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Do Cordless Blinds Last As Long As Corded?

Do Cordless Blinds Last As Long As Corded?

Whether you’re one of these people who adore trends or someone more rooted in traditional style, any investment in your home needs to have longevity. Taking hard-earned money and pouring it into the aesthetics of each room is something that many of us flourish with - the opportunity to turn these once-plain spaces into expressions of our own personality. And for many, especially in this modern age, cordless blinds offer the perfect finishing touch to a room we’ve spent so long perfecting. One question we get asked a lot here at Lifestyle Blinds is, ‘Do cordless blinds last as long as corded?’. And, that’s what we’ll be delving into in today’s blog - is the investment in cordless blinds worth it? 

Cordless blinds explained

By now, most of our long-time blog readers and customers will know what cordless blinds are. But, let’s just clarify. Instead of being operated by a traditional pull cord, cordless blinds feature either an internal spring-loaded mechanism or a motor. These can be used to roll the blind up or down, giving you ample control over both light and privacy in your home. 

They are an invention released on the market to reduce the risk of injuries and hazards in the home. Research from the RoSPA found that 1-2 children a year die of window blind cord-related incidents. And, aside from these, hundreds of children between the ages of 18 and 36 months are expected to be hurt or caught in dangerous situations as a result of them. Looped cords can easily become wound around children’s necks during play or even because they’ve slipped over close to the window. Children in this age group haven’t developed the strength in their necks or torso to be able to easily lift themselves out of this danger and, therefore, if adult supervision isn’t constant, the worse can happen. 

Cordless blinds eliminate this risk by eliminating the cord. The sleek design still allows them to be used fully, reducing the impact of direct sunlight and helping you optimise privacy. However now, you have window blinds that can easily be fitted in a nursery or children’s playroom without the worry that something terrible could happen if you turn your attention for one moment.

Cordless VS corded blinds - what are the differences? 

Corded window blinds are still a very popular choice - particularly for those looking for something traditional. As one of the longest-running window coverings available to date, they can also be more cost-effective. If you have standard-sized windows, buying off the shelf can significantly reduce your financial output and reduce delivery times. But what are the other differences between cordless and corded window blinds? 

Actually, there are very few. At Lifestyle Blinds, you can have both traditional corded blinds and cordless blinds manufactured from a host of fabrics to suit your needs. Waterproof options are ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms, and they’ll reduce the risk of moisture-related problems such as mould or mildew. Solar reflective options have been specifically designed to reduce the impact of direct sunlight and offer temperature-control benefits if you’re always finding your home becoming too hot. And, sheer options allow you to mute sunlight, still allowing you to work comfortably without the risk of glare or distraction. The main difference is the mode of operation - you choose from a spring-loaded internal mechanism that can be gently pulled down to release and adjusted to your desired height. Or, if you want something more modern and linked-in to your fascination with modern technology, motorised roller blinds can be controlled by remote control and allow you to make adjustments from your seat. 

How long does an average window blind last?

Well-constructed window blinds are designed to last you for many years. Manufacturers, such as the team here at Lifestyle Blinds, expect them to be a well-used and essential feature in your home. Unlike decorative ornaments, window blinds are likely to be rolled up and down every day - sometimes several times a day. They are likely to be used by numerous members of your family, from young through to old. And, they are likely to be exposed to high levels of sunlight and require resistance against weekly cleaning. 

On average, we recommend that your window blinds will last for a minimum of 8 years. Sure, you can choose to change them up before this, opting for a more trend-conscious choice or a more suitable option when redesigning your home. Or, you can take great care in the maintenance and cleaning of your blinds and get 10 years+ from them. However, 8 years gives you plenty of time to see a return on your investment and for them to become a firm member of your household. 

Why can cordless blinds last longer?

When considering whether cordless blinds will last as long as corded, we need to look at how much contact you’ll have with the fabric. 


With corded blinds, your hands never come into contact with the fabric of the blind themselves. You simply use the cord to roll the fabric up and down. Having to pull on the internal mechanism, and in turn, the fabric itself is likely to put more strain on the structure. All of the fabrics that we use are designed to be hard-wearing and durable, able to withstand many years of movement. But simply by increasing this contact, you increase the rate of wear and tear. 

However, on the same front, a spring-loaded mechanism placed internally within the fabric means you have to be tall enough to hold the blind securely in order to make adjustments. This makes it less likely that younger members of your family will be able to constantly move the blind or add to the amount of contact your fabric receives. With the right controls, you’ll be able to manage this additional wear easily to minimise excessive damage to your blinds. 

Motorised roller blinds

If you choose to go for a more high-tech version, you can enjoy an even longer lifespan. Motorised roller blinds are fitted with an internal motor that allows them to roll up and down, controlled by the supplied remote control. In this instance, you never have to come into contact with the fabric. There is no risk of excessive force or accelerated wear and tear. And, with many of the windows chosen to pair with these remote-controlled blinds, they tend to sit out of reach. So you also eliminate the chance of younger children playing with them unintentionally. 

With the right cleaning and maintenance, you can make sure your cordless window blinds last for as long as possible - no matter how pesky the sunlight is or how often nosy neighbours seem to find a reason to wander past your windows. 

How to make your cordless blinds last longer

There are ways to make sure your cordless window blinds give you as many years of service as possible. Our top tips are:

  • Make sure you have a regular cleaning schedule. Removing dust and dirt from the mechanism of your cordless blinds will prevent them from sticking and causing damage. 
  • Use them mindfully. Minimising the amount of movement your window blinds go through can reduce wear and tear over time.
  • Get damage repaired. We have blog posts here with advice on fixing minor issues yourself. Or get in contact with our team for more advice if you’ve noticed more specific damage. 

Our specialist team here at Lifestyle Blinds has many years of experience manufacturing bespoke cordless roller blinds to fit your windows. If you have any questions or need to speak to one of us about extending the lifespan of your window blinds, please do get in touch here today.