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All You Need To Know About Day And Night Blinds

All You Need To Know About Day And Night Blinds

Finding the right window blind for any room can be a minefield. There are so many options on the market - all with their benefits and uses. Identifying the issues you’re having in a specific room, in terms of light, temperature and/or privacy, is one effective way of choosing the best option. But, what do you do when the ‘main issue’ isn’t clear? You turn to blinds that can combat a multitude of problems in one go. And, one example would be Day and Night Blinds. These versatile and stylish window coverings take on the form of roller blinds with two layers of fabric. Together, they can help you deal with several issues all at once. But, are Day and Night blinds thermal? And, will they help to reduce energy bills? Read on to learn more.

Day and night blinds

What Are Day and Night Blinds? 

As we mentioned above, at first glance Day and Night blinds look like standard roller blinds. The fabric is cut to fit your window exactly and provides coverage to block out light or wandering eyes. However, the key difference with these blinds is that they have not one, but two layers of fabric. 

Within the design, Day and Night Blinds have an alternative sheer and opaque panel. This double-layered fabric construction with voile horizontal blinds is most visible when the blinds are ‘opened’. They look similar to shutters or Venetian blinds with horizontal slats - except this is caused by fabric panels instead. And, for the safety of small children and animals, all of these blinds are provided with a child safety clip. So, how do they work?

How Do Day and Night Blinds Work?

Each blind is fitted with two panels of fabric. They sit within a single louvre and operate in unison. Using the deluxe aluminium rust-free operating chain, you can slide the opaque panel ‘open’ to the sheer panel and let more light into the room. By keeping the window covered to a degree, you optimise privacy and still can block out light when needed. Because the blinds are easy to use, they can be adjusted by all members of the family and are suitable in any room where you would comfortably fit roller blinds. 

Benefits of Day and Night Blinds 

  • Better control over both light and privacy
  • More versatile for multi-use rooms
  • Energy efficient
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Suitable for most standard-sized windows
  • Manage glare on televisions and device screens

Are Day and Night blinds thermal?

The Day and Night blinds that we manufacture here at Lifestyle Blinds are a combination of woven jacquards and textured weaves alongside sheer voile. While they aren’t constructed using thermal fabric specifically, they can still be used to control heat loss and gain. Any blind that sits across the window provides a physical barrier against sunlight. When used effectively, they will help you to maintain a constant temperature and keep a room comfortable. To do this, you should:

  • Keep the whole blind rolled down and in the closed/opaque position during the warmest hours in the summer and coldest hours in the winter. This will block heat in or out (depending on your needs).
  • Twist the blind to the ‘open’ position (where the sheer panels are visible) during the day when the room is in use. This will give you ample light to carry out most activities without needing to rely on mains electricity. 
  • Roll the blind up entirely during the warmest part of the day during the winter and the coolest parts of the day during the summer. This helps to regulate the internal temperature and keep it comfortable. 
  • Tip - While the sheer panels will allow muted light in and provide privacy during the day, they won’t be as effective at night. When lights are on inside a property, it is easier to see in from outside. 

Are Day And Night Blinds Right For Your Home? 

We always say that the right window blind will make a room comfortable, usable and functional for the entire family. Day and Night blinds are suitable for a whole range of rooms but, we think they are the best option for:

  • Offices - Maintain privacy during work video calls or conferences while minimising glare and keeping the room cool, even with lots of electrical device use
  • Living rooms - Bring light into a room where the entire family relaxes while making sure you can relax in front of the television or sit back with a good book. 
  • Bedrooms - Control light as part of your evening routine while still being able to enjoy this space during the day. Close the opaque panels together if you want to block out light or expose the sheer panels and make it easy to get dressed or spend time here. 

As with the rest of our online range, the Day and Night Blinds are a bespoke, made-to-measure option that fits your windows exactly. We can manufacture them in widths from 300mm to 2400mm and drops between 500mm and 2500mm. With a 5 guarantee and child safety clip provided in compliance with EN13120, these blinds are perfect for all corners of your home. 

In our online range, you’ll find a host of different colours from classic Dora Pure White to Lula Mocca or Mason Silver Grey. Offering precision privacy and light control, our range is available to purchase online here today. 

If you have any questions about our Day and Night Blinds, please do get in contact with our professional team. With a wealth of experience and knowledge in this industry, we’re here to ensure you find the best window coverings to suit your needs and your budget.