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Outside Mount or Inside mount - Which is best?

Outside Mount or Inside mount - Which is best?

Did you know that many blinds can be outside mount or inside mounting within your window recess? Many homeowners aren’t aware that this is even an option. In fact, the only time this tends to come into question is when there is a reason why a blind cannot fit within the recess. Choosing the right method of installation may come down to a practical need but it can also be a style choice. There are many reasons why you may choose to install a blind on an outside mount as well as reasons why an inside mount may be best. Read on to discover more. 

What is an inside mount?

Also known as a ‘recess mount’, fitting a blind inside the window is the most common method for homeowners. It means that it says - your blind sits within your window recess - the space between your wall and the glass of your window. This installation method sees your blind set back from the rest of your wall, integrated into the room’s decor and creating a seamless look throughout. 

Which blinds are suitable?

Benefits and disadvantages

Knowing whether an inside mount window blind is the best choice for your home lies in the benefits and disadvantages that each one offers. 

Benefits of inside mount/recess mount

  • Creates a seamless and sleek look
  • Ideal for minimalist homes
  • Can sometimes be fitted to the window itself, reducing damage to your walls
  • Allows for good light control in most environments
  • Cords and operation mechanisms are kept out of sight, within the window recess
  • Blinds can be fitted close to the window, preventing unwanted light from shining through side gaps
  • With a slightly smaller dimension, these blinds may be slightly cheaper too. 
  • Can be partnered with curtains or other window dressings for a multi-dimensional look

Disadvantages of inside mount/recess mount

  • Even when open, the blind will cover some part of the window. For smaller windows, this may present a problem

How to measure for recessed window blinds

The dimensions you provide for your window blinds will be dictated by whether they sit inside or outside of your window recess. Therefore, this is a decision you need to make prior to ordering your chosen style. The exact method for measuring depends on the size of your window, whether it is tiled and other factors. We have a wide range of How To Measure Guides available on our website that takes into account:

  • Normal windows
  • Angled bay windows
  • Boxed bay windows
  • Edwardian Conservatory windows & doors
  • Victoria Conservatory windows & doors
  • Patio doors
  • Sliding doors
  • French doors
  • Bifold doors

For the purpose of this article, let’s take a look at how to measure vertical blinds that sit within the recess. To obtain the correct dimensions:

  • Measure the wall-to-wall width in three places
  • Measure the drop from the top recess to the window sill
  • Note down the smallest of each of these three measurements
  • Do not make any deductions - we will do this during the manufacturer
  • Place your order online in inches, cm or mm

The installation method for recess blinds also varies but depends largely on the blind in question. Full instructions are provided with every blind and can be downloaded via our website here

What is an outside mount?

So, what is the alternative option? Outside mounts (also known as exact fit) are when the blind sits on the wall itself - rather than within the recess. There are a multitude of reasons why you may choose this option. These include:

  • Having windows that open inwards
  • Wanting to get the best blackout possible
  • Choosing your window sill or window seat as a display for ornaments. 
  • Having a very narrow window, under normal dimensions
  • Wanting to make the windows appear visually bigger

Benefits and disadvantages

Some of the points we raised above are unavoidable scenarios. For example, you’re unlikely to have new windows installed just to compensate for recess-fitted blinds. However, there are also a wealth of benefits and disadvantages to going for outside mounted window coverings too. 

Benefits of outside mount/exact mount

  • Makes smaller and narrow windows appear larger
  • Blinds are set further away from the window, making them less prone to fading and sun damage
  • More freedom with the size of blind you choose
  • Significantly reduces light leakage - especially if you have a sufficient amount of fabric overlapping the recess at all times
  • Create a prestigious and luxurious feel 

Disadvantages of outside mount/recess mount

  • Most installations outside of the recess require a batten. This is a large and strong pole that the blind hands on to
  • This requires strong walls that can support this additional weight 
  • Some window blinds, like vertical blinds, have slats that rotate outwards. When open, they will take up more floor space than other options which may cause an issue in smaller rooms

How to measure for exact window blinds

Measuring for outside mount or exact blinds differs quite a bit from measuring for recess blinds. This is because you’re not restricted in size. With inside mount blinds, you can only order blinds in the dimension of your window frame - otherwise, they won’t fit. With externally hung options, the world is your oyster. Most homeowners choose to go just wide enough to cover the window sufficiently and help with light control. However, ordering a blind that is considerably bigger than your window - especially if they are on the smaller side - can give the illusion of grandeur. 

We’ll delve into the first option - measuring for blinds that fit your windows perfectly. But, if you want more help going large with your blinds, speak to our team first to make sure we can help with your requirements. 

Let’s look, once again, at measuring for outside mount vertical blinds. To do so:

  1. Measure the wall-to-wall width at three different places. Add 30cm to the measurement. 
  2. Measure the drop from the top recess to the window sill. Add 30cm to the measurement. 
  3. The blind will be manufactured to these exact dimensions, from the top of the track to the bottom of the fabric. 
  4. If you want more overhang, adjust the 30cm to suit your needs

The installation method for exact blinds also varies but depends largely on the blind in question. Full instructions are provided with every blind and can be downloaded via our website here

Ordering from Lifestyle Blinds 

As leading experts in our field, Lifestyle Blinds is proud to have a wide and extensive range of window blind options available on our website. We also have a team of experts on hand who can help you transform your home into one that you’re incredibly proud of. Whether you’ve chosen blackout roller blinds inside the recess or vertical blinds outside, we’ve got the right option and support right here. 

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