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Skylight_Blinds Blinds For Dakstra®

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Blackout Skylight Roof Blinds for Dakstra® Loft Windows

Designed to fit Dakstra® loft windows, our own brand Blackout Skylight Roof Blinds combine style and function. The bespoke design provides the perfect fit with a range of colours and patterns to delight. From the office to the bedroom, they're simply perfect. ... Read More
Pure White
From £ 30.58
Delicate Cream
From £ 30.58
From £ 51.21
From £ 51.21
Light Grey
From £ 30.58
Smoldering Charcoal
From £ 30.58
Jet Black
From £ 30.58
From £ 55.18
Night Sky Black
From £ 55.18
Midnight Blue
From £ 30.58
Starry Night
From £ 51.21
Comic Book
From £ 55.18
Sweet Rose
From £ 52.88
From £ 55.18
Gentle Lavender
From £ 51.21
Flame Red
From £ 30.58
Telescopic Operating Rod
From £ 20.00

100% Waterproof Skylight Roof Blinds for Dakstra® Bathroom Windows

Tie up your new bathroom style instantly with these Lifestyleblinds own brand 100% Waterproof Skylight Roof Blinds for Dakstra® Bathroom Windows. Each made-to-measure blind is constructed in the UK using high-quality materials and reduces the risk of mould build up over time. ... Read More
Shower Safe White
From £ 51.21
Shower Safe Linen
From £ 51.21
Shower Safe Grey
From £ 51.21
Shower Safe Black
From £ 51.21

Blackout Blinds For Dakstra&Reg; Skylight Windows

Discover our Dakstra® skylight range, a selection of window blinds that are designed specifically for roof windows. Expertly manufactured to guarantee a seamless fit, these stylish blinds are the ultimate solution for those with Dakstra® skylights.

Enjoy our stylish range of colours and prints, offering you the perfect window dressing for your space. No matter your requirements or personal taste, you’re guaranteed to find the ideal skylight blind at Lifestyle Blinds.

Window Sizes for Dakstra® Skylight Windows

Visible Visible
Window Code Frame Width Frame Drop Glass Width Glass Drop
C2A 55cm 78cm 37.3cm 59cm
C4A 55cm 98cm 37.3cm 79cm
F6A 66cm 118cm 48.3cm 99cm
M4A 78cm 98cm 60.3cm 79cm
M6A 78cm 118cm 60.3cm 99cm
M8A 78cm 140cm 60.3cm 121cm
S6A 114cm 118cm 96.3cm 99cm