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5 Reasons To Choose Cordless Roller Blinds

5 Reasons To Choose Cordless Roller Blinds

Cordless roller blinds are swiftly becoming the window dressing of choice for many households. From bedrooms and living rooms to playrooms and more, they befit the needs of busy families perfectly. And, with the wide range of colours and materials available, it’s not hard to see why. But, if you’re still on the fence about whether or not cordless roller blinds are for you, we’ve got 5 reasons that are sure to sway your mind. 

What are cordless roller blinds?

Firstly, let’s make sure everyone is on the same page. Cordless roller blinds are very similar to traditional roller blinds. They feature a single panel of fabric that is wrapped around a barrel and mounted onto your window. The fabric is used to cover or expose the window, allowing light and privacy to be controlled. However, the biggest difference is the moving mechanism. Where traditional roller blinds were operated by pull cords, these are entirely cordless. 

Instead, there is a unique spring-loaded mechanism built into the fabric frame. To adjust window coverage, the user needs to gently pull on the bottom on the material to release the hold. It can then be moved up or down to suit, before locking back into place at your desired location. 

5 reasons to choose cordless roller blinds

So what are the benefits of cordless roller blinds? Let’s take a look at 5 key reasons why we think they should always be a consideration in your home. 

1. Safe for children and small animals

    Blind cords are incredibly hazardous to young children. According to the ROSPA, at least 33 young children in the UK have died due to looped window blind cords since 2001. Children, especially toddlers, are still learning about their mobility. In comparison to humans, their heads are significantly heavier than the rest of their bodies. They also have limited muscular control and less rigid windpipes. All of this means that toddlers and young children can become strangled very quickly and without much noise. 

    Cordless roller blinds are the safest option for playrooms and bedrooms. By eliminating the pull cord, they equally eliminate this risk. The blinds can still be adjusted easily but the hazard has been removed effectively. This makes them a very popular choice for parents and also one that can grow along with the child. 

    Cordless roller blind

    2.  Sleek, non-bulky design

      Because the cordless mechanism is built into the frame of these modern window blinds, they are considerably less bulky. Consider that vertical blinds and venetian blinds both have a pull cord and twist pole to adjust the slats. And, even roller blinds themselves have additional features to help make adjustments to their coverage. 

      Cordless window blinds are the only option that has a single pane of fabric and that’s it. If you’re someone who finds themselves drawn to uncomplicated styles, there’s no denying that they are the perfect option.

      3. Contemporary solution

        Some people invest in traditional home accessories to celebrate vintage style. Others are more inspired by modern, contemporary interior design. If you fall into the second category, cordless roller blinds are the option for you. They have the same simplistic allure as classic roller blinds but with a much more streamlined look. What makes them so popular is also that their uniqueness is subtle enough to blend into the background - your window blinds won’t need to take centre stage unless you want them to. 

        4.  Easy-to-install

          The cordless roller blinds we have here at Lifestyle Blinds are provided with installation instructions, as standard. Our goal here is to minimise the need for additional labour - reducing both time and financial implications. This also means that, as soon as your window blinds arrive, you can have them fitted in no time at all. 

          Our blinds have a simple plunger and pin which are released into the supplied bracket once this has been fitted to the wall. The entire installation process takes less than 20 minutes and can be done by even the most amateur DIY-er. 

          5. Bespoke

            Here at Lifestyle Blinds, we also manufacture all of our cordless roller blinds bespoke to fit your windows. This gives you a fully seamless finish and one that looks considerably more premium than off-the-shelf alternatives. No matter how big your windows are, whether you’re covering a large space or something smaller, we can make a bling to fit your needs.