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Cassette Blinds

Cassette roller blinds offer a sleek and sophisticated alternative to traditional roller blinds.  The cassette headbox encases the head roll of the roller blind providing a more streamlined and more finished overall look.  This cassette can either be exposed metal or fabric covered for a softer look.  This cassette completely covers the roller mechanism and the fabric roll when the blind is fully retracted, this protects the fabric and inhibits light leakage.

There are several types of cassette roller blinds all with their own unique features and benefits. 

  • Standard & Electric roller blinds with a cassette
  • Grip fit™ and Electric Grip Fit™ roller blinds (drill-free)
  • Day night and Electric Day Night roller blinds
  • BlocOut and Electric BlocOut blinds (total blackout blinds)
  • Cordless Cassette Roller Blinds

Standard and electric roller blinds with a cassette

Any of our standard or electric roller blinds are available with a closed cassette headbox option.  When you choose the cassette option you are choosing to go for a more finished and high-end look.  Other benefits include protection of the fabric and also a common place for roller blinds to let light in is at the top of the blind so the valance prevents light leakage at the top.

Grip fit™ roller blinds and electric Grip fit™ roller blinds(drill-free)

Grip Fit™ blinds are the new kid on the block!  They are the roller blind that people who don’t like to use drills have been waiting for.  The science is in the valance itself.  The Grip Fit™ roller blind is designed to fit inside a recess and works by the cassette using pressure technology to hold the cassette into place.  The roller blind is then just clicked into the cassette without the need for drilling.  This blind type is great for bathrooms where you don’t want to drill into the tiles or even for renter friendly for landlords who don’t want you to screw into the walls.  The Grip Fit™ roller blind is also available as an electric option so all round it is a great option.

Day night roller blinds and electric Day Night roller blinds

Day night blinds are a popular type of blind that offer both privacy and light control. These blinds feature two layers of fabric that can be adjusted independently, allowing you to choose the amount of light that enters a room while also maintaining your privacy. The top layer of the blind is made of a sheer fabric that allows natural light to filter through, whilst the bottom layer is made of a more opaque fabric that can block out light and provide privacy. The cassette headbox conceals the operating mechanism, resulting in a sleek and clean appearance.

BlocOut™ manual and BlocOut™ Electric blinds (total blackout electric blinds)

One of the most popular types of cassette roller blinds is the cassette blackout blind with side channels down the sides and brush seals at the bottom.   This total blackout blind is the best blackout blind on the market and is ideal for people who are serious about their sleep.  Therefore anyone who is a light sleeper, babies, shift workers etc.

This cassette completely covers the roller mechanism and fabric when the blind is fully retracted, creating a more streamlined look that is less distracting to the eye. Without the valance, the roller mechanism can look unsightly and unfinished, detracting from the overall appearance of the window treatment.


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