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Are Roller Blinds Suitable For Bathrooms?

Are Roller Blinds Suitable For Bathrooms?
Lifestyle Blinds | Are Roller Blinds Suitable For Bathrooms?

For many of us, our bathrooms are the room in our homes where we go to switch off. The place that blurs the line between functionality and style. The right accessories, including window blinds, are essential to ensure that it continues ticking every box. You'll likely spend time researching bathtubs and towel rails. While the blinds you choose for your windows will likely be an afterthought. And, despite this, they are incredibly important in ensuring you have the privacy and light control you need. Roller blinds are one of the most popular blind options for a host of reasons. But, are roller blinds suitable for bathrooms? Let’s find out here. 

Roller blinds explained

The humble roller blind is simple in both looks and use. It features a single panel of fabric, wrapped around a top roller. Using a pull cord or internal spring-loaded mechanism, it can easily be rolled up or down to manage light. Because they offer good coverage on most windows (especially when you opt for made-to-measure roller blinds), they are some of the most practical when it comes to optimising on privacy and reducing heat in your space. 

The evolution of technology has meant that homeowners don’t just have an array of colour and pattern options at their disposal. There are also a number of different fabric and materials choices that meet the needs of different issues in different spaces. This gives you the flexibility to maintain your chosen decor while creating a room that is entirely usable too. And explains why roller blinds are commonly found in nearly every room in the house. 

The challenges of blinds in bathrooms

Bathrooms are notoriously wet environments. Whether from bath water, shower spray or steam released from hot water, this abundance of moisture makes it difficult to find the right fabric. Windows blinds are traditionally made from porous cotton or polyesters - fabrics that, when exposed to high moisture levels - become breeding grounds for mould and other organisms. Over time, this weakens the bonds in the fabric, making it more likely to become permanently damaged. Not to mention, ingrained mould looks black and affects the look of your blinds. 

Bathrooms are also rooms where privacy is a priority. In the UK, most bathrooms are situated upstairs and away from passers-by. In modern home design, they are also placed in locations that are less likely to be easily overlooked by neighbours. But the problem still persists for many. Frosted windows are a popular option but one that can come with a high price tag. In our opinion, the best option is to find a window blind that can withstand the moisture and provide you with the privacy you need - especially when washing or showering in the evening. 

Are roller blinds suitable for bathrooms?

As the most popular window dressing on the market, are roller blinds suitable for bathrooms? The answer is - yes if you choose the right ones. See, standard roller blinds are manufactured from the fabrics we mentioned above. This allows them to be layered for different benefits - such as to make them blackout or thermal. These are great in bedrooms, living rooms and offices but are prone to mould growth and damage in wetter rooms (this includes bathrooms and kitchens alike). 

Your best option if you’re set on having a roller blind in your bathroom is to opt for a 100% waterproof one. They are constructed the same and use the same pull cord or spring-loaded mechanism to move them up and down. However, the fabric has a protective waterproof coating that prevents water from being absorbed. You reduce the chance of mould forming and create a wipe-clean surface that dries quickly and provides ample coverage. 

What are your options? 

Just because you need to choose a specific blind fabric, doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on style. 100% waterproof roller blinds are available in a wide array of different colours and patterns to suit every bathroom. For example, if you’ve fallen in love with minimalist style and want something crisp that has timeless appeal? The Shower Safe White 100% Waterproof Roller Blind is a made-to-measure option that won’t disappoint. Or if it’s a sheer and unabashed luxury you’re looking for, consider the Sofy Greyble Waterproof Roller Blind.

Discover bold pops of colour like the Shower Safe Flame or Ava Hint Of Pink Waterproof Roller Blind. Fall for a pattern such as that on the Leaf Yellow Roller Blind. Our online range has everything you need to craft a bathroom to be proud of. Regardless of whether you’re building a grey haven with the Crackles Black Blind or want a subtle pattern like Negev White.

How Lifestyle Blinds can help

Our key goal at Lifestyle Blinds is to bring our customers the widest and most suitable selection of made-to-measure blinds on the market. Our roller blinds range has long been a very popular option. We wanted to ensure that, no matter the room you’re styling, there’s an option here for you. All of our 100% waterproof roller blinds are made-to-measure in the UK. They can be made to fit within your recess or bracket-to-bracket. Or choose from eitherh standard or reverse roll positions. 

We also provide full installation instructions with every order. This eliminates the need for additional labour, saving you time and money. And, to maintain safety, all of our blinds comply with EN13120. They are provided with either an easy-break chain connector or child safety clip. 

Discover our full range of 100% Waterproof Roller Blinds on our website here today. If you cannot find the style you’re looking for, have questions about the installation process or would simply like to speak to a member of the team, please do get in contact today.