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Plain Roller Blinds

Plain custom made Roller Blinds are a classic and stylish way to complete any room decor in your home. Our selection offers a range of colours and shades to fall in love with. Each roller blind is made to measure using your specifications and crafted using the finest materials. ... Read More
Origin Brilliant White
From £ 29.61
Origin Delicate White
From £ 29.61
Origin White
From £ 29.61
Origin White With Anthracite Bottom Bar
From £ 41.79
Origin White With Black Bottom Bar
From £ 41.79
Origin White With Chrome Bottom Bar
From £ 41.79
Origin White With Copper Bottom Bar
From £ 41.79
Origin White With Gold Bottom Bar
From £ 41.79
Origin White With White Bottom Bar
From £ 41.79

Luxury Plain Roller Blinds

There's no need to skimp on quality to stay within your budget with our Luxury Plain Roller Blinds. Made-to-measure using high-quality materials, our extensive range of premium window blinds allow you to control light and maintain your exceptional sense of style. ... Read More
Luxe White
From £ 34.38

Plain Blackout Roller Blinds

For understated style, our Plain Blackout Roller Blinds allow you to control both light distribution and privacy. With a selection of beautiful colours available, they are a fine addition to any room - particularly bedrooms for the perfect night's sleep. ... Read More
Bedtime Brilliant White
From £ 32.82
Bedtime Delicate White
From £ 32.82
Bedtime White With Anthracite Bottom Bar
From £ 35.63
Bedtime White
From £ 32.39
Bedtime White With Black Bottom Bar
From £ 35.63
Bedtime White With Chrome Bottom Bar
From £ 35.63
Bedtime White With Copper Bottom Bar
From £ 35.63
Bedtime White With Gold Bottom Bar
From £ 35.63
Bedtime White With White Bottom Bar
From £ 35.63

Textured, Woven, Linen Effect Roller Blinds

Tying together any room style, our Textured, Woven, Linen Effect Roller Blinds are a practical home addition. Roll down to filter light or roll up and allow light to flood in - the choice is yours with these bespoke window dressings. ... Read More
Couture White
From £ 26.82
Twill Snowdrop
From £ 39.71
Linen Cotton
From £ 44.50
Weave Moonstone
From £ 36.26
Madre Snowdrop
From £ 34.38

Energy Saving Solar Reflective Roller Blinds

Reduce costly bills with our Energy Saving Solar Reflective Roller Blinds. Using our specialist reflective blind fabrics they trap heat in the winter and reflect harsh sunlight away in the summer. Our collection of beautiful colours and patterns are sure to suit your personal interior style. ... Read More
Mirage Solar White
From £ 36.26
Zia Solar Ice
From £ 39.98
Ribbon Solar White
From £ 39.98
Striation Solar Snowdrop
From £ 39.98

Kitchen Patterns & Funky Designed Roller Blinds

Add the finishing touches to your home with our Kitchen Patterns & Funky Designed Roller Blinds. Perfect for the adventurous interior stylist, these made to measure roller blinds come in a range of colours and styles to suit your individual preferences. From bright wiggly lines to tea and coffee pots, we will find a blind to wet your appetite! ... Read More
Chevron Monochrome
From £ 39.71
Chevron Mustard
From £ 39.71
Chevron Teal
From £ 39.71
Seed Pod White
From £ 39.71

Floral Roller Blinds

Bring the beauty of new blooms into your home with our Floral Roller Blinds. Forget watering, these bespoke window blinds come in a range of styles and stay bright all year long. Control light and discover style with our range today. ... Read More
Sprig Linen
From £ 39.71
Sprig Silver
From £ 39.71

Thermal Blackout Roller Blinds

Stay warm in your relaxing home haven with Thermal Blackout Roller Blinds. Perfect for those frosty mornings, these bespoke blinds lock heat in while giving complete control of light to you. Choose from striking patterns and versatile colours to suit your style. ... Read More
Blackout Thermic Optic White
From £ 36.44
Pearl White
From £ 54.25
Montana Cotton
From £ 49.87
Eden Bright White
From £ 49.87
Eden Soft White
From £ 49.87

Metallic Effect Roller Blinds

Shimmer and shine with our Metallic Effect Roller Blinds. Enjoy luxury in your bedroom, kitchen or bathroom - our selection of bespoke window dressings is sure to have something to catch your eye. And, they're designed to work within your budget too! ... Read More
Glisten White
From £ 39.71
Glitter Stripe Silver
From £ 36.26

Textured Blackout Roller Blinds

Embrace your unique style and fall in love with our Textured Blackout Roller Blind. With a colour, style and feel to suit everyone, enjoy the convenience of instant light control and high-quality design with these bespoke window blinds. ... Read More
Jordan Navarre
From £ 49.87

Kids Patterned Blackout Roller Blinds

Perfect for bedrooms and playrooms, your little ones will love our Kids Patterned Blackout Roller Blinds. During the day, the bright colours and captivating patterns will bring constant joy. And, at night, they'll fall into the deepest sleep in no time. ... Read More
Alpine Grey On White
From £ 39.71
Constellation Starlight
From £ 42.95
From £ 39.71

