Improving privacy in your home gym

Restrictions may be lifting and life returning to some form of normality but many of us have still discovered an unwavering love for our homes. Especially for activities that allow us to switch off from stress and focus elsewhere – such as exercising. Home gyms have soared in popularity with sales of exercise bikes rising by 2000% between March and July 2020. As gyms open up their doors and the gateway to indoor classes starts back up, many people are choosing to stick with the convenience of home workouts. And with this, comes the need to find home accessories that work in these unique environments. Enter blinds to help improve privacy in your home gym. 

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Managing light control with Day & Night roller blinds

Day & Night Blinds from Lifestyle Blinds
Lifestyle Blinds | Day & Night Blinds

If there’s one thing we know here at Lifestyle Blinds is how to manage light in your home. Reducing glare, creating privacy, and keeping your rooms usable – that’s what we’re here to do. And, it’s one of the reasons why we designed our Day & Night Roller Blinds. With our work/life balance changing significantly over the past 12 months and our homes becoming havens, these window blinds become even more relevant – allowing you prevision privacy and light control rolled into one. So, we thought it was time (before summer comes bombarding on our doors) to reintroduce them to you today. 

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What are the best blinds for sash windows?

Sash windows are a popular topic in interior design at the moment. With their traditional style, they have become a common choice in home renovations and extensions. No matter whether you’re dressing a cottage or a city home, there’s a place for sash windows in your design. And, hand-in-hand with this, is the need for the right window blind for your new windows. They have an entirely unique design and opening mechanism. Therefore, they need to be paired with blinds that allow the window to open fully without inhibiting the traditional style they were intended to create. 

A photo showing white sash windows with daisies

So, what are the best blinds for sash windows? Read on to learn more here. 

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The Lifestyle Blinds Pink Blinds Edit

Pink blinds – have you ever considered them? In recent years, we seem to have become more and more obsessed with colour in our homes. Farrow & Ball‘s iconic Hague Blue has gained a cult following of avid fans, keen to optimise on it’s opulent and glamorous feel. Pops of mustard yellow in soft furnishings seem to be the go-to accent for living rooms and bedrooms alike. And, it seems that there has been a resurgence for one of our favourite tones too – pink. Millennial pink, also known as blush, was one of the most resilient household trends of the decade. It was found everywhere – from Instagram backdrops through to sofas and across a multitude of advertising platforms. And while many people claim that pink is out and green is in, we’re still very much adamant that there’s a place for this alluring hue in your home. 

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Skylight Blinds – How To Choose The Right Look For Your Home

Skylight blinds are one of our ever-increasingly popular options when it comes to window dressings. With more and more of us turning to expanding our homes instead of moving, there has been a significant rise in the number of loft conversions and extensions. With these comes the need to find ways to get as much natural light into a room as possible. And, roof windows solve this hurdle easily. 

Lifestyle Blinds | Skylight Blinds
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How To Maintain Your Faux Wood Blinds

Learn how to maintain and clean your faux wood blinds with our handy tips and tricks here.

Faux wood blinds. The ideal solution for busy homes seeking out a timeless, elegant look. This is one of the reasons that these blinds have long been a popular option with many of our customers. They manage to merge together the charm of real wood with the practicality of a 100% waterproof fabric. In doing so, they are lighter, more durable and versatile than the traditional alternative. 

Lifestyle Blinds | Faux Wood Blinds
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3 Reasons Why Vertical Blinds Deserve Their Place In Your Home

Out of all of the window blinds, we have here at Lifestyle Blinds, our vertical blinds are one of the most well-recognised. With their distinctive style and host of benefits, it’s really no surprise. However, one thing that keeps popping up with our customers is the link between vertical blinds and offices. This partnership has become synonymous and something that is hard to break. While vertical blinds are the perfect option for commercial environments, they are also ideal for homes. And we want more people to realise the benefits of these stylish and practical window blinds. 

Lifestyle Blinds - Vertical blinds in different types of rooms to showcase their versatility.
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3 benefits of rigid PVC vertical blinds

When dressing larger windows or doors, rigid PVC vertical blinds are an ideal option. They have been manufactured as a practical alternative to vertical blinds, keeping the same classic look but pairing this with a durable material. As you begin researching for the perfect window blind choice in your home, we want you to have all the information at hand to make the right decision. This blog will look at 3 reasons why we think you should consider rigid PVC vertical blinds in your home. 

White rigid PVC vertical blinds for bathrooms or kitchens from Lifestyle Blinds
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Venetian Blinds – A Buyers Guide

Venetian blinds. Alongside roller blinds and vertical blinds, they are one of the most popular window blind options on the market today. For households seeking either a contemporary or classic look, Venetian blinds offer versatility. Whether you’ve already settled on this design or are in the process of researching, we’ve got you covered. This Buyers Guide will highlight their benefits and suitability to different rooms. 

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Glitter roller blinds – The perfect Christmas home accessory

Christmas. No matter how you spend it, how many family members you have around the table or how many presents you open, it’s got a certain magic to it. There’s something about this time of year that makes us want to grab for the most luxurious decorations and adorn our homes in something extra special. And we’re firm believers, here at Lifestyle Blinds Direct, that your windows are always the perfect place to start when it comes to festive decorations. Which is why we think you’re going to love our glitter roller blinds – the perfect Christmas home accessory. 

Lifestyle Blinds – Gold Glitter Roller Blinds
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