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Origin Tango Orange
From £ 29.61
Origin Jazz
From £ 29.61

Luxe Copper
From £ 34.38

Trilogy Orange
From £ 43.42

Camden Solar Mandarin
From £ 42.95

Bedtime Bright Orange
From £ 32.82
Bedtime Jazz
From £ 32.82

Eden Chilli
From £ 49.87

Harvest Mandarin
From £ 39.71
Harvest Scarlet
From £ 39.71
Triste Mandarin
From £ 39.98
Tutti Mandarin
From £ 39.98

Blossom Orange
From £ 42.95

From £ 45.16

Orange is a glamorous and dazzling colour that radiates warmth and energy, available in a large colour spectrum from deep terracotta to the more mellow peach and apricot. At lifestyle blinds, we have a great collection of custom, made to measure orange roller blinds in one convenient page and at the most affordable prices! Orange and terracotta roller blinds are a wonderful choice for window dressing treatments, offered in an assortment of designs in different shades. Darker shades are warm and soothing; for example terracotta, coral or burnt orange. Lighter pastel shades such as apricot or peach appear breezier as well as adding calmness to a space. Of course, there’s also neon orange with its day-glow brightness that adds zest and vibrancy to any room it is placed in!

Using deep orange with shades of yellows and reds can create or intense fiery themes to your room’s decor. If used as an accent colour against neutral whites and beige, it injects a fun and energetic feel to your room. This colour is a lively and dynamic choice to brighten up your home décor and can be a fun addition to a child’s bedroom, as children often love orange as it is a great gender neutral colour. Our exclusive and unique collection of summery orange blinds are perfect to warm your home up with their energetic and spirited feel while being practical and safe to use.

Our collection of UK made orange and terracotta roller blinds includes both plain and patterned blinds with a variety of shades to choose from. Patterns include floral delights as well as stripy offerings. If you prefer plain blinds over patterned ones then you can consider our blackout or woven look blinds. All our blinds are made with extreme care to suit your designing requirements and delivered direct from our manufacturers. We are confident that you will find the perfect blinds to update your room’s decor from our wide range of products.


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