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A Living Room For Everyone

We’re dedicated to helping you create a living room that everyone wants to spend time in. The kind of room that encourages drifting teenagers to sit down for a cuppa and a chat. A room that draws all of the children together for movie night without argument. And the kind of space that can become an adult-only haven where you kick back and relax. Our range of living room blinds is designed to help you achieve all of this and more.

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Living rooms are versatile and multi-functional rooms that need a window blind to work in all different situations. The right living room blind will uphold your chosen decor while providing adequate control over light and privacy. It may even step in to reduce heating bills, locking in heat and preventing excessive temperatures during the window. And let's not forget about child safety, especially in the busiest homes. Choose from our wide range of blinds for the living room, lounge and dining room. 

Roller blinds

A staple classic found in most homes, the humble roller blind is perfect for most living rooms. The simple design, with a pull cord and single roll of fabric, offers effective light management and privacy control too. Choose a blackout thermal roller blind or thermal translucent roller blind and you’ll also be able to manage temperature - ideal if you’re looking to save money. We have a wide range of styles and patterns to choose from and there are a variety of ways to install roller blinds to suit your specific window too.

Sunscreen roller blinds

Made from a 100% waterproof and woven fabric, sunscreen roller blinds are one of the best options if your living room overlooks the garden. They allow you to reduce excessive light without blacking out a room entirely. When rolled down, you’re still able to see out but don’t run the risk of uncomfortable glare or excess temperature build-ups. Plus, with a wide range of colours to choose from, you don’t have to compromise on style in any way either.

Vertical blinds

If you need to cover longer windows or patio doors, you’ll want to consider vertical blinds. Made-to-measure to fit perfectly, they feature vertical louvres that clip to a top rail. These can be rotated in unison to give heightened control over light and privacy. Or, if you need to access the door or window behind, draw the louvres over to one side with a simple pull. Modern vertical blinds are designed with chain-break connectors that open easily under impact so there’s less chance of injury with small children. You also have access to a wide range of fabrics to suit your needs, from blackout vertical blinds to sheer vertical blinds too.

Real wood blinds

Timeless living rooms call for timeless blinds and there’s no better choice than a real wood blind. The beauty of real wood is its thermal properties. They help to lock in warmth, keeping your living room cosy on those crisp winter nights. With horizontal slats and a knotted frame, you’re able to acutely adjust light and privacy. Plus, the dual-operation design means you can draw all of the slats upwards to expose the window fully and take advantage of natural light to its fullest. We have a wide range of real wood blinds, with various grains and colours to match your living room furniture too.

Faux wood blinds

If you’re looking for that wood style but want a low-maintenance solution, faux wood blinds tick every box. They come in the same textured grain and range of colours as their real counterparts. However here, the slats are made from hard PVC which is 100% waterproof and wipe clean. If your household is filled with children or you need a solution that takes minutes to clean, you’ll find that right here. They can be operated in two ways, like real wood blinds, and are a truly beautiful addition to any living room window.

Day and night blinds

A relatively new design, Day and Night blinds are actually perfect for living rooms. They are also known as zebra blinds, because of their distinctive striped design. Each one features a double roller blind design that uses both sheet and translucent fabric. Adjust and you’ll be able to increase or minimise the amount of light that comes into a room. They are the perfect blend between plain roller blinds and sheer roller blinds, with a simultaneous movement that has to be seen to be understood fully.

Motorised roller blinds

With approximately 2.22 million smart homes in the UK, motorised roller blinds are a perfect solution for living rooms. They share the simple design of a classic roller blind. The key difference is you won’t find any potentially hazardous pull cords here. Instead, an internal and rechargeable lithium battery sits discreetly within the top roll. Each blind comes with a multi-channel remote control, meaning you can manage light and privacy while sitting comfortably on the sofa. And, with the same fabric options as traditional roller blinds, you can choose blackout thermal motorised roller blinds, thermal translucent motorised blinds and more.

Cordless roller blinds

Similar to motorised roller blinds, cordless roller blinds do away with that potentially harmful pull cord. Instead, they have a spring-loaded internal mechanism. This sits discreetly in the top roll which means all you have to do is pull gently on the bottom bar to adjust window coverage. Again, you have multiple options such as blackout cordless roller blinds, so there’s no need to compromise on practicality or style.

