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Roller_blinds Day & Night Roller Blinds

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Day and night blinds, also known as dual roller blinds or zebra blinds, are a type of window treatment that features two layers of fabric that can be adjusted independently. One layer of the fabric is made of sheer material, which allows light to filter through, while the other layer is made of opaque material, which provides complete privacy. Our huge range of day night blinds feature a deluxe headrail and are easy to install. Made bespoke to your measurements and delivered directly to your door.

Dora Pure White
From £ 43.54
Lula White
From £ 80.53
Mason White
From £ 70.44
Lula Chalk
From £ 80.53
Mason Chalk
From £ 70.44
Milla Chalk
From £ 60.34
Marcy Birch
From £ 50.26
Dora Beige
From £ 43.54
Dora Barley
From £ 43.54
Marcy Cream
From £ 50.26
Mason Chiffon
From £ 70.44
Milla Sand
From £ 60.34
Reme Natural
From £ 70.44
Mason Gold Tint
From £ 70.44
Marcy Bark
From £ 50.26
Marcy Oak
From £ 50.26
Milla Muted Grey
From £ 60.34
Mason Silver Grey
From £ 70.44
Mason Dusk Grey
From £ 70.44
Marcy Fossil
From £ 39.56
Lula Hint Of Grey
From £ 80.53
Dora Flint
From £ 43.54
Milla Steel Grey
From £ 60.34
Dora Taupe
From £ 43.54
Reme Earth
From £ 70.44
Reme Monument
From £ 70.44
Lula Flint
From £ 80.53
Lula Mocca
From £ 80.53
Marcy Coffee
From £ 50.26
Reme Roast
From £ 70.44
Mason Dark Chocolate
From £ 70.44
Dora Jet Black
From £ 43.54
Lula Black
From £ 80.53
Mason Black
From £ 59.34
Milla Black
From £ 60.34

Day and Night blinds: Ideal for Privacy and Light Control

If you are constantly struggling to balance privacy and light control in your home or office, you may want to consider investing in day and night blinds. This type of window treatment offers a versatile solution that provides complete privacy and light control while maintaining a modern and stylish appearance.

So, what are day and night blinds? Also known as dual roller blinds, double roller blinds, or zebra blinds, these innovative window treatments feature two layers of fabric that can be adjusted independently. One layer of the fabric is made of sheer material, which allows light to filter through, while the other layer is made of opaque material, which provides complete privacy.

One of the most common questions about day and night blinds is whether or not you can see through them at night. While the sheer fabric layer of the blinds allows some light to filter through during the day, the opaque layer provides complete privacy at night, ensuring that you cannot see through the blinds.

But what is the point of day and night blinds? The answer is simple - they provide a versatile window treatment solution that can be adjusted according to your needs. During the day, you can use the sheer layer of the fabric to enjoy natural light while maintaining your privacy. And at night, you can use the opaque layer to block out light and ensure complete privacy.

So, are day and night roller blinds any good? Absolutely! They are easy to use, provide complete privacy, and allow you to control the amount of light that enters your room. Another common question is whether day and night blinds provide privacy. The answer is yes, they do. During the day when the striped fabric panels are open and the level of light inside the home is lower than the light outside, day and night blinds provide complete privacy. At night, you need to adjust the stripes so the blinds are closed to ensure complete privacy.

But are day and night blinds blackout? As a rule, they usually come in translucent light-filtering fabric, but some blackout fabrics are soon to be released. Watch this space! If you are looking to keep your home warm during the winter months, day and night blinds can help. They provide an extra layer of insulation to your windows, trapping air between the layers of fabric and insulating your windows, making them excellent thermal blinds.

Many people close their blinds during the day to keep out the sunlight, but this is actually counterproductive. By keeping your blinds open, you can allow natural light to enter your home, which can have many benefits, including boosting your mood, improving productivity, and reducing your energy costs. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to install your day and night blinds, you'll be happy to know that they are simple to fit and can be installed in just a few simple steps.

If you prefer the latest technology or have a hard-to-reach window, consider electric day and night blinds. They offer the same benefits as traditional day and night blinds, with the added convenience of automation.

You may have noticed that that newest kid on the block blind wise is the Day and Night roller blind. Also known as zebra blinds, day night blinds and soft shade blinds, these clever double roller blinds are a joy up at the window. Featuring alternating horizontal panels of sheer and translucent fabric, they move simultaneously over each other allowing you to achieve precision light and privacy control with a tug of the control chain.

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