Our Top Energy Saving Tips at Lifestyle Blinds

Lifestyle Blinds | Energy Saving Tips

We’re all looking for energy-saving tips these days. Whether it’s how much water to boil in our kettle or how many degrees to turn up our thermostat, the need to save money on household bills is a key priority. In Autumn 2022, the energy price cap increased by 80% with another price cap reportedly set to come into place in January. It has never been so important for households to understand the best ways to reduce their outgoings and find ways to keep their homes comfortable. At Lifestyle Blinds, we don’t just help our customers to manage light. We manufacture premium window blinds that lock in heat, reduce excessive temperature gains and make each room more comfortable. So, here are our top energy-saving tips for the upcoming winter. 

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What Are Solar Reflective Blinds And Do You Need Them?

While many of us welcome the warmer weather brought in by Summer, it certainly has its drawbacks. Excessive sun exposure, specifically on uncovered windows, increase the internal temperature of our homes to uncomfortable levels. No matter how many windows you open or fans you switch on, this heat is difficult to shift. Thankfully, there is a solution – Solar Reflective Blinds. But what are solar reflective blinds and do you need them? Let’s look into this in more detail. 

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4 Quick Ways To Keep Your Houses Cooler This Summer

Summer 2022 has been a historic season for northern hemisphere heatwaves with 40 degree daytime temperatures and 25 degree night time temperatures being seen multiple times. 

This concerning trend and the reasons for it are unfortunately not going to go away any time soon so we need to learn to be able to live in our homes comfortably during these sweltering times.

The homes we live in should be able to protect us from these debilitating heat waves but modern homes with low ceiling, small square footage and large glass windows are proving to be worse at keeping us cool than older houses with large ceiling heights and smaller windows.  Furthermore many UK homes also do not have insulation which results in hotter houses in the summer and cooler/leaky houses in the winter.

Newer houses are resorting to air- conditioning which exacerbates the problem, pumping warm air into the streets, compounding the urban heat island effect and adding to greenhouse gas emissions.

“Ever since we started depending on fossil fuel for heating and cooling, we’ve been building houses with disregard to the climate. We’ve lost centuries of wisdom that taught us about thick insulating walls, small windows, shading and tall deciduous trees to the south and west where heat beats harder and about whitewashing surfaces in the spring to reflect the summer heat”

Eleni Myrivili, chief heat and resilience officer for the city of Athens, where temperatures reached 45C this summer.

So apart from pulling down our houses and starting again with a more eco friendly and sustainable design, what can we do now/today to cool our houses down?

  1. Stop your house getting hot in the first place.  Solar shading products such as blinds are “passive solutions” (meaning they don’t need energy input for operation) which used correctly can help to keep your home cool. You need to use them correctly though. During the day close your blinds and curtains.  Make sure your blinds have a light colour backing ideally white or silver.  This will reflect the heat back to the outside world. 
  2. When some of the heat goes out of the day and the sun is directly not shining into your room open your windows and blinds to let any heat that has been gained escape.
  3. Minimise all internal heat gains eg IT, AV, cooking. 
  4. Get air moving in your home for example with a fan.  Air movement will result in physiological cooling (removal of sweat) this will reduce skin temp and result in cooling of the body.

How do you keep your homes cool in the summer? We would love to know. Please drop us an email to naomi@heathlifestyleblinds.com

Does Closing Blinds Really Save Energy?

A woman closing roller blinds to help save energy in her home.
Lifestyle Blinds | Does Closing Blinds Really Save Energy?http://www.lifestyleblinds.com

There’s no hiding the fact that our energy bills have skyrocketed in recent years, as high as 54% in early 2022. As a result, more and more of us are looking for ways to cut back on our spending, especially with household bills. Alongside installing a smart meter and choosing energy-efficient appliances, you may have heard that your window coverings can help you save money. So, does closing blinds really save energy? Let’s delve into this in more detail. 

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Conservatory Roof Blinds Or Film – Which Is Best?

Conservatory blinds
Lifestyle Blinds | Conservatory Roof Blinds or Film – Which Is Best?

Conservatories have continued to rise in popularity over the past few years. Whether it’s a desire to feel more connected with nature or a need for additional space, many homeowners are opting for these effective glass structures. Modern technology has moved the design of conservatories forward, making them more energy efficient and inkeeping with our homes. However, due to the abundance of glass, several hurdles still exist with them, primarily, the management of light and heat. You have two main options to choose from here – conservatory roof blinds of film. So, which one is best?

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Master Bedroom Ideas

Master bedroom ideas - A large master bedroom with leather and deep brown details.
Lifestyle Blinds | Master Bedroom Ideas

Crafting your dream master bedroom is a task to get excited about. Over the past few years, our homes have become so much more than just four walls. They’ve become multi-functional rooms that bring us – and everyone we live with – endless joy. A master bedroom is the pinnacle of this. A space where you unwind fully at the end of the day. A space that allows your body to regenerate, repair and wake feeling energized. A room where you can close out the rest of the world and relax, either on your own with a good book or with your loved one. So when it comes to master bedroom ideas, you’re sure to find a flood of them available on the internet. In this article, we’ll bring you five of our favourite master bedroom ideas to help spark your inspiration this year. 

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Interior Design Trends 2022

2022 is set to be a monumentous year for so many of us. We’ll celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in our thousands, cheer on England during the World Cup and try to return to some node of normality in our everyday lives. The interior design trends in 2022 that have been most noted by our design professionals are all centred around creating a home that feels and fits into what we want as a nation this year.

After three years of turbulence, our homes have become sanctuaries that keep us safe and function on multiple levels. They have become more than just a spot to lay our heads. For many families, the living room has transformed into a classroom, the bedroom into a makeshift office and the garden into the only green space you enjoyed during the Summer. So in light of this, the team at Lifestyle Blinds want to help you discover the trendiest styles of 2022 and ways to bring them into your homes. 

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How To Decorate A Living Room In 5 Easy Steps

Lifestyle Blinds | How To Decorate A Living Room In 5 Easy Steps
Lifestyle Blinds | How To Decorate A Living Room In 5 Easy Steps

For many households, the living room is one of the most frequented spaces in the home. It’s where you go to switch off after a long day. Where the family convenes to chat about their day and discuss everyday problems. It’s where you shut away the world and fall back in love with the home you’ve crafted. Because of this, so many of us spend time researching the best ways to decorate our living room to make sure it’s both functional and stylish. Some have a keen eye for interior design and can instantly envision exactly how the room should look. Others can spend hours on Pinterest, scrolling through page after page and still be none the wiser. 

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10 Spring Decor Ideas To Brighten Up Your Home

Lifestyle Blinds | Spring Decor Ideas To Brighten Your Home

The warmer weather is finally here and it’s time to embrace Spring decor. Think colourful florals, soft pastels and light fabrics – all the sorts of things that stand to remind us that day-long sunshine is just around the corner. Whether you’re refreshing a corner of your living room or redoing your master bedroom, there are a host of decor options to choose from. So, find your budget, do your research and scatter your home with pieces that bring you joy. 

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What To Do When Your Cordless Roller Blinds Won’t Go Up or Down

Cordless roller blinds are swiftly becoming a popular option for many homeowners. Not only are they brilliant at managing light, but they also reduce the risk of injury for small children and animals too. What makes them different from traditional roller blinds is the mechanism. And, while this makes them minimalist and smart, it is also the root of some confusion among many owners. The mechanism is hidden. Therefore, it’s harder to establish the cause of any issues you may experience. In this blog post, we’ll troubleshoot one of the most common queries we receive – What do I do when my cordless roller blinds won’t go up or down?

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