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Child-Proofing Your Blinds

For those with children in the home, child-proofing is absolutely essential. Anything in the home can pose a risk of injury, accident or even death for a young child curious to explore. Fortunately, blinds can be safely fitted to ensure that no danger is posed to your child. Before fitting your blinds, ensure that you follow our child-proofing recommendations.Our Blinds are Inherently Child Safe All of our blinds are fitted with easy break chain connectors designed to break apart if too much pressure is applied; ideal for any home with children who are tempted to pull and poke at blinds! All of our other blind varieties are manufactured with child safety firmly in mind to ensure that children are unable to form loops with the cords which can be a choking hazard. By eliminating this ultimate safety issue with blinds, you can rest assured that your child will always be safe and sound. All of our blinds comply with BBSA Child Safety Standards and any existing blinds you may own can also be rendered child appropriate by installing cord cleats which can be retro fitted. We can send you some out for free when you call us on 0161 451 0290. Please note that all blinds pre March 2014 are designed to be child safe but may not comply with standards. To find out more about the BBSA’s Child Safety Standards, click here.Keep Children Away from WindowsAn essential way to minimise risk is to keep children away from windows fitted with blinds whenever possible. Ensure that cots, beds, playpens and highchairs are kept well away from windows so that children cannot reach for them. There is a risk for children to reach for cords and ties and possibly strangle themselves or choke on compartments. If your child cannot reach the blind from his or her cot then you can receive peace of mind that they are out of harm’s way.Teach Your Children Why Blinds Can Be DangerousEducate younger children about the dangers of blinds. Inform them of the risks, tell them to stay away and advise them of what to do if something happens. It is important to give this talk to siblings and friends so that they can look out for one another.Don’t Leave Children UnattendedOften we have to leave our children quickly perhaps to answer the phone, open the door or deal with a household chore. It is in this window of opportunity that accidents can occur. Don’t leave children unsupervised in potentially dangerous areas. Always ensure that a trusted adult is able to watch children. Do not entrust older siblings close in age to watch babies or toddlers as they may be ill advised to understand the true consequences.Keep Pull Cords and Blinds Out of the WayAny pull cords or blinds can be fitted within a child friendly housing and loose cords can be tied. Always make sure everything is where it needs to be to practise safety measures.Go CorldessOpt for cordless options to eradicate the risks cords pose altogether.Make the Centre of the Room the Place to BeBuild an intriguing play area in the centre of the room and make this the sphere where fun and games are conducted. In this way, you may be able to abate your child’s curiosity when it comes to your new fitted blinds.