Living room blinds play a very important role in your family life. The right ones will help you to create a cosy room you look forward to settling into at night. They can open up your home to the outdoors, allowing your little ones to play outside while safely under your gaze. Managing light can mean romantic evenings with your loved one or cinema dates with the entire family become a real possibility. And, reducing energy bills by preventing excessive heat loss or gain keeps money aside for you to enjoy the finer things in life with those you love. Any investment you make in your home needs to deliver and that’s why we’ve brought you the highest quality living room blinds at affordable prices and with a host of customisable options too.

Finding the right living room blind largely comes down to personal preference. These rooms aren’t anywhere near as demanding as spaces like the kitchen or bathroom. They tend to deal with less extreme temperature fluctuations. And, the only real threat of water is that knocked over cup next to the sofa. So the main areas of concern are pretty self-explanatory - light, privacy and temperature. This gives you much more flexibility when it comes to searching for living room blinds. You have a wide range of styles and patterns to choose from, as well as blinds that improve the quality of your home life just as much. One of the best places to start is to establish the type of window blind you’re after. You can then move on to colour and functionality.

Here at Lifestyle Blinds, we design and manufacture window blinds to suit every single room. Our online range is host to a wide range of living room blinds that are perfect for helping you to create the perfect home. We have blackout thermal roller blinds that pair perfectly with a bowl of warm popcorn and your favourite blockbuster for family movie night. Our sun screen roller blinds allow you the best views over your garden while also keeping glare and distracting light at bay. Or, the perfect real wood blind will bring a tonne of elegance as well as full control over light and privacy too. All of our living room blinds are made-to-measure to fit your windows perfectly and promise to suit your budget just as easily. And, with the support of our specialist team, you’ll be able to shop confidently through our website today.

Do you need blinds in living rooms?

Whenever you start styling any room in your house, it pays to think about the practicalities. Living room blinds are one of the most functional items in this space. Natural light is great on so many levels. It reduces your dependency on household electronics and makes a room feel larger. The windows you have fitted in your living room were likely chosen to make sure they draw as much light throughout the year. And obviously, it's great to sit in a room without the overhead light on and bask in all of its beauty.

However, we strongly believe that every room - living room or not - will benefit from blinds. The right living room blinds will help you manage excessive light. If this multi-functional space doubles as a study room or office, the right blinds will reduce the risk of distracting glare. During the hottest days, window blinds help to manage light and keep a space comfortable at all times throughout the day. And they’re not just there for light management. The perfect living room blind will give you the privacy you need to switch off from the world. If you consider that most living rooms overlook the road or the space outside your property, it makes sense that you’ll want a solution to shut yourself away. Whether you choose roller blinds or real wood blinds, any window dressing will form a physical barrier across your windows and keep nosy passers-by from peeking in at your family.

In this way, living room blinds are also a level of household security. When closed, they prevent potential thieves from looking in and deciphering what valuables you have on hand. And let’s talk about temperature management. Your windows are the least thermally efficient area of your entire home. Up to 20% of household heat can be lost through them - regardless of whether they’re single or double-glazed. Hanging the right window blind will reduce this heat loss by creating a physical barrier. Choose solar reflective roller blind and you’ll also benefit from a pearlised backing that redirects unwanted heat away from the window, maintaining a cool environment during warmer days.

In so many ways, living room blinds are an essential addition to your space. Perhaps instead of, ‘do you need blinds in living rooms?’, we should be asking, ‘Are curtains or blinds better in a living room?’

Blinds VS curtains - which comes out on top?

As you might expect, we are firm window blind fanatics here at Lifestyle Blinds. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t understand the benefits of curtains too. Both options create a physical barrier that sits across your windows, preventing heat loss and prioritising your privacy. Both are available in a host of different colours and styles so you don’t have to compromise on your chosen decor. And both are available at cost-effective prices to suit every budget. So, how do you choose between blinds and curtains?

