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Cape Tulip GoldCape Tulip Gold Vertical BlindCape Tulip Gold From £137.57
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Cape Tulip MinkCape Tulip Mink Vertical BlindCape Tulip Mink From £137.57
thermal-blackoutThermal Blackout
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thermal-blackoutThermal Blackout
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Browse our range of made-to-measure vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are a very popular choice of window covering in the UK. They consist of vertical blind slats which are also known as vertical blind vanes or louvres which are suspended from a track which is fixed at the top of your window. Vertical blinds are a fantastic choice as a window covering as they can be tilted to control the amount of light, visibility and privacy at a moment's notice.

The blind can either be operated by a chain and cord mechanism or a wand mechanism. The great thing about these blinds is that they last so long as the fabric louvres are swappable so after a few years if you are bored with your slats you can order new replacement blind slats without the extra cost of new vertical blinds.  Our range of vertical blinds has been put together to offer you the best range of fabrics on the market we have vertical blinds for bay windows, thermal vertical blinds, sheer vertical blinds and white vertical blinds to name but a few of our ranges and colours available.

Patterned 89mm (3 1/2" ) Vertical Blinds

Our patterned vertical blinds are available in the ever-popular 89mm (3.5 inch) slat size.  You can cover your windows with patterned blinds without any hassle whatsoever. Patterned blinds are a great addition to the home because adding a subtle pattern to the blind slats brings a new level of charm.  Our Patterned Vertical Blinds feature embossed floral designs, stripes, jacquards, crossweaves, leaves, and brocades.  All of these self-weave patterns add classic interest to your windows whilst providing protection from the sun and privacy.

This capsule collection is available in neutral colours and the fabrics tend to be self patterned adding texture and style to the fabric.  Patterned blinds are available as floral vertical blinds or damask blinds Each one is made here in the UK using your measurements.   These fantastic privacy blinds are our best sellers and are certainly cheap vertical blinds of the highest quality.

Plain Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are an easy way to cover any window glass door eg patio door in your home. Our plain range of vertical blinds comes in a huge variety of colours and slat sizes which are sure to match the decor or any space be it modern and contemporary or traditional country style. Blinds that have a vivid colour are great for colour-blocking schemes and blinds that are monochrome are fantastic as modern vertical blinds such as white vertical blinds or grey vertical blinds. Our Luxe fabric is very versatile as not only is it available as a 3.5-inch vertical blind it is also available as a 5-inch vertical blind slat.  

Thermal Translucent Vertical Blinds

Energy-saving solar reflective vertical blinds can serve two particularly useful purposes: trapping more heat in the home during cooler weather and reflecting more sunlight away in the summer months.  Thermal Translucent blinds feature a solar-reflective pearlescent backing which reflects much of the heat and glare out of the home whilst preserving your indoor climate.  These intelligent blinds create a comfortable living environment allowing you to enjoy the outdoor light whilst controlling glare and heat gain.  Translucent solar reflective fabric allows the daylight to filter in so is ideal for living rooms and conservatories. 

Discover a window dressing that saves you money with our Energy Saving Solar Reflective Vertical Blinds. Effectively blocking out harsh sunlight, they are a stylish and practical option that manages the heat within your home - what more could you ask for?

Thermal Blackout Vertical Blinds

Made with a light-blocking material, these window blinds lock in the heat while keeping harsh sun rays out - perfect for creating that ideal sleeping environment in your bedroom. Like ‘standard’ blackout blinds, thermal blackout blinds block light. However, where they differ is that they are also designed to boost thermal efficiency due to their solar reflective backing which does not absorb the heat that some blackout fabrics may.  Our large range of thermal blackout vertical blinds insulate your room. In short, they help a room retain more of the heat that is generated within it from your central heating.  Windows are a primary source of heat leakage in the home and this can negatively affect your health and wellbeing at home not to mention your energy bills.  Every one of our thermal blackout vertical blinds is given a "climate and light control" rating which scores it out of 4 for climate and light control within your home.  Our ES-SO (European Solar Shading) training allows us to confidently advise you on which thermal blinds are best for your windows. 

All of this helps to reduce energy bills as the more heat your home retains, the less often you are likely to need to crank up your thermostat. Of course, these blinds can also, for this reason, lessen your reliance on fossil fuels and so be a good thing for the environment.

