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Aluminium venetian blinds are an ideal option for your entire home, with horizontal slats that rotate in unison to allow light in or to optimise privacy. Adjust to suit your needs throughout the day without compromising on style.  Choose narrower slats, such as 25mm for smaller windows, 35mm slats for medium windows and, 50mm slats for large windows.  With colour co-ordinated headrails and bottom bars alongside a child safety breakaway cord condenser and 2-piece safety cleat your stylish blind will allow you to effortlessly control the light whilst also complying with all the latest child safety regulations. 

For that high shine, our Gloss Aluminium Venetian Blinds are a modern blind, an alternative to other window dressings. Choose from a range of colours and appreciate the premium finish these bespoke blinds have to offer any room in the house.  Available with colour-coordinated headrails and bottom bars ranging in colour from classic greys and neutrals through to bright yellow, fire red and even lime green.  From living rooms to offices, our bespoke blinds can be fitted on normal windows, angled bay windows, boxed bay windows and conservatory windows alike. 

Perforated Aluminium Venetian Blinds make it easier to manage light while introducing texture into your home. Made bespoke to fit your windows, these stylish window dressings are one of the most flexible ways to control privacy and maintain style in every room. 

Our aluminium wood-effect blinds are perfect for humid rooms with fluctuating temperatures. They come in a host of different wood tones, from pine and oak to white ash and wenge gloss. With 25mm slat widths and colour co-ordinating headrails and bottom bars, these child-safe window dressings are the perfect choice for bustling homes. They are compliant with EN13120, come with a free 5-year guarantee and are fitted with child safety breakaway cord condensers and 2-piece safety cleats. Use to reduce glare, manage privacy and add unrivalled style to your home.

Neutrals or Colours? We offer every imaginable shade to fit any colour scheme.  This includes neutral beiges, creams and greys to blend effortlessly into any interior space.  Blues, purples, reds, and yellows to harmonise with your existing décor.  As well as lively, exciting shades to brighten up any space such as poppy red or hot pink.

Plain or Textured? Add a touch of glamour and luxury to your lounge or bedroom.  Our brushed aluminium blinds give you a subtle shimmer, our extra-special stardust finish will bring a little sparkle into your life, it is available in metallic shades of silver, gold, and bronze as well as colours.  We also offer contemporary patterns perfect for your bathroom or home office.

Matt or Glossy? Choose matt when you want your windows to blend in, or gloss to draw attention and make a statement.  Our soft tone matts are available in stunning pastel shades. Gloss blinds in bright colours are great for contemporary kitchens, bathrooms or bedrooms.  Glossing it up will also give neutrals a shiny, fresh finish.

Perforated or Not? Perforated venetian blinds are a popular choice for offices and studies. The perforations reduce glare and give a soft glow, which is ideal for task lighting. Available in black, blue, grey, white and cream.

Prefer a natural look? Get all the benefits of aluminium, with the natural look of wood.

Looking for cheap venetian blinds? We have something for every budget. Our basic collection means you get the price you want, without compromising on quality, available in a choice of 5 staple shades. 

Did you know? Contrary to popular belief, venetian blinds do not come from Venice. Traders brought the innovative new shades back to Renaissance Italy from Persia. Legend has it that freed Venetian slaves introduced the new concept to France in the 1700s. To this day they are known as ‘les Persienes,’making reference to their origin. Our Aluminium Venetian Blind range is easily the most comprehensive online, with three slat sizes 25mm / 35mm & 50mm and nearly 200 colours to choose from. Starting with the Mega Value range in 5 colours through to the soft matt and stardust finished you don't need to look anywhere else....

Aluminium is cited as being one of the most environmentally friendly metals available on the planet. It is incredibly strong, lightweight and waterproof - the perfect solution for window blinds. It is also infinitely recyclable, meaning it can be recycled again and again without degrading its value. In fact, some 75% of aluminium ever produced is still in use today - isn’t that amazing? Because of this, you eliminate the harmful emissions and energy needed to produce the material in the first place, thereby minimising your carbon footprint too.

So really, Venetian Blinds are one of the best sustainable eco blinds on the market! We have a wide range of made-to-measure Venetian Blinds - all supplied with full fitting instructions and our 3-year guarantee for added peace of mind. We have everything from demure plain styles through to stardust Venetian blinds that shimmer when the light hits them.

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