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Are PVC blinds waterproof?

Are PVC blinds waterproof?

In our modern families, window blinds need to tick several boxes. It doesn’t pay to just cover a window. They also need to help manage temperature, control glare and even help prevent our soft furnishings from fading. Each room in the home presents unique demands and ones that our blinds need to be able to meet. Bathrooms and kitchens, for example, need window blinds that can withstand high levels of moisture and temperature fluctuations. This is why we often get asked, ‘Are PVC blinds waterproof?”. 

What are PVC blinds?

There are some situations where a standard fabric window blind just doesn’t fit the bill. Perhaps this is due to excessive moisture. Perhaps it’s down to a need to keep a space sterile or exceptionally clean. Or, maybe it’s a case of durability and the need to have blinds that can stand up to rigorous environments. Our PVC Rigid blinds are manufactured from polyvinyl chloride - the world’s 2nd most popular thermoplastic. This impressively versatile material is used in a multitude of applications, including to make pipes, medical devices and cables. In this case, PVC makes the perfect option for vertical blind slats.

What are the benefits of PVC blinds?

For those who choose PVC blinds, the list of benefits is significant. While they may not be your first chance when choosing something warm and inviting for your home, we believe they should certainly be in the running. 

Some of the key benefits of PVC blinds include:

  • Heightened durability - This high-quality material has a highly resistant chemical structure. The rust resistance and durability mean they will last for many years to come - even in rigorous, high-traffic environments. 
  • UV protection - PVC is integrally UV-resistant. This means that it is highly effective at helping to reduce the risk of accelerated fading on soft furnishings, such as your sofa or carpets. 
  • Traps solar heat - The nature of PVC makes it ideal for managing temperature in colder rooms. Keep them closed during the coldest parts of the day to lock in the residual heat and prevent it being lost through the glass
  • Fire resistant - If you’re looking to dress in a room where fire hazards are present, PVC offers good resistance against the spread of flames. This is due to its chlorine levels. 
  • Low carbon emissions - PVC uses significantly less natural resources during its manufacture - largely due to the fact that it has high levels of chlorine. 
  • Highly waterproof - The smooth and easy-to-clean surface is non-porous, meaning it is the ideal option for rooms where water and humidity are rife. It is also non-absorbent, meaning it won’t absorb unwanted odours and will remain fresh-looking for longer. 

Which rooms are they good for?

To answer one of our most commonly asked questions - yes, PVC blinds are waterproof. And, for that reason, they are ideal in certain environments including:

  • Kitchens - Rigid PVC Vertical blinds can be used to cover larger windows in kitchens - think conservatory doors or French doors leading out into the garden. They can be easily wiped clean when exposed to food splashes and won’t become warped in response to high temperatures/water from washing, cooking or dishwashers. 
  • Bathrooms - If you’re lucky enough to have a larger or uniquely shaped window in your bathroom, these blinds are also an ideal option. Because of their slick surface, they have fewer crevices where dirt and bacteria can hide. Therefore, it’s easy to disinfect and wipe them clean to keep your bathroom sanitary. They also won’t become damaged when exposed to the humidity from showers or baths or encourage mould growth. 
  • Living rooms - If you have a busy family or high-traffic living room, we highly recommend you consider PVC blinds. Due to the fact they can be wiped clean easily, they are perfect for use around small children. And, their durability makes damage less likely too. 
  • Bedrooms - If you’re looking for a completely blackout blind, vertical blinds probably aren’t the best option. This is because of the gaps between each slat which allow a small degree of light to pass through. However, if you want to layer your window dressings (a trend that we LOVE here at Lifestyle Blinds), consider PVC blinds. Their durability and easy-to-clean design make them perfect for any room and can help to keep your bed covers and scatter cushions looking their best. 

Choosing the right PVC blinds for your home

At Lifestyle Blinds, our most popular option in this range is our Rigid PVC Vertical Blinds. They are manufactured from contoured PVC in 89mm slats. The curved slat isn’t just for aesthetics - it plays a significant role in the functionality of these blinds. When closed, the curve blocks out even more light, making them an ideal option for room darkening and increasing the degree of privacy in a room too. 

We have worked hard to make sure that these blinds have a smooth operation, both when stacking or rotating the blinds. And, with the option of either cord or wand control, you can customise these blinds to suit your exact needs. One of the key focuses we have in our team is the need to make sure there are options in our online range for everyone. In our range, you’ll find everything from our Jeren Brilliant White Blinds with a smooth finish and minimalistic style through to our Pula Grey Blinds which have a grooved-effect pattern with embossed contoured slats. 

All of our Rigid Vertical Blinds are made-to-measure, with different fitting options to suit your needs. We also offer free samples that allow you to truly appreciate the colour and craftsmanship of these stylish window coverings. PVC blinds offer exceptional water resistance, durability and low-maintenance benefits to many homes. If you have any questions, cannot find the exact PVC blinds you’re looking for on our website, or would like to speak to a member of the team, please do get in contact here today. Our specialist team is always on hand to help.