Consider your budget

Before you embark on any renovation or decorating project, it’s important to understand your budget. On the whole, blinds are a more cost-effective solution than curtains. This is due to their design. Curtains tend to use much more fabric, overlapping the window recess and sometimes, trailing down to the floor. Blinds, in contrast, have fabric that sits within the recess and only covers the window - especially if you choose made-to-measure living room blinds like the ones in our online store.

Consider the installation

Following on from budget is the installation process. If you’re looking to save money, you’ll want to extend this to the installation process too. This means, in an ideal world, you want a window covering that doesn’t require additional support or labour costs. Our made-to-measure blinds all come with detailed installation instructions that are so simple, you need no previous experience to follow them. Curtains can be simple to install but keep in mind that you may need to fit a batten or potentially build the curtain rail yourself before installing.

Consider light management

To effectively manage light in your living room, you need a window dressing that covers the vast majority of the window. Curtains are very good in this case - especially when hung outside the recess. However, you always have the gap down the middle and potentially additional gaps at either side that allow slithers of light through. Yes, you face similar problems if you choose options like vertical blinds with louvres that allow some degree of light to escape. However, if you choose a blackout roller blind, you can manage light much more effectively. Ensure it has been made to measure to fit your window and installed properly. The solid pane of fabric will block out a significant degree of light - much more than most curtains.

If you’re particularly keen on blacking out your living room, we recommend pairing together a blackout thermal roller blind and full-length curtains. This way, all angles of the window will be covered and you’re likely to achieve the best room-darkening results.

Consider your window type

Not all living rooms have the same type of windows - especially in either new builds or period properties. Unless you’re looking to completely cover the bay with a straight curtain rail and full-length curtains (which, in our opinion, takes away from the beauty of these windows), we highly recommend living room blinds. You want to treat each individual bay as its own window, choosing a blind to sit independently at each angle. This way you heighten light management but also create a seamless look that doesn’t draw away from the beauty of this architectural feature.

We highly recommend options such as Venetian blinds, real wood blinds, roller blinds or even vertical blinds. All of these can be made to measure perfectly. With full installation instructions, they take no time to fit. Make sure you take into account things such as protruding handles, narrow mullions or sharp angles as these will alter the installation process. However, in all cases, it’s much easier to create a stylish living room with blinds in bay windows than curtains.

Consider temperature management

If you have to crank up the heating or get blankets out far too regularly in your living room, you’ll want to consider the thermal properties of your window dressings. Thermal curtains do a good job of locking heat in and keeping the cold out. However, they have the same issues with temperature as they do with light. Because curtains don’t sit close to the glass, there are always gaps around the edges that allow heat to slip through. This is particularly evident if you don’t choose floor-length curtains.

In contrast, a thermal blind will nestle into your window recess and sit as close as possible to the glass. It creates a physical barrier against thermal heat loss, keeping your living room cosy for longer. And, with a whole host of styles and patterns to choose from, they won’t inhibit your ability to create a living room you’ll want people to come back to.

Child safety in living rooms

If you have young children or frequently have family guests over to your home, child safety should be at the top of your priority list when choosing living room blinds. We’ve already talked about how regularly frequented these rooms are. Unless you’re lucky enough to have adult-own spaces around your house, you’ll likely spend the majority of your time in the living room - with children and small animals.

Traditional blind cords pose a serious health risk when it comes to the younger members of your family. On average 2-3 children per year die as a result of strangulation in looped blind cords. This is due to their disproportionate sizing - children’s heads tend to be larger than the rest of their bodies and they have weaker muscle strength. If they become accidentally tangled in cords, through play or falling, they’re unlikely to be able to get themselves free. And the risk is significant for children under the age of 36 months.

These hazards pose a real threat to family homes and, since 2014, the blinds industry has been working hard to reduce the potential for accidents. All blinds manufactured or distributed in the UK after Feb 2014 must be safe by design or supplied with appropriate child-safety devices installed in accordance with EN13120. All of our looped window blinds come with either an easy-break chain connector or child safety clips which should be installed on the wall next to the blind.

If you’re looking for a 100% child-safe solution so that cord injuries remain an impossibility in your home, choose a cord-free design. The best options are either cordless roller blinds or motorised roller blinds. You won’t be hindered by choice when it comes to style and still has a made-to-measure blind that sits seamlessly within your windows.

