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Thermal Blinds Can Help Save You Hundreds On Your Electricity Bills

Thermal Blinds Can Help Save You Hundreds On Your Electricity Bills

There's no denying it, we're slowly moving away from Summer. Gone are the days of roasting hot mornings and in comes the fluffy socks. When the weather begins to turn and the chills come into our homes, we automatically reach for our heating system to bring us back to a comfortable level. But, have you ever considered the impact that thermal window blinds could have? Finding the right thermal blind, and using it correctly, could significantly reduce your household bills. In today's article, we're taking a closer look at how thermal blinds can help keep your home warm.

What are thermal blinds?

Thermal window blinds are window dressings that help to prevent cold draughts from coming into your home. They can also effectively lock in heat within each room to keep your environment comfortable at all times. Thermal blinds are available in a range of different styles – from roller blinds to vertical blinds, and even Venetian blinds. They are a brilliantly effective way to ensure every room in your house has the correct temperature.

What materials are thermal blinds made from?

Here at Lifestyle Blinds, we have two different thermal blinds to choose from – each of which uses slightly different materials.

Blackout Thermal

As they are named, our Blackout Thermal blinds will keep the light out and the heat in. Our options are made from a 100% polyester material. This is then given an Acticide coating which makes them suitable for moist conditions – including bathrooms and kitchens. This coating adds a protective anti-mildew coating to the blinds which extends their lifespan and reduces maintenance needs.

Solar Reflective

Our Solar Reflective blinds work to direct harsh sun rays away from your room. At Lifestyle Blinds, they are made from a 100% polyester dim-out material. We also include a reflective pearlescent backing which helps them to regulate heat and light within your room. However, with solar reflective blinds, the room is not darkened as with the blackout thermal blinds. This means they are ideal for living areas and bi-fold doors where you need the heat and glare reduced but the natural daylight maintained.

Featured Fabric: Blackout Thermal Black Roller Blinds

Blackout Thermal Black Roller Blinds

How can a thermal blind help with heat loss in my home?

Thermal blinds offer an additional level of insulation to your home. Ordinarily, our houses lose a large percentage of their heat through the floor of our loft and the walls of the building. All homes will have some form of insulation built into the structure. However, one of the key weak points in any home has always been the windows.

There are a number of ways to improve the insulation of your home. The most effective would be to take a look at the age and structure of your windows. If you live in an older house, there is a chance your windows may not be double-glazed. Similarly, newer houses may have glazed windows but could see significant benefits from upgrading. If you have the money set aside in your budget, you could replace every window with a more energy-efficient alternative.

However, this can be a costly option. On average, a single window fitting comes in at around £400. It is worth analysing your budget to see whether this is an appropriate move for you.

Luckily, there is a considerably cheaper and effective way to improve insulation – with the right window blinds, shutters, or curtains. The right window dressing will provide another barrier against heat loss in your home.

How is heat loss measured?

If we look at the physics for a moment, the amount of heat lost by any single object is known as a U-value. In general, the lower the U-value, the less heat loss. Therefore, you are looking to reduce the U-value of your windows when you install thermal window blinds.

In general, a standard double-glazed window would have an approximate U-value of around 2.8 – 2.9. So the aim here is to reduce the U-Value by installing the right window blinds for you. From research, an internal blind (such as a thermal roller blind) could potentially reduce your U-Value to as low as 2.1. The exact figure will depend largely on the material of your thermal blind and the initial state of your heat loss – but that is definitely a promising figure!

By moving the window dressing out of the recess and choosing an external blind, such as a Venetian window blind, you could see reductions that bring your U-Value rating down to as low as 1.9. When you consider that our Blackout Thermic range starts from just £28.27, you can see the dramatic difference this could make to the amount of money you have to fork out.

What type of thermal blind should I choose?


Although it is important to use your blinds wisely when saving money, the type of thermal blind is largely up to you. Our thermal roller blinds sit within the recess and come in a range of different colours and patterns to suit your home. They are incredibly easy to use, have a simple design, and can keep heat in while blocking the world out.

Alternatively, our energy-saving thermal vertical blinds are ideal for conservative doors or those longer windows you're struggling to cover. Again, we have a large selection of options to browse (click here for inspiration) and offer a range of different slat sizes – another factor that will help to lock in the heat on larger windows.

If you're looking to automate your process, our motorised thermal window blinds can be controlled using a remote control. This way, as soon as the chill begins to creep in, it will literally take you two seconds to have your blinds rolling down and locking in the heat.

And finally, it is worth considering Venetian blinds when controlling the thermal insulation of your home. As mentioned before, window blinds can sit inside or outside of your recess. If you choose to install them outside, you create a pocket within the recess that can help to lock out cold air. You also prevent cold draughts from slipping through the side gaps – normally seen on internally installed blinds. Venetian blinds are a brilliant option – just consider the gaps in between the slats. If you're looking for the classic style of a Venetian blind but need better insulation, consider pairing them with thermal curtains for an added boost.

How should I use my blinds to improve insulation?

It probably seems like a silly concept – having to learn how to use blinds. After all, the chances are we have all encountered window blinds in our everyday life – and regularly at that. However, by using your blinds effectively, you can reduce heat loss and improve your U-Value rating.

The main two points to consider are these:

1. During the Winter, open your blinds as soon as the sun comes up. Here in the UK, we are limited in the amount of heat our atmosphere generates. During Winter, our daylight is so short that we need to make the most of it. By opening up your blinds early on, you'll be able to take advantage of the thermal heat we do have.
2. As soon as the sun begins to set, close the windows. This is also important if we get a dense cloud covering or heavy, torrential rain. In doing so, you'll lock in the heat you have accumulated and prevent it from slipping away. This is also important to prevent cold draughts from coming in and reducing the current temperature in the room.

If you incorporate these two points into your everyday routine, you'll soon see a difference in the efficiency of your blind use. In turn, this will reduce the heating bills your family is forced to fork out during this time.

What is the BBSA?

The BBSA is the only UK trade association for blinds, shutters, and window dressings. They monitor and regulate the window blinds and dressings that are on offer to you as a consumer. Here at Lifestyle Blinds, all of our factories are members of this association. This means that every single thermal blind you purchase from us meets their high standards.

In turn, this means you can rest easy knowing the thermal window blinds you choose will effectively help to insulate your beloved family home.

Here at Lifestyle Blinds, we are proud of our large and extensive range of thermal blinds. From blackout thermal blinds that keep bedrooms both toasty and dark during winter to our popular thermal roller blinds, we use only the best fabrics. This gives you peace of mind every single day, not just during the Winter.

If you would like advice on how to best manage the insulation of your home or which window dressings are right for you, get in contact today. Our helpful and friendly team is always on hand to offer their expert advice. We have a range of downloadable guides to help you measure up and install your chosen blind alongside our regularly updated blog with tips, tricks, and helpful info. Visit our website here today and browse our large range online today.