Patterned Blackout Roller Blinds

Our Patterned Blackout Roller Blinds rewrite the rule books in terms of style. Embracing using style and personality, they are a practical addition to any room and help you to control the level of light in your home throughout the day. ... Read More
Metallic Stripe Crystal
From £ 57.01

Plain Sheer & Voile Roller Blinds

Add premium style to your home today with our Plain, Sheer & Voile Roller Blinds. Enjoy the luxury of bespoke window dressings with the added convenience of daytime privacy and light control. These see through blinds allow you to see out in the day to enjoy the view without prying eyes looking in. This creates the most relaxing environment for the entire family. When it gets darker outside, draw the curtains for night-time privacy too! ... Read More
Soul Sheer White
From £ 54.25
Voile White
From £ 26.82
Ciro Sheer Snow
From £ 39.71
Ciro sheer Parchment
From £ 39.71
Neo White
From £ 66.56
Filigree White
From £ 42.95

100% Waterproof Roller Blinds

Style your home for practicality as well as style with our 100% Waterproof Roller Blinds. Made-to-measure for the perfect fit every time, these wipe down, showerproof blinds ensure there is no mould or mildew and the water just runs off! ... Read More
Sharks Crystal Waters
From £ 39.71
Soft Greyble
From £ 42.95
Shower Safe White
From £ 39.15
Aqua Weave White
From £ 44.50
Ava White
From £ 49.87
Negev White
From £ 49.87
Crackles White
From £ 49.87
Divine Obssesion
From £ 49.87

Sun Screen Roller Blinds

Keep every room stylish and glare free with our ultra modern Sun Screen Roller Blinds. These simplistic and crisp looking blinds allow light to filter in but you to enjoy the view outside. They are robust and wipeable and with cut out the heat and glaring light instantly without darkening the room. Each made to measure screen roller blind is made just for you. ... Read More
White Sun Screen
From £ 53.45

Lifestyle Everyday Patterned Roller Blinds

Our Lifestyle Everyday Patterned Roller Blinds provide exceptional bespoke quality within any budget. Discover patterns of all colours and styles to suit your home - and even ones that the kids will adore too! Each blind is made-to-measure using high-quality materials. ... Read More
Dune Frost
From £ 27.12
Talli Snow
From £ 27.12
Montreal Frost
From £ 27.12
Roko Ice
From £ 27.12
Mittle Snow
From £ 27.12

Day & Night Roller Blinds

Day & night blinds offer a stylish duo roller blind with fantastic precision privacy and light control. With a blend of woven jacquards and textured weaves with sheer voiles Day & Night roller blinds provides two layers of deluxe fabrics that move concurrently for practical light control. ... Read More
Dora Pure White
From £ 43.54
Lula White
From £ 80.53
Mason White
From £ 70.44
Lula Chalk
From £ 80.53
Mason Chalk
From £ 70.44
Milla Chalk
From £ 60.34

White Roller Blinds

White roller blinds are a wonderfully clean and crisp addition to your windows. Interior designers have embraced the colour white for centuries as it is as pure and crisp as snow and is a safe bet for stylish look. 

One of the best ways to give the illusion of more room and larger windows is to adorn your window with a stunning white roller blind.  White roller blinds reflect light giving your windows a fresh, clean and uncluttered look. White goes with literally any colour but one this I find surprising is how many shades of white there actually are.  If you don’t want to go for plain white roller blinds why not take a look at our patterned white roller blind selection or even our sheer white roller blinds.  

Each house has its own characters and window dressing options make a huge impact on the end result of how a home looks after renovation. Whether you have a country style cottage, a modern apartment or a villa, roller blinds are one of the best choices you can make in terms of window dressing because they suit any home! The simple elegance of a roller blind ensures the most modernized and non intrusive dressing for any window.

Roller blinds make an attractive and stylish window treatment. At lifestyle blinds, we offer you window solutions which look extremely classy and elegant when added to your room’s décor. Our ‘made to measure’ White Roller Blinds, expertly designed by our UK based craftsmen and women, will add a fresh and clean look to any room in your home.

For centuries, interior designers have embraced the colour white because of its purity and crispness. The choice of white roller blinds is a safe bet for a stylish look. It is also a good choice if you are willing to create a chic look or add some Scandinavian influence to your decor.

From designer patterns to designer sheer and voile, metallic glitter effect and plain and textured blackout blinds, we have the right collection of designs in white to match your house décor and theme! Apart from designs and patterns, we can also provide you with a choice of different shades of the colour white. With an exclusive and unique collection of so many blinds to choose from, we are sure you will find the perfect choice for your own particular style and décor.

Choosing white roller blinds to adorn your windows adds an illusion of space to your home. The colour white goes with any colour and theme and give an uncluttered and classy look to your room.

White roller blinds are a fabulous choice for giving your rooms an elegant and bright look.



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