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What are the best window blinds for conservatories?

What are the best window blinds for conservatories?

With so many of us looking for ways to expand the space in our current homes, the number of conservatories going up has increased. Cheaper than single-floor extensions, constructed to make the most of your surrounding views and provide extra room, these practical spaces can add up to 7% to the value of your home. Much like orangeries, they are largely manufactured from glass - one of the reasons they are cheaper to build. This also makes them the perfect space to take advantage of natural light. And, a space that can become very hot and prone to glare just as easily. Having the best window blinds for conservatories is, therefore, a vital consideration. This blog post will look to answer that, providing you with a host of options to suit every household. 

Why are conservatory blinds so important?

As we mentioned above, and most of you will be fully aware, conservatories are largely constructed from glass. Modern styles use double and triple-glazed options to reduce heat loss but this still sets you up for several issues. Glass affords you the best overview of your garden and the opportunity to fill the space with sunlight. It also increases the intensity of the sun’s heat and commonly leads to excessive heat gain in these external spaces. Because the glass sits at every angle, the heat can become unbearable - one of the key reasons why many older conservatories are not enjoyable places to be during summer. 

Excessive sunlight also raises several additional issues. Harmful UV rays don’t just damage your skin. They also break down the bonds between dye found in carpets, sofas, and other soft furnishings. Without a break, these will begin to fade and look aged much earlier on in their lifespan. 

If you use your conservatory as an office or family room, you may also experience glare on television screens. This is when the intensity of light is so extreme, that our eyes cannot readily process it. Glare is annoying, yes. But it is also distracting and, for those who work at home, can significantly impact productivity too. 

The right best window blinds for conservatories will help to tackle all of these issues while ensuring you can still fully enjoy this new space.  

What are my options?

Once you’ve established the need for conservatory blinds, it’s time to look at your options. The key choices that best fit the needs of these unique spaces include:

  • Vertical blinds
  • Roller blinds - manual or motorised
  • Roof lantern blinds
  • Cordless Roller blinds
  • Aluminium venetian blinds
  • Wooden Venetian Blinds
  • Roof Lantern Blinds

Vertical blinds for conservatories

Vertical blinds are, perhaps, the most suitable option on our list. They are ideally suited for glass doors, with the added length and individual vertical slats. Because they can be adjusted in two different ways, they afford you more control over the light in your space. Twist the slats open or shut to angle light throughout the day and prevent glare. Close entirely when it’s time to take back your privacy. Or pull the slats over to one side, freeing up space to walk outside without the risk of tripping or hitting your head. 

Another beneficial factor of vertical blinds for conservatories is the lack of physical exertion needed to operate them. Unlike roller blinds which require upper body strength to pull the fabric up, these are designed to glide smoothly along a horizontal channel. This reduces the risk of accidents and the stress on its internal mechanism too. 

Roller blinds for conservatories

Made from a single roll of material, roller blinds offer excellent window coverage and can perform several different duties. Blackout roller blinds block out light, making it easy to create a romantic space or relaxing haven. Sheer roller blinds filter the light instead, allowing a percentage to come through during the day without excessive glare. Waterproof roller blinds aren’t just ideal for the bathroom. They have a wipe-clean surface and are water resistant that withstand the muddy splash back or hands that venture in after spending time in the garden. 

Yes - roller blinds of the size needed will require strength to lift them. But, this is where motorised blinds come into play. Fitted with internal mechanisms and provided with remote controls, they allow you to raise and lower blinds with the touch of a button. This way, you get brilliant light coverage AND no risk of accidents when it comes time to adjust them. 

Aluminium Venetian Blinds for conservatories 

Aluminium venetian blinds are another excellent option for conservatories. The slim aluminium slats allow you to control light and privacy while maintaining views of your garden. Aluminium venetians come in a wide range of colours to complement your décor. They are also durable and low maintenance compared to other materials. The slats can be tilted to the perfect angle to reduce glare on TV screens or block out the hot summer sun. Aluminium venetians are especially useful for roof lanterns and awkwardly angled windows in conservatories. With options like motorisation, you can conveniently adjust them without having to climb up high.

Wooden Venetian Blinds for conservatories

For a natural and warm look, wooden venetian blinds are a great choice. The broader wooden slats give a more rustic feel than aluminium and filter light beautifully. Wood venetians come in different finishes from light oak to dark walnut. They can make small conservatories feel more cosy and homely. Tilting the slats gives you flexibility over light control. Wood does require a bit more care and maintenance than aluminium. But the visual appeal is worth it for many households.

Cordless Roller Blinds for conservatories 

Cordless roller blinds remove any risks associated with corded blinds in a family home. Without cords, they are completely safe for young children. Cordless roller blinds operate with a chainless spring mechanism for easy lifting. For conservatories, the key benefit is convenience. You don't have to struggle with cords when opening or closing the blinds. Cordless roller blinds are available in blackout, dimout, and sunscreen fabrics. Opt for motorised versions to control them remotely with ease.

Overall, there are many great blind options to solve common issues with conservatories like glare, heat, and fading. Consider your priorities for the space, whether that's maximising views, controlling sunlight, or creating privacy. With professional advice, you can find window blinds to suit your needs and style. The right blinds will transform a conservatory into a comfortable and enjoyable living area all year round.

Roof lantern blinds for conservatories

Finally, it pays to consider the amount of light that comes through the roof of your conservatory. Roof lanterns are angular constructions that sit on the top of extensions and conservatories to draw in a lot of light. They are beautiful but challenging to cover. The best option here is to choose a tailored roof lantern blind. These tend to sit in the recess of the lantern closing to form a flat surface in blackout or sheer fabric. They are discrete and perfectly installed to give a seamless look and one that won’t impact the feel of your conservatory either. 

We are dedicated to bringing our customers the widest and most eclectic range of window blinds to suit their needs. We have an extensive collection of vertical blinds, roller blinds and bifold blinds along with the expertise to support you, no matter which window covering you choose. 

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