Blackout Vertical Blinds

Our Blackout Vertical Blinds give your family the darkness needed for a good night's sleep and the privacy they deserve. Using a light-blocking material, these bespoke window blinds allow you to control the amount of light that floods your rooms. And, they come in a range of colours and styles.  Blackout slat blinds are often affixed to particularly large windows, vertical windows of the blackout kind can make particular sense in bedrooms. This is because even just a little bit of light entering a room can hamper attempts to sleep in it.

Fortunately, while blackout fabrics for blinds might typically be chosen for very practical reasons, going down this route would still enable you to choose from a wide range of styles for these blinds. We offer blackout blinds in colours including white, cream, and grey.

Textured Vertical Blinds

Textured and woven vertical blinds are beautiful as they add depth and dimension to an otherwise flat surface.  Texture is an important interior design tool and is used in a way to add contrast and visual interest to a space and it is used often in schemes where only one colour is being used.  Texture can be either tactile or visual and the use of quality textured blinds makes you want to reach out and touch them. Textured vertical blinds up at your window look stylish and timeless and more cosy than standard flat-finished blinds.  We have several textured and woven fabrics on offer on the site in a range of colours and compositions you will be spoilt for choice.

Bold Patterned Vertical Blinds

You can showcase your personality with our Bold Patterned Vertical Blinds. Patterned vertical blinds are a great way to add some personality and character to a room. They come in a variety of different patterns and colours so you can find the perfect set to match your style. An effective way to manage light within your home, these bespoke window blinds fit into any room and come in a range of vibrant patterns to suit your style. From leaves and trees to polka dots broken lines and floral vertical blinds our range of fabulous patterned blinds is something we are proud of.

Rigid PVC Vertical Blinds

Our Rigid PVC vertical blinds are hard, chainless, 89mm vertical blinds that are wiped clean and designed to withstand repeated use. They are opaque so are also great dim-out blinds and fantastic privacy blinds too as their slats rotate and swivel to control light and glare. As well as being highly resistant to stains and damage, our rigid vertical blinds are also 100% waterproof. This makes them ideal for use in rooms where water is particularly abundant, like bathrooms and living rooms — but these blinds can work well in other rooms, like living rooms and bedrooms, as well.

Rigid Metal Vertical Blinds

Bring crisp modern design to your windows with our stunning exclusive collection of real metal vertical blinds. These 89mm aluminium vertical blinds are a beautiful bespoke product with high-end componentery and precision engineering available in 7 different finishes.

Sheer & Voile Vertical Blinds

The term ‘sheer and voile’ is used for blinds made of a see-through material. Once sheer and voile vertical blinds have been installed on the windows of your home, the transparent weave will let you see through to the outside world while preventing people there from peering into the house. Our Sheer and voile Vertical Blinds allow a small amount of light to shine through for that relaxing glow. They come in a range of colours and styles to suit your home and are a striking choice for bedrooms.

As these blinds have a fantastic light-filtering ability, they can help you to give your home just the right tone when it comes to natural illumination. You could therefore seriously consider using these blinds in oft-used domestic areas like the living room and dining room. The soft and delicate look of these blinds enables them to also aesthetically complement a room that is minimalist or traditional in design.

100% Waterproof Verticals

These 100% Waterproof Vertical Blinds are made to measure for your bathroom or kitchen. The PVC fabric inhibits moisture-related problems such as mould and mildew which are very common in damp environments. This makes them ideal bathroom blinds and conservatory blinds. These bespoke window dressings are available in a range of colours and patterns to suit your home

Due to their 100% waterproof components, these blinds can also effectively serve as outdoor blinds, such as for pergolas and gazebos. So, you could feel drawn to waterproof blinds if, for example, you are keen on indulging in alfresco dining.  The featured fabric is Shower Safe Butter Cream, a plain rich cream, 100% waterproof soft PVC fabric ideal for a warm and bright bathroom.

Metallic Effect Vertical Blinds

If you're looking for a way to add a little sparkle to your home without compromising on function, our metallic and glittery vertical blinds are a great option. They're made from a durable material that will last, but they come in all kinds of colors and patterns so you can find something that fits your personal style. Shimmering and glamorous, these Metallic Effect Vertical Blinds promise to capture the eye of every guest. They are made to measure for the perfect fit and use only the finest materials for longevity. Discover relaxing privacy for your entire family today.

Our silver blinds are a great choice for those who want something on the cooler side. They work well with most decorating styles and can enhance any room.  If silver isn't your thing, try our pearl or graphite options instead! These colors have a bit more warmth than silver, so they provide a cosy feeling without being too dark.

