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5 Eco-Friendly Window Treatments

5 Eco-Friendly Window Treatments

Window treatments not only add beauty and style to your home, but they can also provide some eco-friendly benefits that can save you money. We all want to reduce our carbon footprint and reducing our energy usage is one way to do that while saving money. To do both, we suggest adding eco-friendly window treatments to your home making it more energy efficient as well as adding a modern update to any room in the house.

There is a wide range of eco-friendly window treatments available and they are designed to accent any home’s décor. If you have been searching for new window treatments and want to reduce your energy usage, keep reading as we are going to share with you our favourite eco-friendly window treatments.

1.) Solar Shades

Solar shades, or blackout shades, are especially useful in warmer climates that get a lot of sunshine. Designed to block out most of the sun’s natural light, solar shades now come in a wide range of colors, materials and styles to suit any home’s look. Solar shades absorb and reflect 95% of the sun’s heat, glare, and UV rays saving you money on your cooling bill and protecting your furniture from fading.

2.) Window Films

Normally, window films are used in the corporate or industrial sectors, but it has been making its way into homes as more people are looking for ways to add privacy and reduce the amount of heat that can build up in the home from direct sunlight.

3.) Bamboo

You will find bamboo window treatments in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. From blinds and roller shades, to panels, drapes and more, bamboo is a naturally sustainable resource that can grow up to 24 inches per day!

4.) Window Shutters

Shutters are usually more prevalent in warmer climates that are prone to high winds and heavy rains. Shutters enable cool breezes to blow in and hot air to escape while adding a layer of protection for windows.

5.) Window Blinds

Finally, one of the best ways to add style and beauty to your windows while increasing privacy and reducing energy costs is by adding window blinds in every room of your home. Window blinds are low maintenance and will save you money by blocking out direct sunlight.