Measuring instructions vertical blinds for french doors

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French doors have two doors that open inwards or outwards, depending on which way they open determines where the vertical blinds need to be fitted.

Inwards Opening Doors

If the doors open inwards, vertical blinds cannot be fitted inside the recess, they will need to be fitted on the outside recess.


Outwards Opening Doors

As the doors will not restrict the blinds you can fit them into the inside recess.


Inside Recess

Width: Measure the width of the inside recess at 3 points, making sure the top of the recess and the skirting recess are measured.

Use the smallest measurement.

Drop: Measure the drop of the door recess at 3 points and use the smallest one.

Order as Recess Size.

Outside Recess

Width: Measure the width of the inside recess wall to wall then add 30cm to allow for an overhang around the recess of 15cm on either side. Check there are no obstructions.

Drop: Measure the recess drop to the floor, then add on 10cm. This will allow for bracket fixings and head-rail.

Order as Exact Size.