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Vertical_Blinds Sheer & Voile

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    • 89mm (3 1/2 inch )
    • 127mm ( 5 inch )
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    • White
    • Cream & Beige
    • Brown
    • Grey & Silver
    • Orange & Yellow
    • Green & Turquoise
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    • Blackout
    • Faux Suede
    • Flame Retardant
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    • Patterned
    • Plain
    • Rigid PVC
    • Sheer & Voile
    • 100% Waterproof
    • Textured & Woven
    • Thermal / Solar
    • Linen Effect
    • Rigid Metal

Sheer & Voile Vertical Blinds

Our Sheer & Voile Vertical Blinds allow a small amount of light to shine through for that relaxing glow. They come in a range of colours and styles to suit your home and are a striking choice for bedrooms. ... Read More
Voile White
From £ 43.90

Available Slats Sizes

  • 89mm
  • 127mm
Voile Cream
From £ 43.90

Available Slats Sizes

  • 89mm
  • 127mm

Try Sheer & Voile Vertical Blinds For An Elegant Look

At Lifestyle Blinds, we have a unique and exclusive collection of sheer and voile vertical blinds to make it easier for you to find the perfect sunlight filtering fabric easily.

The terms 'sheer' and 'voile' tend to get used identically when one is defining a window blind made with a semi-translucent fabric, and are often clubbed together  to describe a general category to include all types of blinds made with semi-translucent fabrics. If you are looking for a window blind that provides privacy but also protect you from solar glare, take a look at our range of semi translucent fabrics now!

Another reason to use blinds made of these fabrics is to provide a beautiful and artistic effect to the room using the light that comes in through the window. Take a look at our collection of patterned blinds, which will provide a creative effect of stripes and geometric shapes at any window where they are placed.

The selection of sheer and voile vertical blinds we sell online are custom made to measure by expert UK based craftsmen and delivered directly from our manufacturers to your doorstep promptly, saving you lots of precious time. In addition, they are available in two sizes – 89mm slats and 127mm slats – for added convenience.


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