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Which vertical blinds are the best?

Which vertical blinds are the best?

Choosing the right window blinds for your home comes down to a number of factors. Personal preference, chosen interior style and practicalities. Vertical blinds have come a long way since their inception. They were previously adopted as the perfect office blind and are now used in many different buildings. At Lifestyle Blinds, we understand that every household has different requirements. And, this is exactly why we have a wide and comprehensive range of vertical blind styles, dimensions and configurations to suit every single client. Choosing which blinds are the best can be daunting because of all these choices. This is why we’ve pulled together this guide to help you decide which blind is the best option for you. 

How to choose the best vertical blinds? 

We mentioned above the importance of personal preference when it comes to choosing the right blinds. Your vertical blinds need to work in your room. They need to accentuate your chosen interior style. They should make it easier to spend time in this space. And, they should give you more control over light and privacy. When considering the best blinds for you, consider what is the most important defining factor. We’ll delve into each of these in this guide, but you should take into account:

  • Budget
  • Room type
  • With or without curtains
  • Colour
  • Material

Best vertical blinds in terms of budget

With any room change or update, we always recommend outlining your available budget first. The world is full of style options when it comes to your windows - and your homes. And, it’s easy to get swept away and fall in love with window dressings that are out of your reach. The brilliant thing is that there are so many companies, like us here at Lifestyle Blinds, who are passionate about pairing together quality and budget-conscious prices. Bespoke vertical window blinds have a streamlined look but shouldn’t break the bank. They need to fit your windows perfectly but also stay within your budget. You can also consider keeping your existing vertical blind rail and order individual slats to change up the style of your home. We have a minimum order of 10 slats with our replacement vertical blind slats. 

If you’re trying to stick to a smaller budget, our plain blinds start at just ÂŁ23.78. For example, the Montreal Frost Vertical Blinds have a crisp white finish that pairs just as well in minimalist rooms as it does paired with brighter tones. For those looking to invest slightly more and achieve more features from their blinds, styles such as the Essence Mink Vertical Blinds offer blackout thermal benefits and start at ÂŁ71.46. 

Best vertical blinds in terms of room

Vertical blinds can be manufactured for all different types of rooms - depending on the fabric used. While the vertical slats aren’t the best at blocking out light, they can be reduced to significantly increase privacy, reduce glare and keep excessive temperatures at bay. Considering the room you’re going to install these blinds in and what specific benefits the blinds need to offer can help you find the best type. For example: 


When we retire to bed, we need a dark and relaxing environment to help us fall asleep comfortably. The right window blinds need to block out as much light as possible and reduce temperature build-up during the day. Blackout vertical blinds are manufactured from a multi-layer fabric with a light-blocking centre. When drawn across the window and twisted closed, you’ll achieve a good reduction in natural light in the room. And, if you want to accentuate this, even more, consider pairing your blackout blinds with curtains too. 

Arlo Grey Blackout Vertical Blind
Arlo Grey Blackout Vertical Blind

Offices/Television rooms

Glare is a bit of concern for some - especially if you have a large south-facing window or patio door in the room. While the right window covering will help block out these harsh sun rays, they also need to ensure you can use the space comfortably during the day. Blackout vertical blinds would eliminate light, increasing your energy bills and making it difficult to stay productive. However, sheer and voile blinds are made from a woven material that blocks the harshest rays but still allows a muted light to enter. You won’t be hindered by glare but will still be able to take conference calls or watch your favourite programmes without interruption.   


Open-plan dining/kitchen areas have become the norm - or dream ideal - for many of us. While these large, spacious and light rooms are ideal for entertaining, they can be challenging when it comes to light control. Not only do you have to take into account larger windows, but you also need to consider moisture level. Washing up, cleaning and even spilt food - normal fabrics used for window blinds can become breeding grounds for mould if they stay wet for too long. 100% waterproof vertical blinds are finished with a protective film that blocks out water and keeps the blinds strong for longer. 

Best in terms of partnering with curtains

Vertical blinds are now being recognised for their versatility more than ever. And, the beauty behind these window dressings is that they can be fitted either inside the recess or outside of the recess. If you’re considering pairing your blinds with curtains, installing them inside the recess will free up the surrounding wall space for a curtain pole. It also provides you with double the protection against excessive light. Consider pairing together sheer vertical blinds that prevent glare for use during the day and blackout curtains for later in the evening when privacy is your main goal.

There are two main ways to partner together the blinds and curtains:

  • Patterned blinds with plain curtains
  • Plain blinds with patterned curtains

Either of these partnerships will help to balance out colour and pattern evenly. Opt for highly patterned curtains if maximalism style is in your interior goals. Or plain window blinds if you want a more simplistic look overall. 

Best in terms of colour

Every single home is different and your design goals for every single room will be different too. Colour plays a huge role in our lives - whether it’s helping us to create a home to show off or it’s boosting our mood during a dreary day. Vertical blinds are no exception, coming in a host of different colours to fit your home. Once again, the best colour for your blinds will be entirely down to personal preference. However, here are some key tips for 2021. 

  • Consider seasonal colours - Window blinds are an easy-to-fit and simple way to bring seasonal trends into your home. In 2021, the key colours are pastel pink, dark oranges and jewel blues. So, consider blinds such as our Origin Pastel Pink Vertical Blinds, the Luxe Copper Vertical Blinds or even the Luxe Dark Blue Vertical Blinds. 
  • Opt for monochrome -  Some partnerships never go out of style and monochrome is one of them. Opting for a black vertical blind, such as the Origin Black Vertical Blinds or the Origin Brilliant White Vertical Blinds which will have a timeless appeal for many years to come. 
  • Use pattern to bring interest - Vertical blinds can be manufactured from patterned fabric, just like roller blinds. If you’re looking at a more simplistic interior design, bringing patterns into your window blinds can be a way of subtly personalising the space. The Vines Solar Green Vertical Blinds, for example, use a muted olive tone with vine leaves printed on top. Or, go bolder and choose the Harvest Scarlet Vertical Blinds for a pop of red and maroon. 

Best in terms of material 

Choosing the right material for your blinds will enable you to use them to their full advantage. The fabrics used are all designed to offer benefits and features to your home, and they can help to make your home easier to maintain every single day. Here are some material types to consider:

  • Flame retardant vertical blinds - Ideal for kitchens and rooms where electrical use is high
  • Faux suede vertical blinds - Perfect for adding a sense of luxury and opulence to any space
  • Rigid PVC vertical blinds - Hardwearing and durable with a wipe-clean surface that is impervious to water - perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. 
  • Rigid metal vertical blinds - High-quality and precision-engineered for durability and style
  • Thermal/solar vertical blinds - Help you better manage heat and temperature in your home. 

Choosing the right vertical blinds is a personal choice but considering the options out there will help you find the right style to suit your home. 

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