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Bi_folding_Door_Blinds Thermal

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Solar Reflective Bifold Door Roller Blinds

Take control of the temperature in your home with our Solar Reflective Bi-folding Door roller blinds. Open plan kitchens and living rooms can become oppresively hot in the summer and cold in the winter due to the large expanses of glass on bifolding and sliding doors. This problem is rarely considered when purchasing your lovely new set of doors but it becomes clear over time that blinds for your bifolding door are not a luxury but a necessity! Our range of intellligent fabrics solve your problems for you - the suns harmful rays are reflected back into the garden before they enter your living space leaving you with a light and airy room without the stifling summer heat. These thermal roller blinds are available as either manual spring loaded or motorised battery operated. ... Read More
Mirage Solar White
Ribbon Solar White
Zia Solar Ice
Mirage Solar Cream
Mirage Solar Dark Beige
Mirage Solar Muted Gold
Mirage Solar Stone
Mirage Solar Taupe
Ribbon Solar Cream
Ribbon Solar Fawn
Ribbon Solar Magnolia
Striation Solar Calico
Striation Solar Snowdrop
Zia Solar Bamboo
Mirage Solar Grey
Mirage Solar Silver
Ribbon Solar Pewter
Ribbon Solar Silver
Striation Solar Iron
Ribbon Solar Blue
Zia Solar Iris
Zia Solar Mulberry
Mirage Solar Fresh Apple
Mirage Solar Lime
Ribbon Solar Teal

Blackout Thermal Bifold Door Roller Blinds

Keep the warmth in and the light out with our Blackout Thermal Bifold Door Roller Blinds. Browse our range of exquisite colours to suit every style and discover the perfect blend of practicality and impactful design with these window dressings. Our range of blackout blinds have a white thermal backing which not only stops draughts but also reduces heat loss in the winter. In the summer these intelligent blinds reduce heat gain as their white backing reflects the heat and light back out into the outside world. This stunning range of plain thermal blackouts are available as either manual spring loaded or electric motorised battery operated. ... Read More
Blackout Thermic Optic White
Blackout Thermic Beige
Blackout Thermic Cream
Blackout Thermic Stone
Blackout Thermic Grey
Blackout Thermic Black

Thermal Bifold Door Blinds

Our Thermal Energy Saving Bifold Door Blinds have been carefully designed to help your family save money. They are crafted using a thermal material successfully works to lock heat into your room - perfect for ice cold, frosty mornings. Forget having to wrap up in multiple layers just to step foot in your conservatory with these bespoke door blinds. Each one boasts a unique colour or pattern to suit your interior style and to capture the attention of every guest.

Our custom made door blinds are crafted to the exact measurements that you provide. They have a charming beauty about them that promises to deliver years of service and timeless style. Open up to cool down or close to lock in heat - these thermal bifold door blinds tick all the boxes for both practicality and class.