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Mains VS Battery Powered Motorised Blinds - Which Is Best?

Mains VS Battery Powered Motorised Blinds - Which Is Best?

The rise of the smart home is also driving the rise of intelligent and integrated technologies that make our every day easier. It’s estimated that there are 2.22 million smart homes in the UK - homes that have at least 3 devices linked to a central hub to control them independently. Even the window covering that you chose can now play a role in this. Motorised blinds are the modern solution - bringing together the style of roller blinds with the convenience of remote control. Many styles on the market today can be linked to your smart system, allowing you to talk to your blind and adjust window coverage easily. The style and brand you choose are just one consideration with motorised roller blinds. You also need to decide whether you opt for battery or mains-powered blinds. Let’s delve into the differences to help you decide. 

The popularity of motorised blinds

Our homes are swiftly becoming havens where we spend more time than ever before. In the aftermath of the pandemic and with more of us working remotely than ever before, we want a home that we feel comfortable and proud in. A space that allows us to enjoy time with our family, work productively, and happily entertain friends. Every spectrum of home decor and interior design has jumped onto this idea, bringing forth a wave of technologies and devices that help us to do just that. 

Motorised roller blinds aren’t a new concept. But they have risen in popularity more significantly over the past few years. The air of convenience that complements a busy lifestyle is one reason for this. Even the smallest task, on a bustling and time-strapped morning, can be enough to send our stress levels high. But, if you can have all of your window blinds in a room (or even on a certain floor) open up at the touch of a single button, why wouldn’t you?

Alongside this, we are spending more time performing multiple tasks at home. For remote workers, being able to adjust window coverage (and, as a result, glare) while we’re in the middle of a Zoom call, reduces disruption and helps us to maintain a level of professionalism. Or perhaps the reason why we love motorised roller blinds so much right now comes down to comfort. Once we sit back and lift our legs to relax at the end of the day, the thought of rising again to close the blinds feels unjust! Whatever the reason, these remote control blinds don’t seem to be going anywhere. 

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Battery-powered vs. mains-powered blinds

As we mentioned above, you have two power options for motorised roller blinds - battery and mains. The right style for you will depend on several factors. There is no right or wrong. However, knowing the benefits and drawbacks of each is the best way to decide for yourself. 

Battery-powered blinds

As the name suggests, battery-powered motorised blinds have an integrated battery motor within the roller tube. Our designs feature a discreet rechargeable lithium battery, for example. Before installation, you charge them up to full capacity before fitting them without the need for professional electricians or labour. Once fitted, you can control them fully using a remote control or, in some instances, a smart hub. To make your life even more convenient, these remote controls can be linked to multiple blinds. With one click, you can control up to 20 blinds in unison. And, as with other roller blinds, you can choose from a wide range of patterns, colours, and fabric choices. 


  • Simple to control
  • Can be used in any room
  • No additional labour is needed during the installation
  • Cheaper to install, as a result
  • No damage to surrounding walls during installation
  • Maintain their charge for up to 6 months


  • RTS wireless signal may not be compatible with a wireless hub
  • Not suitable for very large windows
  • Will need to be recharged bi-annually

Mains-powered blinds

Alternatively, you can choose to have mains-powered motorised blinds installed in your home. 

These can still be controlled by remote control or linked up to your smart system. They have the same look as a battery-operated model - it is just the installation process that differs. You will need professional support for these as they need to be safely wired into your mains electricity system. Additionally, the electrician will likely need to chisel or drill into the wall to complete the installation, meaning there will be additional repair works needed. 


  • Can be connected to multiple systems and hubs through a relay or directly
  • Freedom to use with different system manufacturers and styles
  • More powerful - suitable for larger blinds
  • Constantly connected so very reliable


  • Can be impacted by the loss of power, internet disruptions or problems with radio signal
  • Costly to install
  • Longer and more complicated installation process
  • Will cause some damage to your walls during installation that needs to be rectified

Which is right for you? 

While the key difference between mains-powered and battery-powered motorised blinds is their installation, there are other reasons why you may choose one or the other. 

For example, if you live in rented accommodation or have just replastered/painted your walls, battery-powered motorised blinds will be the best option. With less drilling required (and less damage to your walls) they are easy to install and remove when needed. This option will also save you money and, in many cases, will allow you to install the blind by yourself.

Alternatively, if you have very long or tall windows and need a heavier blind to accommodate, mains-powered motorised blinds will offer the power needed to lift and move these blinds as needed. You also get a less-dependent window blind that doesn’t need charging and one that is more reliable too. 

Here at Lifestyle Blinds, we specialise in manufacturing made-to-measure motorised roller blinds in a wide variety of styles and materials. For us and our customers, the most convenient type is a battery-operated blind. This allows us to provide you with the best prices as well as full installation instructions - all designed to give you to utmost convenience. No matter whether you’re looking to eliminate light overnight, cut out glare on your computer screen or simply express your personality, we’ve got an option to help.

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