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Can vertical blinds be blackout?

Can vertical blinds be blackout?

The right window blinds will help you to get the most out of your home. They will prioritise light control, give you the privacy needed to relax and help reduce the impact of excessive heat in a room. Vertical blinds are more versatile than many people think, being a suitable option for many rooms around the home. And one of the key questions we get asked when it comes to practicality is, ‘Can Vertical Blinds Be Blackout? Let’s look at that here today. 

What does blackout mean?

Firstly, let’s consider what blackout means. When we look for blackout blinds, we want ones that block out as much light as possible. They are designed to cut out the light using opaque fabric that covers the window effectively. To achieve complete blackout, you need to have the right fabric and the right fittings. Ones that cover as much of the window as possible. With standard window blinds, blackout means reducing the light significantly. You need to have full channels or cassettes around a window to achieve a full light-blocking effect. 

Blackout blinds are normally manufactured with multiple layers. The outer layers are for aesthetics - they can be any colour or pattern to suit your room. And then, the inner layer is a light-blocking sheet that prevents light rays from passing through.

Why would you need blackout blinds? 

Window blinds are designed to help manage light. Blackout blinds are specially manufactured to take this to the next level. For that reason, they are suitable for several different uses, including to:

  • Help create a calm, sleep-inducing environment for bedrooms
  • Create the perfect cinema room that reduces distraction
  • Optimise privacy at all times

Most commonly, you find blackout blinds in bedrooms. We, humans, are biologically designed to rest and rise with the sun - it dates back to prehistoric times. We get up when the sun rises in order to catch the best food and go to sleep as the sun sets to avoid night-time predators. Modern life has flipped this on its head. With over-exposure to televisions, and smartphones, our sleep is easily disrupted. Having a dark bedroom and a good sleep routine can trick our brains into believing the sun has set. This is particularly important when trying to regulate the sleep of small children. Any mum will know the struggle of blocking out light during naps and bedtime for more rest. 

Can vertical blinds be black out? 

So, can vertical blinds be blackout? Yes - vertical blinds can be manufactured from blackout material. Each individual slat will feature the same multi-layer design, with a light-blocking central layer to prevent as much light from passing through. However, remember what we said about the only way to achieve full blackout in a room? You need to have a sheet of fabric affixed to the window frame and stretched across so it covers all of the glass. Any gaps or slithers down either side will allow light to seep in. This isn’t a huge problem if you’re just looking to significantly reduce light in a room. But if you want that pitch-black, middle-of-the-night darkness, vertical blinds may not be the best choice. 

This is due to the individual vertical slats that make up their construction. When they’re closed, you will be able to reduce lighting a lot. But there will always be slight gaps between each slat where light could get through. Remember also that vertical blind slats aren’t affixed rigidly together unless you buy a PVC or metal style. So the slightest bit of breeze or nudge from a passerby will cause the gaps to become larger and more light to flood in. 

Are vertical blinds the best option for bedrooms? 

If you are looking for the best blinds for bedrooms, we wouldn’t recommend vertical blinds. While they are stylish, versatile, and hardwearing, they’re not designed to help manage light in the way you need in the bedroom. Instead, consider a blackout roller blind. The solid sheet of fabric here will cover the vast majority of the window with only slight gaps on either side. If you pair these with blackout curtains, you’ll be able to get as close to a complete blackout as possible. The same goes for cordless blackout roller blinds 

If you have the right windows or have converted a loft space into a bedroom, blackout skylight blinds will give you an even better blackout experience. As we mentioned above, this is due to the cassette fitted around the entire window frame. When rolled down, the fabric will cover the window entirely and flood the room in darkness. 

How can Lifestyle Blinds help? 

At Lifestyle Blinds, we’re passionate about vertical blinds - we think that much is obvious from our latest blog series. However, the main goal for us is to make sure that every customer gets the right window blind for their home. The right option will fit your needs and your budget, sitting seamlessly within your windows and being easy to use by everyone in the home. Blackout blinds are increasingly popular - especially as we become more aware of the impact that technology is having on our sleep. As well as being the most commonly chosen option for nurseries, being able to entirely block out light can prolong the colour of your soft furnishings, reduce heat in a south-facing room and help you have the calmest cinema night possible. 

We’re here to help pair you up with the right window blinds today. If you have any further questions about our vertical blinds or would like to speak to a member of the team, please do get in contact with us here today.