung vertically from a top channel. These can be rotated or slid over to one side, allowing you to control light and privacy in a room. The same principle goes for rigid PVC vertical blinds with just a few differences. 

Instead of fabric, the louvres are made of a hardwearing and rigid PVC. This gives them added strength and durability, creating more consistent coverage for your window and a slightly different look. Secondly, PVC vertical blinds don’t require bottom weights to keep the slats in shape or chains to link each louvre together. 

3 benefits of rigid PVC vertical blinds

No bottom weights & chains

As we mentioned above, PVC vertical blinds do away with the bottom weights and chains. While these are no longer needed in contrast to fabric alternatives, their absence also makes these blinds safer. Bottom chains, sometimes known as spacer chains, are generally made from plastic or metal. They pose a strangulation risk to small children who don’t have the strength in their head and back muscles to remove themselves from a potential loop. For this reason, we don’t recommend installing traditional vertical blinds in kids' bedrooms or playrooms. 

Rigid PVC alternatives don’t need these additions. The PVC is rigid enough to hold itself in place without weight and won’t sway away from the other louvres in the same manner as fabric styles do. As well as minimising bulk and creating a sleek look, this removes the strangulation hazard and makes them safe for use around young children and animals. 


Vertical blinds themselves are recognised as one of the easier-to-clean options for window blinds. This is due to the lack of horizontal surfaces for the dust to settle on. However, PVC rigid blinds take this one step further. PVC has a shiny, smooth surface with no crevices or ridges for dust and dirt to settle into. Grime can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth. Dust can be feather-dusted off or wiped easily. 

This easy maintenance makes them an ideal choice for high-traffic rooms - particularly living rooms, kitchens and even bedrooms. And, they’re perfect for kid-friendly areas where grubby hands are commonplace. 


If exposed to high levels of moisture, fabric can become damaged. In some instances, moisture can have a direct impact on areas such as tensile strength, elasticity and fibre diameter. If this moisture stays put, there is a risk of mould growth. Mould can stain, weaken or completely destroy fabric fibres, causing irreparable damage. When fitting window blinds in kitchens or windows, this is a factor that needs to be taken into consideration. 

Showering, cooking, washing up - all of these activities release moisture into the air which can be detrimental to your blinds. However, PVC rigid vertical blinds don’t have this problem. The protective coating placed on each louvre isn’t just water-resistant, but it’s also resistant to dirt, mildew, oil, salt, chemicals and UV rays. They really are the perfect option for kitchens, bathrooms and any space where moisture is consistent. 

Rigid PVC vertical blinds offer a host of benefits to suit homes of all types. We have a wide selection of options available here at Lifestyle Blinds, including many different colours and finishes. If you would like to speak to a member of our expert team, please get in contact today.