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Vertical Blinds – The Choice Has Come A Long Way

Vertical Blinds – The Choice Has Come A Long Way

Vertical blinds have come a long way from their origins as a drab office window covering. Thanks to interior designers injecting colour, variety, and sleek styling, they are now one of the most popular window treatments in homes.

Most people's first interaction with vertical blinds was likely in an office setting. The fabrics were plain, and coarse and came in neutral colors like white, cream, or beige.  Limited Options Five years ago, even vertical blinds for homes had limited color options, usually relegated to the back of sample books. About 85% of vertical blinds sold were in plain white, cream, or beige fabrics. Designs were very basic, either plain or with simple festoon patterns.


In recent years, suppliers started bringing in interior designers to revive the tired vertical blind designs of the late 90s and early 2000s. The old best sellers were looking outdated compared to more vibrant Roman and roller blind fabrics.  The featured fabric is Camden Solar Teal Vertical Blind.

Camden Solar Teal Vertical Blind

Brightly Coloured Vertical Blinds: 

Today's vertical blind fabric collections are a vastly expanded colour palette of warm browns, vibrant pinks and purples, and rich reds. Featured fabric is Origin Bright Mustard Vertical Blind.

Origin Bright Mustard Vertical Blind

New Styles Of Vertical Blinds: 

The designs themselves showcase a range from wide stripes to narrow lines, lush plains, and bold florals. This influx of options has dramatically increased the popularity of vertical blinds.  Featured fabric is Origin Grey Whisper Vertical Blind.

Origin Grey Whisper Vertical Blind

Hardware Upgrades:-

To complement the fabric upgrades, designers also reimagined the hardware. Smooth, rounded headrails create a sleeker look. Headrails now come in white, black, and anthracite to match your interiors and windows. Rotation chains and bottom weights also come in coordinating colours like black and anthracite.

The transformation of the vertical blind from a drab office necessity to a versatile, stylish window covering for homes has been dramatic. With continued emphasis on choice, the future looks bright for the once-humble vertical blind.