Benefits of Vertical Blinds

  • Easily adjustable slats that rotate to control your light and privacy
  • Vertical blinds are cheap blinds
  • Vertical blinds are easy to update with the purchase of replacement vertical blind slats.
  • Vertical blinds offer up to 99% UV protection which is great for stopping furniture fading
  • Ideal for large windows and doors eg bi-folding door blinds

Of course, exactly which style and colour you should choose for your blinds can depend heavily on your own aesthetic tastes. The styles in which we offer vertical blinds include:

  • Patterned vertical blinds
  • Blackout vertical blinds
  • Plain
  • Textured
  • Shimmer

Of course, exactly which style and colour you should choose for your blinds can depend heavily on your aesthetic tastes. The styles in which we offer vertical blinds include Patterned vertical blindsBlackout vertical blindsPlainTexturedShimmerto name but a few. When it comes to the blinds’ colour, you could choose simple white vertical blinds or grey vertical blinds if you want a subtle finish. Or you could opt for a bright and vivid hue. The options include monochrome, neutral and matte colours; more specific examples include: Cream, Vanilla, Grey, Blue, Purple, and Green.

When it comes to the blinds’ colour, you could choose simple white vertical blinds or grey vertical blinds if you want a subtle finish. Or you could opt for a bright and vivid hue. The options include monochrome, neutral and matte colours; more specific examples include:

  • Cream
  • Vanilla
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Green

10 ways vertical blinds can make a difference 

In any particular room of your home, vertical blinds can potentially…

  • Block sunlight in order to reduce heat
  • Filter rather than block sunlight, depending on the blind’s material
  • Add to your home’s insulating effect
  • Contribute towards lowering your energy bills
  • Assist in privacy control
  • Bring more vibrancy to the room
  • Complement existing aesthetic features in the room
  • Let you mix and match various styles of blinds
  • Cover larger windows
  • Be semi or fully closed as and when necessary

Vertical Blinds: FAQs

What are the best vertical blinds for bathrooms?

The best blinds for this purpose need to be able to hold their own against water —otherwise, mould and mildew could too easily develop on the fabric if it is dampened. Even if the window isn’t particularly close to the bath or shower, consider staying on the safe side and opting for our waterproof or PVC vertical blinds. Either way, any water that does get on them should just sit on the surface and be easy to wipe away.

How do you clean vertical blinds?

Usually, any dirt that gathers on vertical blinds can be speedily dusted off or hoovered up. It would be worthwhile for you to dust or vacuum the blinds as a routine part of your weekly clean — and, in addition, undertake a monthly deep clean of the blinds. Still, exactly how often vertical blinds do need cleaning, and how thoroughly, can depend on how often they are actually used. Blinds in barely-used rooms may only need hoovering once a month, while it could be a very different matter for blinds in high-traffic rooms.

How do you measure for vertical blinds in a bay window?

There is no single, simple answer to this question, as that answer will depend on various factors — including whether you are seeking vertical blinds for an angled bay window or a box bay window.

There is also the question of whether the blinds will be fitted ‘top fixed’, where the blind is screwed into the top of the recess, or ‘face fixed’, where brackets are screwed into the window frame. Fortunately, on our website, we have prepared two separate guides on measuring vertical blinds. Those guides cover measuring for, respectively, angled bay windows and boxed bay windows.

Are vertical blinds child-safe?

In 2014, changes were made to safety standards for blinds. As a result, child safety devices are included as standard whenever we sell a new blind that has a looped cord. However, if you have kids and want to keep them safe in the presence of your vertical blinds bought from our team, you would still need to add the child-safety fitting we supply free of charge. This fitting is designed to, once installed, prevent the blind’s cord or chain from posing a potential risk.

We have also posted other tips for keeping blinds safe from children. For example, you should avoid placing a child’s cot, bed, playpen, or highchair close to a window, while there are cleats or cord tidies for use in keeping loose cords beyond children’s physical reach.

Another option would be for you to choose quality roller blinds over vertical blinds, as the former are particularly child-safe on account of not having chains.

Can you replace vertical blinds?

If the existing rail for your vertical blinds still works well but you want to replace the blinds’ louvers with of a different design, rest assured that we stock replacement vertical blind slats. You could be tempted to buy from this selection if, say, the existing fabric of your vertical blinds looks slightly tired and worn or incurred more serious damage. For example, the fabric could have a tear or perhaps have been marked with a pen.

Use the quick links below to navigate to our extensive range of Replacement Vertical Blind Slats