The top five blinds for living rooms

Once you know what to look for, it’s time for the fun bit - shopping for the perfect living room blind. Thankfully, our online range has everything you need, from classic neutrals through to vibrant patterns. And, our professional team is here to help you too! Here are our top 4 living room blinds and all the reasons why we think they are absolutely perfect.

1.Thermal translucent cordless roller blind

Your living room needs to be fully functional all day long. This means you need to be able to see clearly, don’t want to be inhibited by excess light and want to create a cosy space you can switch off in. You also want to be able to let every member of your household roam freely, without worrying about injury. These, and many more, are the reasons why thermal translucent cordless roller blinds are our number one choice for living rooms.

Made from durable, multi-layer blackout fabric, they provide a physical barrier against unwanted heat and light. A pearlised backing faces out of your home, directly reflecting unwanted heat away from the windows. During the summer, this makes it easier to maintain a cooler home. In contrast to fully blackout blinds, thermal translucent models allow some degree of light to pass through. It’s easy to create a balance between natural light and comfort with blinds that suit throughout the entire day.

Add into the mix a spring-loaded mechanism that replaces traditional pull cords and you have a blind that is 100% child-safe, modern and designed to fit every need perfectly. We have a wide range of styles and designs to choose from on our website. Find linen-inspired designs with tactile textures and a rustic edge to suit traditional living rooms. Or lean towards jewel tones, such as sapphire or teal to bring a pop of colour to your windows and introduce personality to this family space. The choice is all yours!

2.Day & Night roller blind

Being able to get the best of both worlds is everything when it comes to living room blinds. Day and Night roller blinds are one of the newer designs on the market but that doesn’t mean they are any less popular. These multi-layer blinds feature both a translucent and a sheer panel. Striped lines across the front have earned them the nickname, ‘zebra blinds’ and you’ll understand why straight away. Pull on the control chain and you’ll see the stripped sections ‘open’ and ‘close’, varying the degree of light that passes through.

When rolled down (and even when ‘open), these living room blinds give your family a degree of privacy from the outside world. They can be adjusted to your specifications to manage excessive light and offer a physical barrier against heat loss too. Plus, we have a range of different styles from those inspired by wood-effect to stripes and deep black tones too.

One thing to remember here is that Day & Night Blinds have traditional pull cords that need to be secured away at all times.

3.Thermal blackout motorised roller blind

If your household embraces technology, you’ll want to consider a thermal blackout motorised roller blind. Once again, you have a multi-layer fabric that, in this case, blocks out all light - perfect for cinema nights and cosy evenings by the television. They are made to measure for the perfect fit and are one of the most effective ways to manage both light and temperature in any room. Similarly to cordless blinds, motorised roller blinds don’t have a pull cord for operation.

Instead, they are fitted with a rechargeable lithium battery that sits discreetly in the top rail. The multi-channel remote control supplied allows you to adjust window coverage with the tap of a button. Plus, the electric blinds that we have here at Lifestyle Blinds are fully compatible with most smart home systems too. So, in reality, all you need to do is voice your request or schedule your blind to take control over comfort in your living room.

4.Real wood blinds

There’s something undeniably elegant about real wood blinds. And this elegance lends itself perfectly to living room spaces. Real wood is a natural insulator, meaning it effectively helps to manage the internal temperature of these communal spaces. With horizontal slats that sit within a knotted frame, real wood blinds make it easy to control light and privacy exactly. And, you have a wide range of styles and designs to choose from that means you don’t have to give up on your chosen interior style.

Not to mention the fact that real wood blinds are incredibly durable and can withstand constant movement throughout the years. All you need to do is make sure to dust them regularly and wipe over each slat to remove build-up. And you have a window blind that looks beautiful and perfectly suits this entertaining space too.

Living room blinds to suit your style from Lifestyle Blinds

Your living room plays such an important role. Whether you’re coming in after a long day at work or want to spend quality time with loved ones, most family activities take place in this space. Therefore, it needs to work on so many levels. Of course, you should love the decor and feel your personality reflected through all of the accessories you’ve chosen. But you also need to know that it will be the cosy haven you need when switching off is on the agenda. The right living room blind will help you achieve this, without asking you to compromise in any way on style.

