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What Are The Best Blinds For Sash Windows?

What Are The Best Blinds For Sash Windows?

Sash windows are a popular topic in interior design at the moment. With their traditional style, they have become a common choice in home renovations and extensions. No matter whether you’re dressing a cottage or a city home, there’s a place for sash windows in your design. And, hand-in-hand with this, is the need for the right window blind for your new windows. They have an entirely unique design and opening mechanism. Therefore, they need to be paired with blinds that allow the window to open fully without inhibiting the traditional style they were intended to create. 

So, what are the best blinds for sash windows? Read on to learn more here. 

What is a sash window?

Firstly, what exactly is a sash window? In short, it is a window made from one or more movable sections, also known as ‘sashes’. Traditionally, they were single-glazed panels of glass but, as technology has advanced, they can now be purchased double and even triple-glazed. The first mention of them in British history comes as far back as the 1670s at Ham House in Richmond. 

To open, one of the sashes will slide up vertically - although there are some styles where horizontal movement is preferred. This differs from modern windows that hinge open instead. As we mentioned above, many homeowners choose them for their period style. They also allow for better ventilation but have been known to leak air, hence why newer windows have an updated design. If you’re opting for sash windows in your home, the right window blinds will help to minimise this heat loss while improving the overall look. So let’s look at some of the options you have available. 

Best types of window blinds for sash windows

Roller Blind

Sticking with traditional and classic styles, the humble roller blind is an ideal choice. Available in a whole host of colours and styles, these dressings sit perfectly over the window. They can be fit both inside and outside of the window recess, giving you the space to open your sash window up fully. And, when rolled to the top, you’ll still be able to appreciate the period look of your new home addition. 

Another key benefit of roller blinds for sash windows is thermal protection. Thermal blackout window blinds are perfect for reducing the heat lost through sash windows. These blinds are manufactured from a multi-layer fabric that blocks heat from coming in or out of a room. They also offer a physical barrier, reducing draughts and keeping a home cool at all times. And, you also have two additional options within this category - cordless roller blinds and motorised roller blinds. 

Cordless Roller Blinds 

We’ve spoken about cordless roller blinds at length throughout our blogs. Not only are they a safe option for bustling family homes, but they also offer a sleek design. Don’t be put off by this, however. All that the lack of pull cord does in terms of aesthetics against sash windows is minimise the amount of bulk and potential distractions. All you see is your chosen fabric and the architectural beauty of your period-inspired window frames. These blinds offer the same thermal protection and blackout benefits as their corded alternatives. And, they come in the same vast selection of colours too. 

Electric Roller Blinds

The same goes for our motorised roller blinds. While throwing together modern, innovative technology and classic details may feel unnatural, it couldn’t be more beautiful. The design of these blinds allows you to appreciate the individual sashes in your window while you get the benefit of the remote-controlled operation. With a few clicks, you can appreciate even more of your window and allow light to flood in. Also, imagine having guests over and using this feature to reveal your new windows to them - the suspense will be entirely worth it. 

Wooden Blinds

Another favourite for us when it comes to dressing sash windows is wooden blinds. Maintaining the same classic and timeless look as these traditional windows, wooden blinds have an undeniable elegance about them. They feature multiple slats that can be adjusted and rotated to allow light in. However, when it comes to pulling your windows open, they can also be pulled up to give full access. 

We love the idea of wooden blinds in period homes. There’s something organic and rustic about having slats of wood that offer an insight into your home. And, this paired with sash windows promises to create something truly beautiful. Again, wooden blinds are available in a host of styles and colours to suit every room. And, with faux wood, real wood, grained wood, high gloss wood and textured wood options available, you can stick to a specific time period when it comes to household inspiration. 

At the end of the day, the type of window dressing you choose for your home is a personal choice. At Lifestyle Blinds, we’re here to help. If you have any questions about our range of roller blinds, wooden blinds or any other project in our online store, get in contact with us today.