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Pure WhitePure White Blackout Blind For VELUX ® WindowsPure White From £32.96
thermal-blackoutThermal Blackout
Delicate CreamDelicate Cream Blackout Blind For VELUX ® WindowsDelicate Cream From £32.96
thermal-blackoutThermal Blackout
Smoldering CharcoalSmoldering Charcoal Blackout Blind For VELUX ® WindowsSmoldering Charcoal From £32.96
thermal-blackoutThermal Blackout
LatteLatte Blackout Blind For VELUX ® WindowsLatte From £32.96
thermal-blackoutThermal Blackout
Light GreyLight Grey Blackout Blind For VELUX ® WindowsLight Grey From £32.96
thermal-blackoutThermal Blackout
CoffeeCoffee Blackout Blind For VELUX ® WindowsCoffee From £57.42
thermal-blackoutThermal Blackout
Midnight BlueMidnight Blue Blackout Blind For VELUX ® WindowsMidnight Blue From £32.96
thermal-blackoutThermal Blackout
Sweet RoseSweet Rose Blackout Blind For VELUX ® WindowsSweet Rose From £57.42
thermal-blackoutThermal Blackout
Gentle LavenderGentle Lavender Blackout Blind For VELUX ® WindowsGentle Lavender From £55.6
thermal-blackoutThermal Blackout
Jet BlackJet Black Blackout Blind For VELUX ® WindowsJet Black From £32.96
thermal-blackoutThermal Blackout
Comic BookComic Book Blackout Blind For VELUX ® WindowsComic Book From £59.92
thermal-blackoutThermal Blackout
Starry NightStarry Night Blackout Blind For VELUX ® WindowsStarry Night From £59.92
thermal-blackoutThermal Blackout
GraffitiGraffiti Blackout Blind For VELUX ® WindowsGraffiti From £59.92
thermal-blackoutThermal Blackout
Shower Safe BlackShower Safe Black Waterproof Blind For VELUX ® WindowsShower Safe Black From £57.42
Shower Safe GreyShower Safe Grey Waterproof Blind For VELUX ® WindowsShower Safe Grey From £57.42
Shower Safe LinenShower Safe Linen Waterproof Blind For VELUX ® WindowsShower Safe Linen From £57.42
Shower Safe WhiteShower Safe White Waterproof Blind For VELUX ® WindowsShower Safe White From £57.42

Manage Temperature, Light & Privacy 

Our fabulous roof window blinds are both BLACKOUT and THERMAL keeping you COOL in the summer and WARM in the winter, making your room useable all year round.   Compatible with most brands of loft windows including the ever-popular VELUX® window our blind is so versatile.   What is great is that you don't need to measure the window either as there is a unique code on a plate under the handle of the window which corresponds to your window size, so just choose the correct code from the site.   They are effortlessly stylish with full installation instructions provided as standard. When fitted, each set allows you to sink a room into complete darkness, promoting the best night's sleep and prioritizing privacy for you and your family.

Roof Window Codes

Your skylight window should have a unique code on a plate under the handle which you just need to find and choose the correct code from the drop-down menu. Our own brand of roof blinds is the perfect way to cover your loft window and manage light, privacy, and temperature. 

  1. Search for the data plate on your roof window. This plate is essential as it contains specific details about your window model.
  2. You'll generally find the data plate in the top right corner of the upper sash, tucked just behind the ventilation flap.
  3. For other window brands, like Roto, the data plate is often located along the side of the window. In these cases, you'll need to open the window to view the plate.

Installed in Under 30 mins

Here's how:

  1. Begin by inserting the cassette carefully into the top of your window frame.
  2. Secure the cassette in place by screwing through the pre-existing holes on its sides.
  3. Finally, attach the side channels by screwing them into position.

How To Operate Roof Blinds

Roll down in the evening to lock in the residual heat and delve into the deepest night's rest.  Do this by gently pulling on the bottom bar to adjust the fabric up and down. If the windows sit out of reach, a telescopic operating rod can be extended to the desired length to keep your room comfortable throughout the year. 

Blackout Blinds for Roof Windows 

These Blackout Blinds for VELUX® Windows are guaranteed to cut heat loss through your windows by up to 43% and also can block out up to 100% of solar gain in the summer therefore keeping your loft dark and cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Our blinds insulate your windows with their Thermal Blackout Backing, cassetted frame, and brushed seals.  Made from high-quality materials and featuring a selection of colours or funky patterns you are sure to find your perfect blind.  Furthermore, we are proud that the fabric for our skylight blinds comes from a "Five Zero Production Facility" which means our blinds for loft windows are ECO-friendly!

Bathroom Waterproof Roof Blinds

These fantastic bathroom blinds are wipe-clean, and durable and help to reduce the growth of mould spores in these moisture-rich environments.

For the most relaxing bathroom of your dreams, these 100% Waterproof Lifestyleblinds own brand Roof Window Blinds for VELUX®, Fakro Blinds etc Bathroom Windows allow you to control privacy. For the perfect fit, they are made to measure and use a variety of high-quality fabrics with a protective coating. Choose style and practicality with the 100% Waterproof Skylight Roof Blinds for VELUX® Bathroom Windows. Perfect for bathrooms and kitchens alike, these soft PVC roof blinds help to prioritise privacy for the entire family. 

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