Conservatory Roof Blinds Or Film – Which Is Best?

Conservatory blinds
Lifestyle Blinds | Conservatory Roof Blinds or Film – Which Is Best?

Conservatories have continued to rise in popularity over the past few years. Whether it’s a desire to feel more connected with nature or a need for additional space, many homeowners are opting for these effective glass structures. Modern technology has moved the design of conservatories forward, making them more energy efficient and inkeeping with our homes. However, due to the abundance of glass, several hurdles still exist with them, primarily, the management of light and heat. You have two main options to choose from here – conservatory roof blinds of film. So, which one is best?

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Master Bedroom Ideas

Master bedroom ideas - A large master bedroom with leather and deep brown details.
Lifestyle Blinds | Master Bedroom Ideas

Crafting your dream master bedroom is a task to get excited about. Over the past few years, our homes have become so much more than just four walls. They’ve become multi-functional rooms that bring us – and everyone we live with – endless joy. A master bedroom is the pinnacle of this. A space where you unwind fully at the end of the day. A space that allows your body to regenerate, repair and wake feeling energized. A room where you can close out the rest of the world and relax, either on your own with a good book or with your loved one. So when it comes to master bedroom ideas, you’re sure to find a flood of them available on the internet. In this article, we’ll bring you five of our favourite master bedroom ideas to help spark your inspiration this year. 

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Interior Design Trends 2022

2022 is set to be a monumentous year for so many of us. We’ll celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in our thousands, cheer on England during the World Cup and try to return to some node of normality in our everyday lives. The interior design trends in 2022 that have been most noted by our design professionals are all centred around creating a home that feels and fits into what we want as a nation this year.

After three years of turbulence, our homes have become sanctuaries that keep us safe and function on multiple levels. They have become more than just a spot to lay our heads. For many families, the living room has transformed into a classroom, the bedroom into a makeshift office and the garden into the only green space you enjoyed during the Summer. So in light of this, the team at Lifestyle Blinds want to help you discover the trendiest styles of 2022 and ways to bring them into your homes. 

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How To Decorate A Living Room In 5 Easy Steps

Lifestyle Blinds | How To Decorate A Living Room In 5 Easy Steps
Lifestyle Blinds | How To Decorate A Living Room In 5 Easy Steps

For many households, the living room is one of the most frequented spaces in the home. It’s where you go to switch off after a long day. Where the family convenes to chat about their day and discuss everyday problems. It’s where you shut away the world and fall back in love with the home you’ve crafted. Because of this, so many of us spend time researching the best ways to decorate our living room to make sure it’s both functional and stylish. Some have a keen eye for interior design and can instantly envision exactly how the room should look. Others can spend hours on Pinterest, scrolling through page after page and still be none the wiser. 

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10 Spring Decor Ideas To Brighten Up Your Home

Lifestyle Blinds | Spring Decor Ideas To Brighten Your Home

The warmer weather is finally here and it’s time to embrace Spring decor. Think colourful florals, soft pastels and light fabrics – all the sorts of things that stand to remind us that day-long sunshine is just around the corner. Whether you’re refreshing a corner of your living room or redoing your master bedroom, there are a host of decor options to choose from. So, find your budget, do your research and scatter your home with pieces that bring you joy. 

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What To Do When Your Cordless Roller Blinds Won’t Go Up or Down

Cordless roller blinds are swiftly becoming a popular option for many homeowners. Not only are they brilliant at managing light, but they also reduce the risk of injury for small children and animals too. What makes them different from traditional roller blinds is the mechanism. And, while this makes them minimalist and smart, it is also the root of some confusion among many owners. The mechanism is hidden. Therefore, it’s harder to establish the cause of any issues you may experience. In this blog post, we’ll troubleshoot one of the most common queries we receive – What do I do when my cordless roller blinds won’t go up or down?

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Real Wood Blinds Or Faux Wood Blinds – Which Is Best?

A modern kitchen with real wood blinds hanging across a large window
Lifestyle Blinds | Real Wood Blinds or Faux Wood Blinds – Which Is Best?

Choosing the right window blind allows you to use any room in your home to its full advantage. That might sound excessive but it’s certainly true. You can invest heavily in furniture, spend ages picking the wall colour and ponder over the layout for months. But, if your new room is constantly hot and stuffy, or if passers-by can see your every action, you’re unlikely to make the most of each space. The right window blinds should tick every box and both real wood blinds and faux wood blinds do that in many scenarios. But, with both styles looking similar, we regularly get asked which option is best? The answers vary depending on your home and requirements so let’s take a look at both in more detail. 

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How To Install Cordless Roller Blinds

One of the things we’re most proud of here at Lifestyle Blinds is our made-to-measure window blinds offering. Giving you the opportunity to save on time and money, all of our blinds can be easily fitted by you! We’ve taken great care to ensure that the installation instructions provided are clear. They can be followed by anyone – regardless of whether you’ve fitted window blinds before or not. Knowing how to install your blinds is easier than ever. However, we understand how this concept can be daunting to many homeowners, specifically if you’re installing a new type of blind. 

In this blog, we’ll go through how to install one of our most popular (and most modern) types of window blind. So, if you’re wondering how to install cordless roller blinds, read on. 

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Are Roller Blinds Suitable For Bathrooms?

Lifestyle Blinds | Are Roller Blinds Suitable For Bathrooms?

For many of us, our bathrooms are the room in our homes where we go to switch off. The place that blurs the line between functionality and style. The right accessories, including window blinds, are essential to ensure that it continues ticking every box. You’ll likely spend time researching bathtubs and towel rails. While the blinds you choose for your windows will likely be an afterthought. And, despite this, they are incredibly important in ensuring you have the privacy and light control you need. Roller blinds are one of the most popular blind options for a host of reasons. But, are roller blinds suitable for bathrooms? Let’s find out here. 

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What are the best window blinds for conservatories?

Best blinds for conservatories

With so many of us looking for ways to expand the space in our current homes, the number of conservatories going up has increased. Cheaper than single floor extensions, constructed to make the most of your surrounding views and providing an extra room, these practical spaces can add up to 7% to the value of your home. Much like orangeries, they are largely manufactured from glass – one of the reasons they are cheaper to build. This also makes them the perfect space to take advantage of natural light. And, a space that can become very hot and prone to glare just as easily. Having the best window blinds for conservatories is, therefore, a vital consideration. This blog post will look to answer that, providing you with a host of options to suit every household. 

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