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Motorised_Roller_Blinds Thermal

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Energy Saving Solar Reflective Motorised Roller Blinds

Cut back on expensive heating bills with our Energy Saving Solar Reflective Motorised Roller Blinds. Our specialist collection of solar reflective blinds keep the heat out but allow the light in! Our remote controlled roller blinds are battery operated just charge overnight then enjoy up to 6 months of useage - no electrician needed!
Mirage Solar White
From £ 129.80
Zia Solar Ice
From £ 133.84
Ribbon Solar White
From £ 133.84
Striation Solar Snowdrop
From £ 133.84
Zia Solar Bamboo
From £ 133.84
Nordic Solar Ice
From £ 133.84
Mirage Solar Cream
From £ 129.80
Ribbon Solar Cream
From £ 133.84
Ribbon Solar Fawn
From £ 133.84
Mirage Solar Dark Beige
From £ 129.80
Ribbon Solar Pewter
From £ 133.84
Ribbon Solar Silver
From £ 133.84
Mirage Solar Grey
From £ 129.80
Striation Solar Iron
From £ 133.84
Nordic Solar Silver
From £ 133.84
Mirage Solar Silver
From £ 129.80
Zia Solar Mulberry
From £ 133.84
Mirage Solar Dark Blue
From £ 129.80

Thermal Blackout Motorised Roller Blinds

Keep your room warm during colder months and cool during warmer months with our intelligent Thermal Blackout Motorised Roller Blinds! Made with our thermally efficient fabric which is not only thermal but blackout too our blinds prevent heat from escaping from the room in the winter and prevent heat gain in the summer. And the motorised design allows you to control both light and privacy from anywhere in the room.
Blackout Thermic Optic White
From £ 133.84
Pearl White
From £ 164.80
Blackout Thermic Cream
From £ 133.84
Pearl Silver
From £ 164.80
Pearl Gold
From £ 164.80
Blackout Thermic Beige
From £ 133.84
Blackout Thermic Grey
From £ 133.84
Blackout Thermic Stone
From £ 133.84
Blackout Thermic Black
From £ 133.84

As the colder months draw closers, rely on our Thermal Motorised Roller Blinds to keep your home warm. Making use of a thermal material, they work to lock heat inside and eliminate the risk of frosted toes on a crisp morning. In addition, these window dressings come in a beautiful array of colours and patterns - so put aside any fears of them not working within your chosen theme.

In addition, they boast a motorised mechanical system that allows you to open and shut them from a distance. Allowing you to change the mood mid-dinner or mid-film, they give a modern convenience to families that are always rushing around. Create that home you've always dreamt of, with some added luxuries, and consider our motorised thermal roller blinds today.


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