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Are Wooden Blinds Suitable For Bathrooms?

Are Wooden Blinds Suitable For Bathrooms?

There is a unique charm to styling a bathroom. These havens are where we spend time doing very specific activities - whether that’s relaxing in the bath after a long day or washing the kids up before school the next day. We pop in to brush our teeth, freshen up our makeup or grab some tissue. And, it’s a space that we rarely show off to guests who are in and out. However, there’s no denying that many homeowners still want their bathrooms to be an extension of the rest of their homes. One commonly asked question we receive here is, ‘Are wooden blinds suitable for bathrooms?’. So, let's delve into that here today. 

Why are bathrooms unique?

Unlike living rooms and bedrooms, bathrooms are unique spaces within the home. The showers, sinks and toilets use a lot of water, and a percentage of this sprays out onto the surfaces too. There is high moisture content which encourages the growth of bacteria and mould on a multitude of surfaces. You also have fluctuations in heat caused by hot and cold water as well as the need for sanitised surfaces. 

These factors all weigh in when deciding what window blinds to use. Because of the heightened need for privacy here, some households choose frosted or satin-etched finishes for their windows. These will blur the view from people walking by, allowing you to shower or bathe in peace. However, they don’t counteract the issue of direct sunlight, glare or people’s ability to see when the lights are on at nighttime. Window blinds are essential here but you need to make sure you choose the right option. 

Things to consider with bathroom blinds

If you’re looking for bathroom blinds, consider the following factors:

  • Bathrooms are high-moisture environments, so window blinds need to be manufactured from a material that isn’t porous or prone to damage if exposed to moisture
  • They are used as clean spaces, so window blinds need to be easy to clean and won’t harbour dirt/bacteria unsafely.
  • And, they need to be sanitary, especially with the use of toilets. Window blinds need to be easy to sanitise with smooth surfaces that can be wiped clean.

In most rooms, including the living room and bedroom, you have largely free reign when it comes to choosing the perfect window blind. However, if you’re dressing a bathroom (and, indeed a kitchen for the same reasons), you need to take into account the high moisture and chance of mould growth to ensure your investment pays off. 

The popularity of wooden blinds

Over the years, wooden blinds have continued to be incredibly popular. They are:

  • Very strong and durable
  • Classic and timeless
  • Insulating to keep warmth in during the winter
  • Good at providing privacy 
  • Low maintenance in comparison to fabric blinds

For many, having wooden blinds manufactured bespoke for their windows is a dream. They work to effortlessly tie together the look of a room, allowing you to embrace your chosen style. With modern technology, wooden blinds can be manufactured in an array of varnishes and finishes, as well as in colours. 

Are wooden blinds suitable for bathrooms? 

So, if you’ve fallen in love with wooden blinds, is it a good idea to fit them in your bathroom? If we’re talking about real wood blinds, the answer is no. Wood is a naturally porous material - it absorbs moisture. This increases the risk of mould-related growths and organisms which can cause damage to the wood over time. The temperature fluctuations experienced in bathrooms is also a no-no for wooden blinds. Excessive heat will cause wooden slats to warp, making it harder to close your blinds fully and reducing your ability to control light and privacy. 

However, all isn’t lost if you’re keen on creating a wooden blind feel within your bathroom. 

Faux wooden blinds

Linara faux wood with toffee tape

Instead of going for real wood, consider a faux wooden blind instead. Visually identical to their natural counterparts, they are manufactured from 100% waterproof PVC. This provides the same texture, look and feel as wooden blinds, but with a protective nature to prevent damage when exposed to water. They also have a smoother surface that can be wiped or dusted clean in no time and fewer recesses where dirt, grime and mould could sit unnoticed. 

These blinds are:

  • Made-to-measure to fit your windows exactly
  • Available with colour-coordinated headrail, bottom bar, cords, tassel and valance
  • Fitted with a breakaway cord condenser and 2-piece cleat for child safety
  • Available in a host of colours and styles to suit your bathroom decor
  • Available in both 35mm and 50mm 
  • Also available as white faux wooden shutter style slats for a fitted look

Wood-effect Venetian Blinds

You may also want to consider Venetian blinds for your bathroom. Manufactured from lightweight and durable aluminium, these made-to-measure blinds have a waterproof coating that is ideal for bathrooms. They can be wiped clean in seconds - whether you’re removing dust or wiping away settled water. And, wood-effect Venetian blinds are inspired by wooden blinds to give you the same aesthetical look. 

wood effect venetian blind

Choose from options such as Mid Oak through to Dark Wood, Pine and even White Ash. So you can choose the wooden style that best suits your bathroom without worrying about moisture-related damage. They are also an ideal choice for kitchens - especially in kitchen/diners where wooden blinds have been used in your entertainment section. 

Here at Lifestyle Blinds, we aim to bring you a wide and varied selection of window dressings to suit every room. With free samples available on most styles and our 3-year guarantee, we’re here to help you identify the right solution. If you have any more questions about finding window blinds for your bathroom, get in contact with us here today and our experienced team will be happy to help.