All of our living room blinds here at Lifestyle Blinds are made-to-measure to fit your windows exactly. They are designed in accordance with EN13120, ensuring their safety for use around the youngest members of your household. We also hand-select every single fabric and maintain a strict testing process that ensures your window blind arrives to you in the very best conditions. Our suppliers all abide by our keen focus on quality and work with us to deliver the very best products directly to your door.

We are a nationwide supplier of living room blinds and offer FREE delivery on all orders over £149. This allows us to fit your budget and household needs, while full installation instructions eliminate the need for costly labour too. So, if it’s time to find the perfect living room blind, jump on our website and browse through the extensive range.

Get living room blinds in 3 easy steps - Measure, order and install

At Lifestyle Blinds, we’re here to make ordering your living room blind as easy as possible. Our online store is packed with hundreds of different designs - each of which is made-to-measure to fit your windows perfectly and offers exceptional light control. We want to make sure that your entire process, from research to aftercare, runs as smoothly as possible. This is why we’ve created a 3 step plan to get the right living room blind up in your home.

Premium quality and high safety standards

Your window blind needs to stand the test of time. And to do this, it needs to be of the highest quality. We only work with the very best suppliers and subject all of our blinds through a rigorous testing process. This ensures that they arrive at your door in perfect condition, with the longevity to withstand the most demanding households too.

We also work as per EN13120, ensuring all of our blinds are either cordless or supplied with child-safety devices. You can install your blinds confidently, knowing that they have been designed to work suitably around small children and animals - all with the background support of the BBSA too.

Large collection to choose from

We hand-select all fabrics used in our window blinds. This allows us to bring you a unique range of options, all designed to the highest of standards. If you’re someone who’s drawn to maximalism, go both with vibrant colours and rich patterns. If neutrals sing to your soul, find warm creams, crisp whites and sands here in our online store. Or, let the youngest members of your family discover patterns and designs that express their own personalities. Our range is constantly updated so there’s always something new to discover in our online store.

So, if you’re ready to find living room blinds that look and function perfectly, browse our website today or get in contact to speak to our t

Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting blinds for your living room, consider factors such as the amount of natural light you want, your desired level of privacy, your interior decor, and the functionality you require. Ultimately, choose blinds that align with your style preferences and meet your specific needs for the living room.

Here are some popular choices:

  1. Roller blinds: Roller blinds are versatile and come in various colours and patterns. They are made of a single piece of fabric that rolls up and down using a cord or chain mechanism. Roller blinds provide a clean, modern look and offer good light control and privacy.
  2. Venetian blinds: Venetian blinds consist of horizontal slats that can be tilted to control the amount of light entering the room. They are available in different materials like wood, aluminium, or PVC. Wooden Venetian blinds add warmth and natural texture to the living room, while aluminium blinds offer a sleek and contemporary look.
  3. Vertical blinds: Vertical blinds are composed of vertical slats that can be rotated to control light and privacy. They are often used for large windows or sliding glass doors in the living room. Vertical blinds come in various materials such as fabric, vinyl, or PVC, allowing you to choose the one that fits your style.

It does depend on choice but you should consider the following things and if they are important to you (and then you can make your decision)


  1. Light control: Most blinds allow for precise control over the amount of light entering the room. You can adjust the slats or louvres to let in natural light while maintaining privacy.
  2. Versatility: Blinds come in various materials, including wood, aluminium, and fabric, offering a wide range of styles to complement different interior designs.
  3. Easy maintenance: Blinds are generally easier to clean compared to curtains. They can be wiped down or dusted regularly to keep them looking fresh.
  4. Space-saving: Blinds are typically sleek and compact, making them a suitable choice for smaller living rooms or windows close to furniture or walls.
  5. Price: Blinds tend to be cheaper than curtains 


  1. Style and texture: Curtains are known for their soft and flowing appearance, adding an elegant and luxurious touch to a living room. They come in various fabrics, patterns, and colours, allowing for greater design flexibility.
  2. Soundproofing:  Curtains can absorb sound waves, reducing echoes and improving the acoustics of the living room making the room less echoey.  Also as they are thicker they can reduce outside noise entering the room.

If you still can't decide why don't you go for both?